Note to all the readers and PROLOGUE of a new TS – By Amore

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Dear readers please read the note at the end… I tried to post the note only but it was rejected by TU that is why I am posting my prologue here only…
Shalom Allies!!

Sorry Allies for my absence but what to do I am in a great trap yaar… I lost my cell phone due to which all my stories got lost. I got out of zone due to which I am unable to post next chapters of Smile and Hatred… I will still take some time but I do have a surprise for you…

Do you remember my one shot Encouragement? If yes then thank you and if not then I have given the link here

I am going to write this shot again. Yes you heard it right… but as a TS. There will be some changes and you are gonna decide you want Ajay to die or not. You can read the story again and tell me and here is the prologue of my TS…

Scene 1

She all of a sudden became conscious. She was nor sure about her steps. It was his room where she was staying. She didn’t want to make him furious.
She very well knew that those wives who do something against her husband’s wish are punished severely. She now feared his reaction. She didn’t know him.
Yeah! she did know all his favorites, his education and even him yet he was a stranger for her. She didn’t know whether to move ahead or to wait for his approval to enter.
She had obviously seen her mother-in-law getting badly beaten for entering in the room without her father-in-law’s permission whereas he was watching her like a hawk.

Scene 2

“Hello! Swan. Why are you standing at the doorstep?” He then spoke something that made her widen her eyes all shocked that made her legs tremble like a dried leaf…

Hello Guys… Some of you might know me and many of you might not. So let me first introduce myself first. Hello everyone I am Amore. I am a regular reader of TU at fan fiction page. I read many stories but comment occasionally because of my schedule.. Some of swaragini, Manmarziyan, Tashn-e-ishq, Ishqbaaz, IPKKND and other page writers or readers might have seen my comments. Whereas some of you have read my stories too…
And about my Chapter series… Friends it will take some time… I am seriously out of the track due to which I am unable to think next chappies of Smile and Hatred but I will surely come back. I will complete my story for sure… I have made my own blog so I will post all my writings there. I have started posting Smile there with some modifications. I am slowly getting on the track so I will surely put it up. I have to catch the story first and I am doing it by updating it on the blog of mine… when I will come up then I will Post my 18th chappy of smile and 5th chappy of hatred as soon as possible….

To those who have not read my stories I have given the link below:
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One shots
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6. Lifeless- Just Body No Soul (Edited)

If you want to read my poems then you can even find me on facebook on and on wattpad on

Please do read and give me your feedback…

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  1. Phoniex

    Nice prologue dear waiting to see it formed

    1. Amore

      sure dear… do read…

  2. Manasvi

    Its awesome..
    I didnt read the os yet..
    But will surely read it too..
    Btw dii, do you remember me??
    I m writing a new ss on SwaSan, do have a look if you get time.. Its name is “Innocent souls”
    Love you dii..?
    Take care..☺

    1. Amore

      manu bachha… i do remember you and i am reading it dear… saayad comment v kia hai maine ek chappy me…
      and do read my works aur agar improve karne ki zarurat ho to batana zrur ok???

  3. nice re i didnt read os i will read now

    1. Amore

      sure anu… do read and tell me my loopholes

  4. Arti viswanathan

    Amore darling superb, excellent, nice, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, good, fantastic episode….. i loved it to the core…… i liked all the scenes…..

    1. Amore

      thanks arti… please do read my stories and tell me how are these… keep reading

  5. Adishu

    thanks for all the links….. 🙂

    1. Amore

      You’re most welcome…

  6. Hi guys
    I am here after many days

    I forgot story’s name but the plot was
    ARJUN is a movie star and RADHIKA is his parents choice
    After break up from his actress gf he fall for simple girl radhika

    Can anyone pls tell ne name of story and author ‘s name

    1. Amore

      sorry anika.. i have read it too but forgot… hope someone here will help…

  7. Hi amore pls continue as it’s interesting…

    1. Amore

      Thank u Farjana… keep reading…

  8. nice prolongue dear…i’ll only read swasan stories..but will try to read those links also?

    1. Amore

      Sure… By the way you can try Hatred… It has Swasan too…It’s pretty different concept though…

  9. Please write this one….. I’m desperate to read ur t.s… Hope you’ll bring some new plot…. All the best;)!

    1. Amore

      Sure RJ… Keep reading

  10. Seebu_s

    hey dear…nice prolongue…when i got time i will definetly try to read…it is bit tough to me as a swasan fan…but i will try?all the best to ur os competition?

    1. Amore

      You saw me?? thanks… hope you read when you have time and give me feedback…

  11. Kakali

    Nice prologue Amoreee.! Yoo, sometimes I had seen ur comments in SR page may be.!
    Oki, would love to read the further parts.! Continue soon dear..!!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Amore

      Sure dear… I am participating in the OS competition so i have halted this one.. but will surely post the first part within 3 to 5 days…

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