Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush comes inside that man’s house.
Pari shows Uma newspaper that man is murdered. He is the same man who came to our house yesterday. Uma shows Piyush the paper. She says its the same man who brought your kundli here. Piyush says oh God. He got murdered. Uma says this is so shocking. Piyush says maybe he was part of some criminal activity. That is why I asked you not to let him in.

Scene 2
Anjlai comes to a charity event as guest. She inaugurates.
Amar is eating parathas. Jhanvi says why are you eating so much? Amar says look at Piyush he has eaten 6 parathas. Eating like some beast is inside him. Piyush looks angrily at amar. He says what chachu.. My wife made them. Roshni says yes I added cheese for you too. Aarav says wow you two are so lucky.
Simar says bring one to take care of you too. Mataji says you should get married too. Aarva laughs. Simar says let us know if you like someone. Pari says my son will only marry girl of my choice. He says let me eat my food.

Aarav says to ananiya I want to tell my parents about you. She says why so soon? He says you always wanted to get married. She says let my family come too. He says okay I can’t wait. Call them soon. He hugs her. He says my family will love you.
Anjali sees herself on the news. vikram giggles. Anjali says what happened? He says nothing this was funny? Anjali says whats so funny? Vikram says you should go shower. So many dirty poor kids touched you. Might get allergy. Anjali says taunt as much as you want. The world values me but you can’t. He says tell me whats you value? The person who can’t take care of her family can only fool people with dramas like these. Good people are like Tanvi. She took care of papa more than his family. She didn’t want any popularity in return. One day you will fall in your own eyes. Anjali says enough. You are a jealous man who can’t take his wife’s success.
Sam calls Anjali. she goes to her room. Tanvi says sir please let it go. When you are worried your dad gets worried too. For him just leave this. Vikram goes to Sanjev’s room.

Scene 3
Sumit shows rita a paper and says a man gave me this paper and said this is from Piyush’s kundli. He was saying weird stuff. I didn’t get anything. Rita says should we tell simar? Sumit says no I don’t believe in all this. We don’t know whi that man is and what he wants. We shouldn’t tell her I think. Let it go. He keeps the paper in a drawer.
Aarav is looking at Annaiya’s pictures. Simar gives him coffee. Piyush says you have a son too. Simar says okay. She says arav first tell me what are you hiding/ Piyush says this happens when its about a girl. Simar says what is it? Arav says nothing mom. Simar says you can’t hide anything from your mom. I know you like someone and also who she is. He says no no Annaiya is my friend. Simar and Piyush laugh. Piyush says no one took Ananiya’s name. Aarav says I like her.
Her family is coming here. She doesn’t want me to tell anyone before they come. You will have to tell everyone. Simar says you will tell pari yourself.

Scene 3
Ananiya says on call yes di. I am here with two taxis. Please come soon. She is at the airport. A bald ma is looking for his taxi. A girl says what are you doing? He says you are walking in front of this car. I had to see the number. He misbehaves with the girl. He says you are a girl that is why I am leaving you. otherwise I would have called my didi. She says what will your didi do? His didi comes and says stop. Don’t say a word against my brother. Ananiya looks at them. Its her family. She says I know girls like you and why you do all this. Now get lost. The girl leaves. Ananiya says didi.. She hugs her. Her parents and brother are there too.

Precap-Anjali is taking bath in roses and getting her photoshoot done. Vikram says have some shame anajali. Ananiya and her family come to Bahradwaj house. Piyush comes and looks at the stone she is wearing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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