Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,saxena says tat he will take revenge of the lap and now its his turn and he will hit him nicely anguri and anita are seen in one room and anguri is talking to her mother amaji and tells ta he is fine nd she is going to sleep now and wishes good night sweet dreams anita asks was she talking to her mother and anguri replies tat she is her mother in law and anita asks does she love her mother in law and anguri says tat yes she loves her more than her mother as she considers me as her daughter and anguri asks anita don’t u love ur mather in law and anita says tat I love her very much tat I cant handle it and she cares so much tat insummer season she gives us winter food so tat we don’t catch cold and in the season of winter she gives us umbrella so tat we don’t get burnt due to heat anguri then says tat she is so nice then y didn’t u bring her here anita says she is dieing to come here and then anguri says so nice then call her we will talk to her and anita says not now if she started talking now it will take the whole night I will make u talk to her some other day Anguri then says tat she is a bit worried about manmohan has he even slept properly or not
manmohan is snoring loudly and vibhuti says how must be anguri sleeping with such a man manmohan kicks him and then starts talking please buy these undergarments vibhuti says wat kind of man is this he is selling undergarments in his dreams and saxena is seen making effort to get to their room while vibhuti goes down stairs to sleep nd sleeps on sofa saxena reaches near window where manmohan is sleeping and enters room saxena jumps on bed while manmohan has covered his face so saxena thinks tat he is vibhuti in other room anguri wakes up shouting manmohans name anita asks wat happen and she says tat she saw a bad dream anita asks wat dream and anguri says tat she saw tat someone is hitting manmohan and saxena in vibhutis room is hitting manmohan considering him as vibhuti while vibhuti hears manmohans sound and thinks tat he is screaming in sleep and neglects it and sleep
while anita tries to explain tat they are dreams and they don’t come true they are just the things tat are going in our mind in the entire day and asks her to sleep while saxena hits and quickly runs out of the room manmohan gets up and wonders wat just happen and saxena says tat this was first installment he will again come back tomorrow as he pays his revenge in installments at night only and leaves
next morning manmohan is scared and chanting prayers after last night incident while vibhuti enters room and asks how was ur night did u sleep and manmohan says yes I did where did u go last night then vibhuti says to manmohan tat ur style of sleeping is very weird u sleep anyhow and snor a lot I got so much scared I thought its an animal yelling but wen saw u I understood and so I went and sleep in hall manmohan asks was this only the reason vibhuti says yes and manmohan asks him has he fought with anyone vibhuti says no and thinks for a while and says yes during college days there was a guy who was troubling anita I caught him and hit him hardly manmohan reminds the hits he got last night and says tat one does a mistake but someone else gets punish vibhuti asks wat is he trying to say y cant he tell clearly and then asks midnight he heard some noise from room manmohan in his mind says tat he didn’t get a cchance to hit tat man last night and then says to vibhuti nothing and thinks tat he should leave now but comes in anguri and anita
anita says to manmohan tat he cant leave like this as still he has to recover but manmohan says tat he is feeling much better and says to anguri lets go we will leave while anguri says tat u cant move a littile bit also and manmohan says tat he moved a lot at night anita then says tat anguri is saying right u cant move as the doctor has told to rest manmohan in his mind says tat he has done all this drama to spend some time with anita bhabhi but nothings working accordingly and anita then says to anguri tat see manmohans cheek they are swelling and anguri says yes while vibhuti says tat may be his back injury has had a side effect and anita says tat yes it’s a side effect and asks vibhuti to call doctor immediately
doctor comes on his moped and sees ladu around and his mind thinks where did this danger come from and in mind says the table of 12 and listening to it ladu corrects his mistake doctor listening to this runs in and checks manmohan vibhuti asks doctor is he injured or u y r u making faces the doctor then says that his relation with his patients is like laila majnu the patient gets hurt but pain is felt by me and then tells tat the patient is very ill manmohan whispers to doctor wat r u saying anguri says to doctor how is he and doc tells tat he is not fine manmohan again whispers tat he is fine and then doctor says to manmohan that give him 1000 rs manmohan denies then doctor threatens him to reveal the truth and then manmohan asks vibhuti for change of 1000 rs he says no and then manmohan asks he must be having a note of 1000 rs then vibhuti says to him to note down tat he does not has any money and then anguri says tat she has and gives it to doctor manmohan in his mind says tat the doctor is blackmailing nd taking money and says tat that is my money u wont get a good out come anguri then asks shall I bring turmeric milk manmohan in anger says bring some poison too anguri asks wat but manmohan asks her to bring milk while anita says tat she will bring fruits for him manmohan then says tat he is giving so much trouble to her but anita says tat he need not worry and can stay as long as he want as this is also his home
anguri is seen leveing hose and vibhuti follows her and says to her tat she need not take any tension anguri then says how will she not take tension he is her husband and she is worried and then vibhuti says tat a buffalo will never understand the importance of kasturi and anguri asks wat is kasturi vibhuti tells tat kasturi is very beautiful and has very nice smell and anguri asks who is buffalo vibhuti then says forget it you wont understand vibhuti then says tat he appreciates her tat how could she bear the snoring of tiwari as he could not bear it and so he came downstairs and slept in hall a rikshaw is standing behind anguri in which saxena is sitting he is reading paper and listening to the conversation between anguri and vibhuti saxena then gets to know tat last night he hit was tiwari and not vibhuti and vibhuti theninsists to drop her at her house and sits in the rikshaw and asks him to drop at next corner saxena hides his face with news paper but vibhuti bends it down and sees him and says wat is ur problem forget wat happened and move ahead and asks him not to stare at him and then gets off the rikshaw

manmohan is sitting in his room anita comes in with a plate and give it to tiwar to have it tiwari tries to lift his hand but cant due to pain and anita asks wat happen and tiwari says tat its is paining a lot he cant be able to eat wth his hands and anita says tat now worry she will feed him the fruits and feed with her hands one by one and come sin vibhuti and he says tat he will feed him and takes the plate and spoon from anita and starts feeding tiwari gets upset with this
saxena comes in on his bicycle to tiwaris house and instead of knocking the door he rangs the bell amnd then he again says sorry to her as he did mistake and then anguri says tat its ok and then saxena leaves anguri then sees panditji and stops hima and tells him about manmohans accident and askshim to come and see his hand panditji sees manmohans hand and says tat it will take time for him to recover and anguri says oh my god while anita says its ok if he remains here he should take rest vibhuti then asks to see his hand and panditji sees vibhutis hand panditji comments on it and vibhutis reaction makes anita says tat she doesnot believe in all this.

PRECAP:-vibhuti wen asleep take by mistakenly manmohans hand in hand and kisses him considering his love and wen manmohan speaks vibhuti gets up and goes upstairs to sleep while manmohan sleeps down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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