BrahmaRakshas 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina in sleep holds his hand and murmurs not to leave him. He pampers her face and leaves. Raina wakes up calling Rishab and feels that Rishab was around.

Yug gets up roarding the Rishab is out of house, now nobody can stop him from sucking Raina’s blood. He walks out of his room. Kammo watches him going and follows him. Yu goes down and sees Raina sleeping on sofa. He lifts Raina and takes her to asur sthal. Kanakaraj does havan. Yug as Brahmarakshas shouts at Kanakaraj to call Rishab now. Raina gets up and warns Kanakaraj that Rishab will come and punish her. Kanakaraj gives injection to Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas roars that silver needle will neele her heart and will get him blood to become powerful. Raina calls Rishab again. Rishab hears her voice and thinks Raina is calling, whether he should go or not. His eyes turn green. Brahmarakshas roars that nobody can save her. Raina says she is not afraid of dying, but Rishab should come and teach Brahmarakshas a lesson. Brahmarakshas I about to pierce needle into Raina’s heart when Narsimha enters and kicks Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas falls far apart. Narsimha roars that he will kill Brahmarakshas and Kanakaraj, how dare they are to harm Raina. Brahmarakshas shouts that he will kill Narsimha and get Raina’s blood. He throws fire. Narsimha counteracts. Kanakaraj suggests Brahmarakshas to run from here as he cannot defeat Narsimha. He draws an gun powder circle around Raina and warns Narsimha to dare and save the girl. He sets fire around Raina and escapes. Brahmarakshas also disappears. Raina triesd to free herself and thinks how to set fire off, she can use soil, but fire is strong. She throws mud on one side, her duupatta catches fire. She throws it away and pleads for help and falls unconscious calling Rishab. Nasimha saves her out and walks lifting her.

Injured Yug reaches home and calls Kammo. Kammo nervously walks in front of him. Yug asks her to apply medicine on his wounds. Kammo thinks rakshas is asking medicine, god save me…Yug asks why is she awake still. Kammo says seeing him…then says he is worried for him and applies medicine on his wounds. She asks how did he get inuries, where did he go. He says to find Rishab, everyone are lying that he is somewhere, don’t know where. She asks who injured him. He says Brahmarakshas. Mitali comes and asks how harmed him. Kammo says Brahmarakshas. Yug shouts to shut up. Mitali asks if he is fine. Yug says he is fine, he is worried about Rishab. He asks to get water and not inform anyone. Once she leaves, he grips Kammo’s neck and shouts who told her to open her mouth. She apologizes.

Narsimha brings Raina outside home and drops her on bench, says he has to now. Mitali hears sound and walks out asking who is it. Narsimha leaves. Mitali sees Raina unconscious on floor and take her in. Family gathers. Daadi asks how did Raina collapse and who left here outside home. Mitali says she went to kitchen to get water for Yug, heard a sound, went out and saw Raina on chair. Daadi asks where is Rishab, call him. Mitali says bhaiya must be sleeping. Daadi says how can he sleep after all this, orders to wake him up. Ved says bhaiya is not at home, don’t know where he went. Daadi asks what they are hiding from her. Mitali says they did not want to give her tension, she can ask bhabi. Daadi asks Raina how did she collapse. Raina apologizes and says she tried to find Rishab and did not find him.

Precap: Kammo tells Yug that she knows he is Brahmarakshas and apologizes. Yug drags Naina in jungle. Kammo informs villagers that another rakshas/Narsimha dragged Naina into jungle. Naina holding torch walks into jungle with villagers and warns Narshima/Rishab that she will kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ye kya ho raha hai yahan koi is serial ko bachaoooo

  2. Seriously pinku… Nowadays it’s so boring no interest at all… Starting was awesome and episode in d beginning was so amazing n full f suspense… Nowadays it’s lik cartoon network… And I feel dey r jus dragging….

    1. haha cartoon network! I agree

  3. i am loving these serial nowadays
    now it will be happy end
    as evil never win
    so love it

  4. SIndhu u r 1000000% correct its like cartoon network.. ye kya hai vaha BR yahan NR kya hai ye sab.. so pissed off.. initially i was so sad thiniking Brahmarakshas is going off air… but now i really want it to go off air.. this is frustrating to bear

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