Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

the episode begins with,dadi goes to laxmi and rameshs room and says sorry if I disturbed u, laxmi says no plz come, dadi says sorry I couldn’t resist,laxmi says don’t say all this plz sit,dadi asks ramesh how is he,ramesh says im fine but babuji is very upset with me,dadi says what to do he is fighting with himself he really loves u, u weren’t here he was very scared for u , he never says but his eyes speak but u go and try talk to him tomorrow.dadi says ramesh I trust god and u and ur dad will be back together, dadi leaves.
At a book store theres a magazine with nishas and kabir wedding photo in it and the magazine is couriered to gangwal morning ramesh sees dadaji reading newspaper and goes to dadaji, but someone comes to meet dadaji, its Mr goel, he sees ramesh and asks how is he,ramesh says he is fine, Mr. Goel invites gangwals to holi celebration, dadaji says this time its not possible, goel says its not possible u have to come, dadaji says im aged now and so health doesn’t support as it used to before but kids will come,goel says but plz try and come to association will be very happy to see u, ramesh why don’t u tell babuji, do one thing u bring him with u,ramesh says he isn’t well u see,dadaji says ok I wil try n come for sometime wheres the invitation card.
Viraj is exercising, he sees the same invitation card as gangwals received , kiara comes and says u have been invited as chief guest , viraj says I will ask dadaji to cancel it,kiara says oh but they had called and I said yes. Mr goel thanks dadaji for accepting the invitation and says the association trats u as its father and it it will be great to see u there, dadaji says oh common u are exaggerating, goel says ok im in rush and should leave now.
Vimla says ramesh its good to see u back and now just talk to babuji and join shop again and all will be fine,ramesh smiles.viraj says to kiara how could u do this without asking me, kiara says actually they invited me as well since I picked up the phone and I thought it will give u a change, viraj says why don’t u understand I need no change,kiara says what do u want did u see u have locked ur self and why,viraj says bcoz I have started hating everyone and I need no more discussion on this and im going nowhere.
Nisha says im going nowhere,kirti says stop acting like this nisha, jwala says its holi nisha di lets go we will have fun, kabir says where are u going,suku says how does that matter u, kabir says u will soon know why It does,suku says its we cousins think stay away,kabir says nisha this doesn’t suit ur family type,kirti says stop it guys actually its holi and nisha as usual isn’t coming, kabir says holi tahts nice I haven’t played india type holi lets go plz,nisha says u wont go,kabir says why u aren’t going then let me go some one tell her plz,nisha says ok I will come on one condition kabir wont join us,umesh says anyways he is injured,kirti says common nisha he is our guest,nisha says kirti its ur choice,kirti says sorry kabir nothing more than cousins, umesh says no worry kabir me and aman will be here its our first holi so,cousins tease them,kabir says nisha u are so mean, kabir says ok I wont come to the celebration until u call me,nisha says why will I call u,suku says he acts so oversmart, kabir says deal then.
Kabir in his room says why did I land here its so boring like a jail, I will do onething will runaway, vimla and laxmi come and says u are going,kabir says no just timepass, laxmi says u cant go until u are fine,sit have breakfast, laxmi says I will send nisha tell her if u need something,kabir says I will have breakfast and then think what to do,nisha comes and says what, kabir says I didn’t call u and I will soon leave, nisha says yes get well soon and leaves.
All are at breakfast table celebrating holi,dadi says oh my daughters make yummy breakfast during holi, dadaji says give me spoon,ramesh gives but dadaji doesn’t take it, dolly comes,,dadi asks where are others,dolly says they are coming,ramesh asks laxmi did u give kabir breakfast, dadi asks what are holi plans, umesh says same colors and summit comes and says masala milk, dolly goes to summit and asks how are u here, summit ignores dolly,dolly says tell me how are u here why didn’t u tell me,summit says surprise dolly, vimla says dolly leave him alone let him have something first.
Virendra says iits so good to see u,summit congratulates aman and umesh on their wedding,mohan says we will have great fun now,summit says ramesh uncle this time we will rock holi with dadaji,summit asks where are others,aman says I will call them,umesh says I will come with u,dadaji looks at ramesh.
Viraj says this isn’t done kiara,kiara says ok as u wish I will cancel it anyways I was doing this to help u,viraj says why are u doing this , do I look so hurt why this sympathy I needed a friend and not a care taker why are u doing this did I tell u ,kiara says coz I still love u viraj, when we departed since then every single day is like a curse without u, and I cant see u breaking like this, and I want to be with u forever not like a friend but more than that,viraj says this can never happen there never can be anything else than friendship,kiara says but why viraj, viraj says bcoz I love nisha,she is far away, but I couldn’t forget her and can never ever forget her, I love nisha.

PRECAP: kabir applies nisha color,nisha says how dare u, rukhma sees them, nisha says oh rukhma come here,nisha asks rukhma did u mix rukhma says yes two packets.nisha says good go, rukhma goes to kabir and says kabir bhaiya have glass of milk.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Plz update a little quickly!!!I can’t wait n interesting precap!

  2. Hare yar plz update fast

  3. Thank God he confessed his love for nisha love u viraj.

  4. kabir was looking wow with nisha while putting that holi colour on her face from back… in todays episode !!!<3 it was romantic scene

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      yeah it was jst awesome !!love that scene

    2. it was juuussttt AWWWSSSOOMMMEEE………….

  5. Plz someone tell abt the episode.

  6. According to telly reviews nisha will fall on viraj n kabir on kaira n viraj will fight with kabir is this true?? I hope not!!

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      np its fake i guess!!if that will happen the serial makers has gone insane for sure!!

  7. ashmitha kulatunga

    i feel like nisha also likes kabir!!surely she will fall in love with him!!

  8. Hey ashmitha fingers crossed for tat! I too wish d same

  9. Hey ashmitha fingers crossed for tat!

  10. ashmitha kulatunga

    omg kabir is looking damn hottt with that band on his head

  11. No i want viraj and nisha together.niraj is the best

  12. I really loved today’s episode. I wish I cud see that scene where kabir cums n puts colour for nisha from back again. U should have seen viraj face.. kabir is a hero.. the precap is a bit scary I hope viraj doesn’t blame kabir. Some one post that pic of kabisha eyelock

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      i saw a photo in twitter

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