Veera 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev and Veera coming in panchayat. He asks her to go to Ratan’s home. The panchayat tells about his dad Balwant and Baldev says he will become a better sarpanch. He sees Veera standing there and she is shocked seeing he has spot her. He asks is she not going to her mum’s house for imp work, the meeting will go for long, and asks her to go. The panchayat says yes you can go, we have much work.

They discuss few grain related matters with Baldev and asks him to decide. Baldev sees Veera again and asks why is she not going, don’t wait for me, I will pick you later. She thinks he will take wrong decision, how to explain him. She says she was going, and heard about imported grains. She gives her opinion. He thinks now she will show she is more educated and better than me. She says imported things are good, I have been in Poland. He says its costly too, we can’t put much cost on farmers, I don’t think we should change this.

She smiles as she also wanted this. Baldev taunts her. She says fine, everyone has to agree what he decides. Veera comes home and sees Ratan, Ranvi and Chai ji playing with Deepu. Veera laughs and asks who is she. Deepu asks her to play with them. Ratan says she is tired playing. Gunjan is sad and cries in the hospital thinking about her miscarriage and Ranvi’s anger.

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Veera says she is tired. Ranvi says lets hear a song. Deepu asks can he sing. He says yes and smiles. He takes her along. Ratan says I smiled whole heartedly after so much time, she brought happiness. Veera asks but who is she. Ratan says don’t know, she was lost and Ranvi got her here, we informed police, her parents will come. She tells about Baldev. Veera says I m trying to make him take right decisions, as one wrong decision can be bad for many people, I will do opposite to make him do right.

Ratan and Chai ji laugh. Veera says he became sarpanch and now I want him to be a good sarpanch. Ranvi brings the guitar. Deepu asks him to teach her. He says fine. Gunjan comes home and sees Ranvi and Deepu. She hears them. Ratan says a child brings happiness, when he gets his own children, he will love them more, they will be lucky. Veera says yes, he will be lucky, if he has taken good care of me and loved me, he will love his children even more.

Deepu greets Gunjan. Gunjan says she stays here. Ranvi says she is my wife. Deepu asks why is she worried. Gunjan says she is fine, doctor gave some medicines, so she is dull. Deepu asks her to rest, as disease thinks she slept and it goes. Ranvi asks her to rest. Veera goes to talk to Gunjan. Gunjan recalls the doctor’s words and cries. Veera gets worried seeing her. Veera asks her to say whats the matter and maybe she can lessen the burden on her heart.

Gunjan says she is worried for Bansuri’s ill health, she can’t tell this to Ranvi, else he will blame himself. Veera says Ranvi and her can’t be away, as they love each other a lot. Baldev comes home and tells Bansuri that he is not hungry. Manjeet thinks why did Geet does not come till now. Ratan says no one came to take child in police station. A lady knocks the door and asks for her daughter Deepu.

She cries and asks is he Ranvijay, tell me where is she. He says she is fine, come. Deepu says Biji. She hugs her mum. Geet asks why did she leave her hand in market and cries. Ratan says she is fine, don’t worry, my son got her, she was lost so he got him. Geet thanks them.Deepu says she enjoyed a lot with them. Geet says I don’t know how to thank and apologizes. Ratan says kids make a home look good. Gunjan looks on. Geet says she came today and is new here, she will leave.

Ratan says he will drop her and asks where she has to go. She gives the address and he reads it. He gives the chit to Veera and she reads it.

Bansuri asks Manjeet who is she./ Manjeet says Baldev and Veera’s relation is over now, so I called Geet here to make her get married with Baldev.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. babians imad

    Omg a high voltage drama is going to start Veeba r going to separate ooo noooo crying 4 my Veeba

  2. babians imad

    Track changed hogaya I hope k geet ranvee k life mai aye baldev k nahi Veeba ko or a lag nahi dekh sakhty plzzzzzzzzzz. Veeba ko a lag mat karo

  3. anyway, it’s better…….

  4. Dont seperate veera and baldev and please solve they problems

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