colors of love (episode 4)

The episode starts with Ambulance comes n takes him to hospital. Ishani too sits with Ranveer. Amba n Kailash too sat in ambulance. Milan calls the police and says it was someone’s deadliest plan just find it as soon as possible. Milan n Ishani’s parents n baa also goes to hospital. Ranveer is immediately taken to OT.Ishani consoles Amba n says nothing will happen to our Ranveer. Amba hugs her n says I have never seen such love rather un confesses love.

Few hours later,
Doctor comes to them with a frown face n says his contract is very critical. Ishani says can I go and meet him. Doctor seeing Ishaani’s restlessness allows her n says only she can go. Ishani goes to him n sits beside him n holds his hands. Ranveer was semiconscious? Ishani was crying seeing his injuries. Ranveer mummers n says don’t cry Ishani I can die but I won’t tolerate ur tears. I says shut up n stop talking negative. She caresses his forehead n says no one can separate us. Every problem has to face me before coming to u. Amba n baa watch them n says baa were right. I just thought it was an attraction but didn’t know both of them secretly loved each other to such an extent. Milan cosmetics there n says it was our family’s enemy who wanted to take revenge from dad n Harshad uncle. They can’t believe. He says I got him arrested n apologize for betrayal.

Harshad says atleast u confessed on right time n saved four lives. It was late night. Maba asks them to leave since its late. Ishani’s was traumatized n refused to go. Amba says okay Ishani. Ishani sits besides Ranveer n holds his hands n rests her hands on his heart. All get teary seeing their emotional moments. Ranveer was unconscious but was able to feel love around him. He showed movements in his hands. Ishani calls doctor. Doctor says it’s magical his condition is improving so fast. Amba calls Ishani out n tells her to have food. Ishani clearly refuses n says until he doesn’t get well I won’t eat. Amba says u want to marry Ranveer Ishani says yes as soon as we gets well. Amba says if ull get ill then. So it’s better u have food. She haves it. The whole night Ishani was with Ranveer. Ranveer regained conscious at midnight n sees Ishani sleeping on his chest. He kisses her forehead n moves her flicks behind her ears. Ranveer sees Ishani’s hands injured n says she is so careless always thinks of others.

Next morning,
Doctor comes to his ward n says his condition has improved so well n quickly it’s magic. Ranveer stares at Ishani. Ishani says when he will get discharge. He replies if ull can do set up in his room then even today we can shift him at his house. Ranveer says yes I don’t want stay here. So Ranveer was shifted to his house
Amba sits besides him n asks why didn’t u tell that u love Ishani? Ishani was standing there. Ranveer stammering says I just didn’t know what was I feeling for he, Kailash says let him rest. Ranveer says no I’m fine. I want to talk to Ishani? They all leave. Ishani holds Ranveer hands n smiles. Ranveer kiss her hands n Ishani asks am I dreaming. Ranveer says I feel the same. Ranveer asks will u marry me? Ishani says umm let me think, umm ur so kind, hot, handsome, ya lot of romance filled in u. Okay I will marry u. Both hit thier forehead n kiss. She says medicine time. Ranveer says but ur my medicine be here only. She says no u have to have it.

There in drawing room they discuss about ishveer marriage. Baa says by next week engagement will take place then marriage. Baa says I’ll call pandit. Remember he told they are very much made for each other.
Later doctor calls Ishani and says sorry tonight he won’t be able to come so u have to do the dressing. Ishani says fine. She enters his room

Precap:- Ishani does his dressing n feels a lot of pain seeing Ranveer in pain both share emotional moment

Guys I’m extremely disappointed as I always get less support compared to other ffs may be this ff is not that interesting for ull
But believe me this is one of the most emotional episodes compared to any of my other ffs

But there are silent readers infact many just put ur self in any writers place n think how does it feel when u take out time for ur readers n type n type n upload it n readers don’t respond anyway

Nandana neelam maya riddhi n fh thank u so much for always responding
Love ull keep smiling n RESPONDING

  1. Don’t feel bad dear… We r there to support u ….I am ur silent reader . Ur FF’s are too good. Hope their marriage will take place soon. Just keep going and keep rocking dear….

  2. Vini sis i think this was ur best ff compare to other ffs which u made. And pls continue log as possible

  3. And pls continue immortal love and love defeats all

  4. M also a silent read bt hadn’t commented yet… Bt i love to read ua ff… N coming to d epi, it was a Very nice epi n was emotional … At last they united… M so so happy.. Update d next sooon dr..

  5. No Dr don’t get disappointed…this was an wonderful episode dr…most of them are silent readers so they can’t comment but really they all loves ur ff…..keep updating Dr……lovely episode

  6. Awesome episode plz update the next soon


    Hey Sissy don’t think like that…… All love this ff….especially me…..but couldn’t comment due to some prblms…….but frm now I’ll surely comment here??????….& coming to the story it’s s always fascinating????…eagerly waiting for next……stay safe & be healthy☺

  8. Awesome episode

  9. Awesome episode …

  10. Jasminerahul

    so its d rival who caused accident n thankfully the culprit is arrested.ishveer moments in hospital r so emotional n lovely.ranveer is fine wedding on the

  11. Nandana

    Hey dear itvwas very emotional dear I really loved each part waiting for the next episode as the precap seems to be interested and yeah I will be supporting u dear no doubt for that . OK then bye dear……

  12. Superb Vaidehi I loved it just keep it up ?

  13. Rookey rookers

    Its soon super . love it .

  14. Niz update dr. Their emotional monenta areet
    Waiting fir next
    Takr care

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