Code Red 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daman and Diu, 2014:
Two people come to cut a tree. They notice an old man standing at the door of a building right in front of them. Suddenly the old man is standing next to them. They run away from there petrified.

Citizens of Daman talk about that old (Parsi) man’s spirit. Many people tried to break the building to make something else there but the spirit never lets anyone come near it. some people believe it while some don’t!

Princess Inn is a place where people think thousand times before going inside. The place has been empty for years. No one has come to Firdous guest house for years now. You can neither hear nor see anything except Firdous Desai. He never lets anyone come near it. What is the secret? The talash today is of the reason which kept him there or of the reason because of which he is still not ready to leave the place!

Firdous’s son and his family are heading towards Princess Inn. Firdous greets them happily. Rehan (Firdous’s grandson) gets the keys of the best suite in Princess Inn. He starts talking to them when her DIL (Kainnaz) says we all are tired. We should get some sleep. Firdous nods. He writes down the room details in the register (marked personal).

Next day, Kainaz complains about the place. I couldn’t sleep the entire night. The place is extra calm. Firdous brings breakfast for them. He asks Kainaz to help him in cooking lunch later on. Firdous wants to sit at the counter as it is morning. His son asks him about it. Firdous’s wife used to tell him never to leave the counter when it comes to work. He leaves.

Firdous takes care of the counter while Rehan talks to him nonstop. The name of the guest house is Princess Inn as Firdous used to feel that way about his wife. I don’t live here alone. There is a sapota tree right outside. Rehan is tempted. They next sit down in a temporary tent made of a bed sheet. Kainaz reminds Mahnosh to talk to his dad asap. He nods. He witnesses his dad hugging Rehan.

They say, people become kids when they get older. Same was happening with Firdous. Anyone who would have seen him could understand how happy he was but not his own son! he and his wife were busy in something else altogether. What was the problem that brought them to Daman from Mumbai? What was there problem on which their whole life was dependant?

Firdous brings Rehan to the magic room. It looks very much like a store room now as it is completely jam packed with extra stuff. Firdous shares how he and his wife used to sit here for hours and talk. He gets lost in his wife’s memories. He plays the gramophone and can feel his wife’s presence. They dance together. A ball comes inside and breaks an antique vase.

Firdous scolds the kids for being careless but they don’t take him seriously. Mahnosh stops his dad. Firdous is upset with him as he gave the ball back to the kids. They will cause me loss. Mahnosh asks him if he has thought about anything other than Princess Inn. Have you ever asked me about my business? He walks away angrily. A chair falls in the process so Firdous sets it right. Kainaz goes inside too with Rehan. Firdous walks slowly towards the counter and takes out his inhaler. He feels a little better when it starts showing its effect. He also wipes a tear out of the corner of his eye.

At night, Kainaz wants to leave Daman asap. Talk to Papa. His behaviour was so weird today. Inside, Firdous cries sitting in his room. He holds out his hand and he can see his wife. He assures to explain to their son. He is reacting like this after bearing a little loss in his business. Don’t worry I will take care of it. he is our son after all.

Next morning, Firdous shares a plan with Mahnosh. Why don’t we all live here together? there is nothing in Mumbai. We all will make this guest house bigger here. Mahnosh reasons that no guest comes here, atleast not in the past 5 years. Look at the condition of the guest house. It is deteriorating. Now listen to my plan. Let’s sell it and come to Bombay with us. Play with Rehan, rest a little. Firdous says Princess Inn is not for sale. He leaves with Rehan following him. Firdous is again in tears. Rehan praises Princess Inn. I like it very much. I will tell him not to sell it. Firdous tells him never to go against his father. He always does what’s best for you. I cannot leave Princess Inn as your grandmother still lives here with me. those whom you love dearly never die. She is here somewhere in Princess Inn. She might be listening to us / watching over us. Rehan tells him to tell her that his spidey will always guard Princess Inn.

Mahnosh and Kainaz again have a spat over the issue. She decides to call Mr. Zaveri tomorrow itself.

Next morning, Rehan and Firdous mistake Mr. Zaveri to be a guest. Mahnosh introduces him to his father. Mr. Zaveri wants to see the guest house. Rehna offers to do it. Firdous agrees to arrange the best room for him. Zaveri likes the guest house. He talks about a resort here. Firdous gets angry. Princess Inn is not for sale. Zaveri calms him down. Nothing will happen without your permission. He goes outside with Mahnosh and Kainaz. Firdous is tensed. Rehan looks on helplessly. Zaveri has liked the property. He tells Mahnosh that his lawyer will contact them.

A kid’s heart is broken if you try to steal his favourite toy from him. There are 2 kids in our story. One, Rehan, who had just met his grandfather but had become so attached to him that he dint want to lose him. Two, Firdous, who loved Princess Inn more than his own life. Mr. Zaveri wanted this property in his name at any cost. Firdous was helpless as people were trying to snatch his most favourite thing from him. it felt as if there was no one in the world who could do anything for him. the one who was there (Rehan) dint even realise when he was shifted in the opposite team.

Zaveri’s lawyer extracts info about Firdous from Rehan. Mahnosh fools him by saying that he is writing a book on Parsi men. Rehan speaks up about the secret room. Lawyer is happy that his work has become much easier now. Just get his signs on the power of attorney papers.

Firdous gives a book to Rehan. Mahnosh calls out for his father to ask him if he wants anything from the market. Meanwhile, Kainaz comes looking for Rehan. Firdous tells them that Rehan is in his room. They hear Rehan shouting for his grandfather to open the door. They all come there. The room is locked from outside. Firdous says I haven’t done so but they insist. They even get a psychiatrist on their side though the inspector supports Firdous. I know him since years. Plus there is no criminal record against him. Mahnosh goes to talk to his dad. The police is outside. Juts sign this undertaking so they leave. Firdous signs the doc without even reading it. Mahnosh goes outside and tells police inspector that his dad might be stressed. If it happens again then we can think of sending him to mental asylum. Rehan witnesses it from upstairs. The inspector and that lady leaves. Mahnosh signals to his wife that their work is done.

Rehan shows the keys of the room to his grandfather. I found it in mom’s stuff. She could have opened the door if she had the keys. Why did we have to break it! I know you dint lock me inside. It was my mother. Firdous still talks to him positively about his mother. He sends him to his room.

Mahnosh tells his father that Mr. Zaveri is coming today to final the deal. Firdous repeats that he isn’t going to sell the guest house. Mahnosh tells him that he has put everything in his name by signing this power of attorney. Firdous is angry. I will go and talk to him. Kaizan stops him. You wont go anywhere. Firdous threatens to expose them but Kaizan keeps her hand on his mouth as he tries to call out for Rehan. The muffled cries go unheard. She later gags him, ties his hands and feet to a chair and goes outside. Mr. Zaveri’s lawyer gets all the papers signed by Mahnosh. Firdous pulls up the chair on his back with all his strength. He recalls all the incidents since Mahnosh has come here with his family. He falls down as he is no longer able to carry weight of the chair at his back.

Outside, the deal is signed. Mr. Zaveri leaves after paying some money to Mahnosh. Rehan is concerned about his grandfather. He picks up a stool to peek inside the room as the door is locked. Mahnosh and Kaizan notice their son thus. They open the door and find Firdous lying in a pool of blood.

The family is going back to Mumbai. Rehan can see his grandfather in the same make shift tent outside the guest house. Rehan recalls his words and goes to talk to him. We are going back but I will give you my spidey. He will always take care of Princess Inn. Firdous thanks him. His mother is calling so he leaves after promising his grandfather that he visit him soon. They both wave at each other as the car moves.

Princess Inn was everything for Firdous. He couldn’t save it though even after losing his life. Yet one thing came out to be true, we never leave those whom we love. love and trust are a very big thing. Rehan could see his grandfather once again because of the same reason maybe. Mr. Zaveri could never make his resort here. It maybe because he too saw what other people saw there. It is said that Firdous is still waiting for Rehan who had made a promise to him before leaving; for his loved ones who had cheated him. one thing is for sure, the Princess Inn still belongs to him!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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