Code Red 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bangles, vermilion, mangalsutra, bindi – they all are the souvenirs of a married woman. We keep them safely. But what should I do? My Saubhagya (fortune) has become my misfortune. Ma says husbands are like Gods. Gods never mistakes though. Is it right to equal the man, who hurt my soul, my self-respect so much, to God? Does he even deserve to be called a husband?

November 2014, Mumbai:
A lady (Geeta) drives a car at a very fast speed as she thinks of what all has been happening with her. Another car is following her car. A girl (her daughter, Naina) in the other car calls that lady. I shouldn’t have spoken to mom like that. She is not picking her phone. Geeta recalls Naina telling her to go away. I don’t need you. She remembers her own anguish and increases the speed. The other car is having real trouble to match up with aunty’s speed. Geeta bangs her car in a tree. Naina and her friends rush to help her.

Prashant comes to office. He doesn’t want to rest as life never rests. The landline rings. A girl has come to meet Dr. Bhaskar.

Naina tells Prashant that her mom tried to commit suicide yester night. I know I am the reason behind it. Prashant is surprised. What happened?

Flashback: Geeta’s MIL calls her as it is getting late. Geeta says I was buying gifts for Naina as it is her birthday tomorrow. she has come home after 3 years. I will reach just now. A car overtakes Geeta’s car. The driver is driving really rashly. Geeta notices the car at a distance. All the youngsters are enjoying alcohol. Geeta gets down and is shocked to see Naina amongst them. She slaps a friend (Rajvir) of Naina as he holds her closer. She pulls Naina with her but Naina retorts that it was all a joke. I am not a kid anymore. I don’t need you at all. I dint know you could embarrass me like this in front of my friends! Please go away! Geeta stands there hurt.

Naina adds that she left with her friends as she was angry but she dint want to hurt her mom. We turned the car around and went back to the same place to look for mom. I suddenly noticed mom’s car. She was driving very rashly. She had a collision with a tree in the end. My friends took her out of the car and we took her in the ambulance then. thankfully she wasn’t hurt that much and got discharged from the hospital. I would have never forgiven myself if anything would have happened to my mom. Prashant assures her that nothing will happen to her mom. We will talk to her. Naina denies. you cannot meet her. my parents don’t know that I am here. They wont like it when they will get to know that I came here. I want to help them but they don’t involve anyone in their personal life. Prashant agrees to look for another way.

Ashima can understand the care and concern that Naina has for her mom. Why will any mother try to commit suicide then? Prashant feels that maybe Geeta is already fighting another battle of her own. Her fight with Naina was the ultimate trigger for her may be. The truth might be something else.

Dadar, Mumbai:
Geeta wakes up and is taken aback to see her husband (Kailash) bringing glucose for her. She denies but he insists. Naina too requests her mom. Geeta takes a sip for her daughter’s sake.

Ashima calls Naina but there is no response.

Kailash and Naina enjoy watching cartoons together. Geeta brings tea and snacks for everyone. Naina holds her hand, telling her to sit down when Geeta pulls back her hand as she feels pain. Naina gets curious. Kailash brings the first aid box and applies ointment on Geeta’s wound. Naina is happy to see her parents together. you are the best couple in the world. Kailash agrees.

Kailash asks Geeta why she drove so fast. You want to get rid of me? I wont leave you so easily. I will be always near you. He leans in to kiss her but she moves away. he holds her hand and she screams in pain. He asks her if she is hurt a lot. She remembers how he had beaten her with a belt the other day. He intentionally presses her wound so she feels the pain.

Geeta is in the shower, all dressed and bruised. She applies cream so they heal up fast.

Naina goes to meet Prashant on his request. He wants to know if Naina has noticed any change in her mom. She has in fact noticed many! She has completely changed. She is not at all the way she was 3 years ago when I left home. She is a professor in college yet she used to have ample time to spend with me earlier. Geeta is shown playing video games with Naina. Together they were really happy and enjoying. She is lost somewhere now. She doesn’t even talk to anyone. it is as if she is living in another world completely. Prashant wonders if Naina asked her mom about it. Naina nods.

Naina asks her mom out for shopping but Geeta tells her to go with her friends. Naina stops her. what is the matter? You don’t go out anywhere and you don’t even talk / meet anyone. you stay all quiet at home. Please tell me what has happened. Geeta dismisses it. your mom is getting old.

Naina tells Prashant that her mom doesn’t even go out with her friends anymore. She doesn’t even take care of herself. She doesn’t even like to dress up nicely. She gave me some gifts today. I felt a little weird seeing them.

Geeta gives a saree to Naina which her mother had actually given her. naina wonders why her mom never wore it. Geeta gives jewellery to her. I have got it all for your wedding. Keep them with you. wear them whenever you feel like. Naina is concerned. You will give all this to me at the time of my wedding, right? Tears stream down Geeta’s cheeks. She lies that Naina’s wedding is the cause of it. they share an emotional hug.

Prashant tells Naina that she has a reason to worry. Your mom is giving you all the special moments of her life or things which are very special to her. maybe she is not feeling like using them anymore. Ashima is sure there is something that is killing her from within. Something very wrong is happening with her. Naina points out that they used to fight earlier as well but one smile could set everything right. But this time she tried to commit suicide. If mom doesn’t die by suicide then she will surely die because of the suffocation she is feeling. I am going back in a week. Please sir, You have to help her.

Naina is in her room and closes her eyes with earphones plugged in in her ears. Kailash picks up a glass to make a drink for himself but finds it dirty. He slaps Geeta mercilessly. Naina feels thirsty and goes outside to drink water. She has paused the music and removed her earphones. She hears some noise and heads to her parents room to see when her grandmother comes there. Naina talks about the noise. Her grandmother lies that she was watching television. She sends Naina to her room.

Next morning, Naina tells her father that one of her alumni is coming to their city. She doesn’t know anyone here. She was very close to me in Dehradun too. I have told her that she can stay here with us for a few days. Is it ok? Kailash gives permission though Geeta is a little tensed.

Doorbell rings. Geeta opens the door and Ashima greets her. naina’s grandmother is talking to Ashima. Naina never comes home even in holidays. Geeta brings soup for everyone. Kailash returns home. He has brought gifts for both his wife and Naina. He greets Ashima next. How did you find the house? Did you come here for some particular reason? Ashima says I work with an NGO that works for underprivileged children and women. I am doing research on the same. we are preparing curriculum for them. We will be glad if Geeta ji helps us. Kailash agrees on Geeta’s behalf.

Geeta is applying compact powder while she is cooking. She quickly hides it as soon as Ashima and Naina come there. Ashima offers to help Geeta but she denies. Ashima tells Prashant that she finds everything normal. Prashant suggests that they will have to change their perspective then.

Devki College of Arts and Commerce (Dadar, Mumbai):
Ashima talks to the Head of the college. Geeta was a very happy go lucky person. She changed over a period of time after her wedding though. Responsibilities change our outlook towards life. Ashima thanks her and ends the call.

Pune, Maharashtra:
Naina comes to meet her maternal grandmother along with Ashima. Naina tells her that she is learning classical dancing. Her granny adds that Geeta too used to learn something or the other all the time. She sings really well. Your father wanted to make her a singer. Ashima notices the tanpura in the corner. It must be hers. Geeta’s mother nods. She always used to practise with it. Daughters become strangers when they get married. My daughter became a stranger for life. Earlier she used to come home too but she stopped doing that when my husband passed away. Naina gets a few CD’s from her granny before she leaves.

Ashima suggests Geeta ji to accompany her to an NGO for some research work. Geeta ji agrees hesitantly.

A little boy bangs at the window of a car. He is hungry. The guy gets irked and gets down to slap the kid. Geeta feels bad. She thinks of the time when kailash had slapped her and rushes to save the kid from the driver. Why are you beating him? Is it because he is a kid and cannot do anything? You are showing your might by beating a little kid? This is so shameful. Ashima records everything in her phone.

Ashima brings Geeta to Life 24×7. Prashant gives intro about his NGO to them. Ashima goes away on the pretext of seeing the office and talking to other people working there. Prashant plays a song (from the CD that Naina got). Geeta is shocked / in tears to hear her own voice. Ashima returns just then. shall we go? Geeta asks Prashant where he got this song from. Prashant says he got it from the internet. She tells him that she is the one who has sung it. Ashima and Prashant show enthu. Naina has never told me about it? Geeta smiles. Even Naina doesn’t know. I used to sing when I was in my school and college. Someone would have recorded it back then and would have uploaded it on the internet. Prashant appreciates her voice. Geeta realises that her tears would have lightened the makeup so she takes out her compact powder again. Ashima continues to talk about music. Why did you stop singing? Geeta lies that she doesn’t get time for all this now. They leave.

Prashant checks the video recorded by Ashima earlier in the day. He calls Ashima. She says it was not a part of their plan but Geeta ji was very much affected by the whole thing. Prashant has noticed it that Geeta gets upset seeing someone beating anyone. he tells her to apply compact on her face without looking at the mirror. Ashima says it is not possible. How would I know if I have applied it correctly or how do I look! Prashant affirms. People think of checking themselves out in the mirror when they want to see how they will appear to other people. Geeta applies compact not to show but to hide something. Maybe Geeta is scared to look at herself in the mirror or maybe she has been so much pressurised that she doesn’t want to face / look at herself.

All the ladies are watching Mary Kom on tv. Geeta gets tensed / restless as she notices a scene when a guy beats the heroine of the movie. Ashima tells her about a curriculum in the NGO tomorrow with other women. You can help us in the process as you are a professor. This curriculum will help thousands of kids. Naina nods at her mom so she agrees.

At Life 24×7, a lot many women have gathered for a group therapy session. Today, we will share what we have never shared with anyone; some fear or something that we fight with every day. We will talk it out today so we feel better. A lady talks about her wedding. Everything was fine initially but one day my husband came home all drunk. He held my hand and pushed me on the ground. Geeta thinks of all the incidents. The lady continues, he beat me with his hands and legs as if I am some animal. Geeta clutches onto her arms in fear. Prashant comes and stands next to her to watch her reaction. Geeta wipes her tears and uses the compact again. Prashant suggests her to speak her heart out if she wants to, along with all the other women. Geeta breaks down. The same lady walks up to her to support her. you should cry and let it all get out of your system today. you can talk to us.

Geeta ji is standing near the window of her room and trying to apply makeup to her face to conceal the marks. Ashima comes there. She holds her hand and shows her the mirror. This woman is a mother, a wife, a DIL, who has her own identity and outlook. She cannot be more beautiful than this. Naina too comes there. She hugs her mom. You are very beautiful mom. Don’t hide these wounds, face them.

Prashant looks at an old photo of Geeta where she looked very happy, confident and content. Geeta smiles as she caresses it. when pain surfaces in the eyes then there is no place for happiness there. I wasn’t a helpless woman ever. I was educated and was teaching in a college. I was teaching every girl to stand against whatever that is happening wrong in the society. I took a stand against Kailash demanding dowry after our wedding. He beat me, tortured me. I could have returned to my parents house if I had wanted to but how would have they faced the society then? I dint go back thinking of what they will tell the society. I realised that I am pregnant. Naina became my reason to live. I was very happy with her but Kailash sent her away for further studies as soon as she grew up. He loves Naina a lot and vice versa. But Naina dint come home for 3 years. I dint meet her for 3 years. Kailash is not a bad guy. He is a good father. He will have some place for me in his heart too I think. But that misunderstanding cleared a few days ago. I got to know that he has an extramarital affair. I asked him but it was as if it dint matter to him. he said that he is my husband and is free to do whatever he wants to. I shouldn’t mind it till he sleeps with someone in my bed in front of my eyes. She cries so Prashant offers her water. Naina was the sole reason of my life. The other day when she told me to go away I felt like my life is over. I tried to kill myself.

Prashant says it is also a crime to bear any misdeed quietly. Marriage gives equal rights to a husband and a wife. It is best to get out of that marriage where there is no respect. Beating your wife, having physical relations with her forcefully, it is all a legal crime. You can legally end this relation. Your husband should be punished for his misdeeds. She declines. I wont do anything like that. I don’t want my daughter to go through anything like that or face any such questions. Prashant insists that this isn’t right. Your daughter’s happiness lies in your happiness. You will have to put a stop to all of this. you have to get out of this relation for your daughter.

Naina comes there and hugs her mom. You have been through so much because of me. you don’t have to go through anything anymore. I know everything now. Ashima tells Geeta the truth about herself. Prashant has a gift for Geeta. Ashima brings her Tanpura. This is your life. If you wont stand up for your self-respect then maybe your daughter will go through something similar in the future. What will you do then? Geeta is all shaken and alert. Geeta leaves from there followed by Naina.

Geeta is sleeping with Naina in her room. Kailash comes there. He comes and tries to wake up Geeta. She gets up with a start. He asks her to come with him. She leaves reluctantly. Naina wakes up after hearing the noise of the banging of a door.

Kailash tries to force himself on Geeta but she acts defensive. He starts slapping her in anger. Naina bangs at the door. He quietens Geeta and warns her to be so or he wont spare her. She cries. Naina is concerned seeing her mother cry. What have you done to her? Kailash tries to send her away but she stays put. She hugs her mom. What is all this? I dint know you are so disgusting. Domestic violence is a crime and so is marital rape. He raises his hand to slap Naina but Geeta holds it in time. This time she slaps him and stands between him and her daughter. Not anymore and especially never on my daughter! I wont die. I wanted to die because of you but I was wrong. I too have a right to live with all due respect.

Police arrests Kailash. Ashima lends support to Geeta. I know this is a very difficult time for you but you have done the right thing. naina too supports her mom. You don’t have to be scared of anyone now. They share an emotional hug.

Geeta is singing / practising with her Tanpura again, this time in Life 24×7’s office. She thanks Prashant for giving her a new life. You have returned my happiness to me. Prashant says you have to fill colours in your and in many other people’s lives.

Sakshi says, wedding means being together for many more births to come. People can only do it when they love and respect each other. Never compromise with your self-respect in this relation. It is better to end such a relation rather than thinking of ending your life. If you too want someone to understand your pain / problem then contact the below mentioned numbers. This is one such organization that helps people who are mentally affected. I am sure you will get your lost hope again.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 266 2345

Official FB Page
Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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