Maharana Pratap 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

US motivates his soldiers to fight with Akbar and his army to save their motherland. They still decide to keep the 3 doors open as Akbar is attacking only from one side. We have to win this war on our own (instead of depending upon Pratap’s arrival).

Pratap refuses to wait / rest for a while. I have to reach Chittor asap.

Yar Beg tells Hyatt Sultan that they cannot go beyond the peepal tree.

Ishar Das guides his soldiers about when to shoot the arrows and then get prepared for the next round asap. Jagmal informs the ladies that Akbar’s army is advancing towards them. What if they attack us? Just then a soldier comes to tell them the same. Jagmal stops the soldiers outside their room to move for even a second. Let’s pack our stuff Rani Ma. We will exit from the back gate of the fort. Let father and the commanders fight this war on their own. He even calls out for the daasi’s to pack his stuff but DB tells him against it. no one is going anywhere. We all will live here only. He refuses to die by Akbar’s hands. You can give this necklace to me as it will help me in my poor days. Ajbade reassures DB as she is int ears because of her son’s outburst. Ajbade is waiting for Pratap. Come here asap or we might have to face defeat.

Chakrapani wants to stop so his horse can drink water. Pratap agrees. We cannot delay in reaching Chittor.

Akbar’s commanders know that the arrows cannot come past that peepal tree. They all stand there. US checks them out through their binoculars. What are they thinking? They too know that we will shoot innumerable arrows at them if they walk past that peepal tree.

Akbar orders HUssain Ali and Hyatt Sultan to head towards the gates of the fort along with their troops. Get hold of the door as soon as you enter inside so we can enter with the rest of our troops. They both nod. Akbar addresses his soldiers. It is time to write a new chapter of history of India. Show your might to the enemy today so no one else can even think of going against Mughals. We will include Chittor a part of Mughal Empire by winning it today. His soldiers shout slogans in his praises. Akbar says whoever climbs the wall first will get a gold crown from me. The army marches ahead!

US tells Dodhiya ji to inform the same to all the soldiers in the palace. They should be ready to attack. Dodhiya ji agrees. The soldiers shoot arrows as soon as the smaller Mughal troop is out of the safety zone. Many soldiers ward the arrows with their shields. Both the parties are tensed. Mughal soldiers too shoot arrows in reply. A lot many soldiers die / get hurt. They are taken away to the Vaid ji while the replacement party shoots more arrows at Mughals. The attack continues from both the sides. Akbar watches everything from a distance. US tells his soldiers to fight for their family. The enemy is very near. We have to stop them anyhow. Many soldiers (of Chittor) get killed / hurt in counter attack. Mughal soldiers begin to climb the wall of CHittor palace. The soldiers from above throw big rocks at Mughal soldiers. Akbar tells Isa Kaka to move ahead with his troop. Isa Kaka does as is told. The focus of the Chittor soldiers remains in warding off the troops of Hyatt Sultan and Hussain Ali at the moment. US and Dodhiya ji notice the approaching lot of people. This is Akbar’s strategy. He wants to divide our attention. The doors of this fort must not open today at any cost. Dodhiya ji vows that he wont let it happen till he is alive.

The ladies are updated with the same info. Maan is tensed for her baby. DB promises her that nothing like that would happen. Jagmal hurts himself. He just wanted to show how much pain he is feeling because he kept it over a diya. Imagine your pain when you will die in Jauhar. DB is about to slap him but stops. If such a situation arises then I will burn you first in Jauhar! Amar Singh turns to Maan. I know you are crying as Akbar is attacking us. I will just go and teach him a lesson. DB looks at Jagmal.

Yar Beg also moves ahead with his men on Akbar’s command.

Amar Singh comes to help US. A soldier stops him. He stands before him as he talks to him and gets hit by an arrow from the Mughal’s side. Amar Singh is taken aback. US saves him in the nick of time as another arrow was coming that way. He sends Amar with a soldier inside the palace. Dodhiya ji points out at Yar Beg’s group. We don’t have that many soldiers to face / fight them. If you allow me then I will go and fight with them. US is in a fix. He suddenly hears people calling out for Pratap. US and everyone is relieved to see him back in Chittor. Pratap joins his father and Dodhiya ji. Pratap gets ready to fight with the Mughals. Akbar notices him. Pratap jumps off from above to fight with the enemies head on.

Precap: Pratap kills all those who come in his way. He next challenges Akbar. You are hiding behind a big army. The two of us can come to a decision today itself if you are daring enough! Akbar takes up the challenge. Both the men come closer on their horses. Pratap hits Akbar with his sword.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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