Code Red 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Love is really blind. I too fell in love and got married to a criminal. Now my senior Kapil is becoming a danger for this relationship. Am I getting in another trap while trying to get out of the first trap? Gaurav feels that she is becoming a danger for him with every passing day. Should I trust her love in this case or should I separate this danger from my life for forever? Kapil calls Ritika his pawn. She will help me get Prakash out of my way. It is a well thought out plan. My planning can never flop. Prakash thinks that there is only one way to save himself from this trap – it is by making another trap for them. But what can it be? Asmita wonders whether she should just sit back and watch the drama acting all innocent or should she make a move?

Theme – Ranjish / Animosity Part 2

Ritika is in a fix / disbelief. How can I do all this? Door bell rings. Gaurav / Chander returns home. She doesn’t reply much. He asks her if she wants to hand him over to the police. She retorts that she should actually do so to end all the problems. He repeats that he is not a criminal. No one cares for truth. They only want to blame me. Chitra committed suicide but her family members are trapping me for it; for a crime that I have not done.

Arun Grover checks his mail and is shocked. He next talks to Prakash who pleads innocent but Arun tells him that every senior member of the bank has already received that mail. Strict action will be taken. Prakash cannot understand why Ritika has accused him falsely. He asks for a copy from his senior. Arun advises him not to say anything to Ritika in a rush. Let s*xual Harassment Company come. You will get a chance to clarify. Don’t mess anything. Prakash agrees.

Prakash walks up to Ritika’s desk. I want to talk to you. Kapil notices it from his cabin. Later, he tells Ritika to stick to her words. Ritika tells him that Prakash is upset. He knows that you are behind all this. Prakash had tried to ask Ritika but she kept quiet. Her phone beeps. Kapil tells her to look at the video recording that she has just received. He is scaring you and I have given you a proof too. you still think you have to be scared / worried when I am there?

At night, Ritika is cooking. People say, love is blind. Is it right what all I am doing to save Gaurav? Have I become blind in Gaurav’s love? I cant even surely say if Gaurav has told me the truth or not. Did Asmita know about Gaurav already and she hid it from me intentionally? How would police find out then that Gaurav is a cab driver and how did they reach Delhi? Guarav comes home. She directly asks him if he had slept with Asmita. I know she was jealous of me. Gaurav denies but she walks off to her room.

Ritika is doing her work. She receives a call from someone and goes in a corner to talk to the caller.

Chitra’s father, and a few other people receive a call. They tell the caller that what he / she is telling is not true. It dint happen like that.

Kapil looks at Ritika as he leaves from his cabin. Prakash observes them. Ritika too goes and sits in Kapil’s car. The committee is coming tomorrow. They will call Prakash first and then you. I am sure you wont change your words. I will only support you if you support me. You wont be able to save yourself or your lover otherwise. Ritika thinks that it is fun to fly high but there is always a fear of falling down. Top position is like sand. The more we try to hold it in our hands, the more it slips out of our hands.

Door bell rings when Ritika and Gaurav are eating dinner. CBO reaches there finally. They arrest Gaurav. He is angry with Ritika. CBO tells Ritika that Gaurav / Chander had killed his first wife mercilessly by setting her on fire. Gaurav refuses that it wasn’t so but CBO insists. The door wasn’t locked that day and you dint hear her shouting while you were standing inside. You were inside the house only, with your wife.

Flashback: Gaurav / Chander’s neighbours testify against his words. He is lying. We had heard Chitra’s screams long back. We walked up to their house, rang the doorbell multiple times but no one opened the door. Chander was inside only. We broke the door and entered inside. Chitra was up in flames. Chander covered her with a blanket but she was seriously injured by then. we dint feel that Chitra committed suicide. We have heard her screams numerous times. She couldn’t speak but I am sure Chander was inside the house only and he had set Chitra on fire.

Chitra’s FIL too tells the CBO that Chander tried to ask him for money casually. He dint liked it that I had put everything in Chitra’s name. He got everything in his name after a few months only. Chitra told us this a month before she died. Chitra’s mother too is sad that they should have understood Chander’s motive then only. He killed our daughter.

Present: Chander asks for 2 minutes to talk to Ritika. He repeats that it is all a lie. Plus you shouldn’t have done this. She tells him that she has not called the police. He remarks that only they get deceived who trust someone blindly. I trusted you but you deceived me. if you could have told me bluntly then I wouldn’t have thought of revenge but you have attacked me on my back. I will surely take revenge. Don’t think that I wont come out of jail. I will come and avenge for this. I am going to jail because of you for no reason. I will commit one crime surely when I come out. He leaves with the Crime Branch officers. Ritika wonders if all this should have happened the way it is happening. Could I have stopped any of it?

Prakash tells the committee about Ritika’s husband. He is a criminal. He got arrested last night. What do you expect from such a woman? Her accusations are false. I dint check her background well. She had a reference letter. A woman from the board says you used to call her in your cabin many times. He reasons that he used to call her for work. They ask him that as per Ritika’s mail, you have asked her out numerous times and have even offered her a better position. You clearly told her to sleep with you if she wants a raise. Prakash declines. she is trapping me. Maybe she wants something. They also show him the video. Prakash explains that it was after she made that complaint. I just tried to ask her why she did this. it is a trap against me. He has no answer to tell them when they ask him what Ritika will gain by all this. Prakash knows it well that Kapil is behind all this but they wont trust him. Kapil and I don’t share a good rapport. How to make them believe it then?

Kapil yet again tells Ritika to stick to her words. She gets a call from her father. Please return home. You have been through a lot. Return home now. She promises that it will happen real soon. He tells it to his wife. Ritika says she is getting a chance to leave all this and return to her past life. The real problem comes when you try to get out of your situation and realise that we are already deep in the Chakravyuh.

Ritika accepts before the committee that she has made false charges against Prakash. Kapil Verma had told me to do so. He got to know about my husband’s past and was blackmailing me. He wanted to get Prakash out of this branch and used me as his pawn in his plan.

Sakshi (host) remarks that Ritika changed her direction. Did she do it because Gaurav got caught as she had lost her love already and had nothing else to lose now? Or is it because another game was set over this game? A pawn will always remain a pawn. Had Ritika become a pawn in someone else’s game now?

Prakash walks to his cabin. No plan in this world is ever fool proof, especially when you dig a pit for someone else. The chances of that person falling in that pit are the biggest!

Same morning: Prakash comes to meet Ritika. He tells her that Kapil won’t help her. He is just using her. He also played his other move by getting your husband caught. this is office politics and politics anyways is not good. He used you to get me out of his path and now he doesn’t need you at all.

Present: Ritika returns to her desk.

Chander’s parents have applied for a bail. Chitra’s parents are against it but you might get out of the jail. Chander requests them to get him out of here at any cost. They leave. Chander’s cellmate tells him to be careful this time. It should look like a suicide only. Don’t make any mistake.

Kapil comes to Ritika’s house. He acted all innocent in front of the committee and speaks against Prakash and Ritika. They have been sanctioning and authorizing loans, and are thinking of committing a fraud. He also shows them legal papers. He gives another chance to Ritika but she refuses to do anything for him. Police has already got Gaurav. You have nothing to blackmail me now. I don’t have to be scared of you. He agrees but also adds that Prakash has fooled her. your reference letter was with Prakash. He had called your best friend Asmita. She thought that you snatched her Gaurav from her. Enemy of an enemy is your friend. Old stories revived and then Prakash even tracked down and spoke to Chander’s neighbours and in-laws. He told the whole thing to Crime Branch. Your best friend Asmita told me everything.

Ritika calls Asmita. Asmita tells her that she did it all for money. Gaurav is not such a great guy that you are acting so possessive for him. you should actually thank me. Ritika is angry with her. You told CBO that Gaurav was in Ahmadabad. Asmita repeats it that she has saved her friend. Ritika ends the call. Kapil asks Ritika to get Prakash out of his way. Do anything you want to later on. Ritika reasons that Gaurav’s past had nothing to do with any of it. It is just your and Prakash’s game. You both used me as your pawns for your plans. How disgusting! He reminds her of his words. This life in itself is a scheme. The one who understands it sooner, wins!

Sakshi remarks that Ritika was worried. The game was such that everyone was trying to use her as their pawn for themselves. She had played the game till now as per her wish but now it was going to get all the more ugly. Was this the time to get out of everything so she can save herself from the danger lurking nearby?

Ritika looks at Prakash and is confused. I cannot understand anything. I only know that I am being used by I don’t know who is using me. the game is set and is on but no one knows who is on whose side! Do I have this much time that I can still back out of all of this?

Asmita comes to meet Gaurav in the jail. His inmate tells him that he will leave from here by the afternoon. Asmita tells someone that the person has got his money. He will do his work day after tomorrow.

CBO comes to tell Gaurav that he has got bailed. You will be out by tomorrow morning. You can say whatever you want to say now. Gaurav wants to tell the truth to him. I only had killed Chitra. I was at home only at that time. I got greedy. I killed her to get her money. CBO wonders if he is saying all this to hide another plan of his. Gaurav remarks that life in itself is a conspiracy. Someone had told me this! I am tired of all these games now. I don’t want to run anymore.

Kapil is driving when he notices someone lying in the middle of the road. He gets down to check the person who gets up and points the gun at Kapil. It is Gaurav’s inmate only. He is sure Prakash has paid him to kill him. The guy agrees. Kapil offers to pay him more and kill Prakash instead. The guy knew it already. He calls Prakash. Kapil Verma is giving me more money to kill you. Your friend Asmita had come to tell Gaurav to kill Kapil from your behalf. As per the contract I have already reached at the spot to kill Kapil. He is at my gunpoint right now. He puts the phone on speaker. The money goes up to 20 lakhs. A bullet is fired in the end.

Ritika resigns from her job for some personal reasons. She has handed over all her accounts to her colleague Prashant. She is in a cab. She sends a message to Asmita. True, life in itself is a conspiracy but it isn’t right to target someone for your own interests. Let life make a move. Who knows there are some good surprises waiting for you in future! But forgive me, this surprised wasn’t that good.

Chitra’s parents hope Chander gets his due.

The committee members listen to the whole recording of Kapil and Prakash’s convo with the contract killer. Gaurav’s inmate tells Gaurav that his work is done. Your share will be deposited in your account. Gaurav tells him to transfer the money in Ritika’s account instead.

Kapil and Prakash too listen to the recording. Kapil understands why the contract killer dint actually kill him and smiled in the end when he was leaving. He recalls the incident. You are killing Prakash, right? The guy replies that they both are dead already and leaves. Prakash wonders who is behind this – Ritika or Asmita? Committee fires them both from their jobs. Be ready with your answers before the police. You both wont get a job after what all you have done.

Ritika returns to her home. Her mother is happy to have her back home.

3 nights back: Ritika goes to meet Gaurav in the jail. I know you had not expected me here. We both have been equally used. Police was looking for you. I knew your reality long time back. I would have gotten you caught long ago if I had to. He is not interested in her explanations and promises to find her from any corner of the world. She says I dint know your truth when I had met you. I had fallen in love with you. I genuinely loved you. He doesn’t want her to repeat all the same old stuff. She too reasons that it is useless to deny what he has done in the past. She tells him how Kapil and Prakash used her / blackmailed her as they knew about you. they used me, got you arrested. They know I have no other option. They can use me in the future too. Asmita played a game too. what did we gain by this? Our life is ruined. nothing is left. Don’t doubt my love. my love is true. Hear your heart once. It knows how much I love you. you know you have to clear this stain off you if you want to live freely. You will have to do what you should really do. I will wait for you till you complete your punishment. She leaves afterwards.

Gaurav’s inmate can feel the truth in Ritika’s words. I feel she genuinely loves you. Gaurav asks him for help. The guy scares Prakash and Kapil and traps them in their own game.

Sakshi says love makes people good and honest. The same happened with Ritika and Gaurav. Gaurav agreed to undergo his punishment. Ritika’s blind love had now transformed into faith. She was patiently waiting for Gaurav to return. The players got entangled in their own conspiracies. They have no hope to gain anything and lost their everything in the process. If your intentions aren’t right then nothing can go right. What if the beginning is wrong, there is no time for choosing the right path!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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