Sasural Simar Ka 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amar says to Prem Piyush isn’t talking to anyone. Prem says I don’t know what will I say to him, let me go to him. Piyush comes downstairs. He recalls what heppend there.

Piyush comes downstairs he recalls everything that happened there. Piyush says I can’t stay here for a moment. simar says you have to calm down to control things. Sit here lets talk. Piyush says what happened can’t be changed. Prem says I know you did under pressure. Even if you have married Roshni I will never give her place of daughter in law of this house. You don’t have to tolerate this relationship. Piyush says so Mr. Kapoor insults ma more? I can do anything for ma’s dignity. I can tolerate this for her. Prem but.. Mataji says Piyush Roshni made a mistake in rage and you did in anger. Truth is that Piyush and Roshni both got married. Piyush filled her hairline. This isn’t a joke. Whatever happened has happened. Now they are married. And now Piyush has take his reponsibility. Saroj says I am sorry to interfere but I agree with Mataji. Now Roshni is your daughter in law. She should have that respect here. Roshni comes downstairs and says Piyush.. Everyone is dazed to see her all dressed up. Roshni hugs Piyush. She says I knew you would choose me over that Vadahi. Piyush shoves her and says how can you think I would choose you over Vadahi? I just did that because your father asked a return for his favors. This was just a deal and you are part of deal. How your father wanted payback of his favors on us. You wanted to be daughter in law of this house right? so you are. But you will never have a place in my heart. Never. Roshni starts crying. She goes to her room.

Scene 2
Roshni comes to her room and recalls what Piyush said. She throws away all her jewelry. She sees sleeping pills.
Simar says what has happened God? My daughter’s life was already ruined because of me and now all this with my Piyush. What was Vadhai’s mistake. Why this injustice with her. Today again there are bitter memories with her. Why? And Roshni.. She was like a daughter to me and she became like this? Everything is ruined. Three lives are ruined in a moment. Mataji comes to her and says this is Geeta. This had been in our house for a long time. My mother in law gave it to me. Then I gave it to Sujata but she isn’t here with us so I am giving it to you. There are three spots in a woman’s life, when she gets married, then when she becomes daughter in law and third when her kids are married and she becomes a mother in law. Now this isn’t sasural of simar. This is your house. This is sasural to your daughter in law. I find all my answers in this geeta.
After today whatever direction you walk in, your family will walk in same direction. I don’t know what will I do? How will I come out of these circumstances. Mataji says no one can change whats in destiney for us. You remember what happened with you and prem and our roli and sid. We faced all the troubles that came our way. Then why not this one? Mataji says nothing happens without reason. Whatever happened was with the will of God Simar. I know you will handle everything. Why are you scared? You are not alone. You have God with you. You can never lose. Simar touches Mataji’s feet.

Precap-Roshni says If I am that bad I don’t deserve to live. Roshni eats sleeping pills.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG… Bharadwaj family still remembers RoSid … great ..happy to hear those words…!!

    but where is sid and sanju ?? are they dead…. !!!?? how did sujatha die ?? and simar doesnt
    even remember sanju great.!!

    Now will simar die ? or wil be replaced…. ??

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