Maharana Pratap 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap finally agrees to come with her as his happiness lies in her happiness. I will come for you. He kisses her forehead lovingly. Ajabde is not so happy though as she thinks of DB. Pratap tells her that they have to go back for CK. Maan notices her sad face as she heads in the room to pack their stuff. Maan takes CK aside. Try to understand. You don’t know what all Dada bhai has been through and why he left the palace. She tells her everything. Our Rani Ma is not a good lady. She will continue to create new problems for Dada bhai and bhabhi. CK nods. Pratap and Ajabde come out with their things but Maan and CK are gone by then. they look outside for the girls but in vain.

Akbar sits in his court. A Rajputana king enters inside with his hands tied with a rope. Bairam Khan explains that this king has tried to go against Shehanshah-e-Hind. The courtesans shout in a chorus to kill that man. Anger is clearly visible on Akbar’s face. Bairam Khan requests him to give orders to behead this traitor king right away so the message is loud and clear – whoever tries to go against Mughals will be meted with the same fate. Akbar gets up from his seat. Salima intentionally drops a mask to catch his attention and makes him recall her advice. Akbar smiles. He appreciates the king’s (Kishan Das) thoughts. If I was in your place and if someone would have told me to vacate my house then I too would have reacted in a similar manner. But you should understand our problem too. if we don’t expand our boundaries then someone else can do so, which in turn will create problems for us. We both are helpless in front of our circumstances. I am sad for the loss of your army and your defeat but someone has to take charge of this estate too. I can give you a choice – handle that estate on behalf of me. I announce you the king of that place from my side. Kishan Das nods in relief. Soldier removes the rope from around his hands. Kishan Das chants praises of Akbar. Bairam Khan and the courtesans witness the entire incident with surprise and a little shock. Bairam Khan asks Akbar about it. Akbar tells him that he has left from here as my representative. He cannot do any harm to me. he bent down before me in the court. There are many problems going on in his estate. I have heard that he and his BIL don’t share good terms and keep on fighting. Do something and send help to his BIL in a way that no one finds out. they both should die in their own fight. Send Yusuf Khan to that place then from our behalf to take care of that area. Till when will we stain our hands with the blood of such traitor kings?

Maan and CK return to the palace. Maan tells CK not to be sad. You did the right thing. she wipes CK’s tears. CK wishes that her Dada bhai stays happy wherever he is. They head to their room when they find US standing in the corridor. He asks about their whereabouts. Maan tells him that CK couldn’t bear living without her Dada bhai so we had gone to meet him, to bring him back. CK breaks down. US asks them if Pratap dint come back with them. I thought he will melt down after seeing CK. Where is he? Will he come tomorrow or day after tomorrow? He is hopeful but Maan tells him that Pratap will never come back here. US gets sad again.

Pratap tells Ajabde how every path, every situation ends up hurting them in the process. Ajabde asks him what path they will choose in the life. Pratap says the right path only!

A Priest (Chakrapani’s father) tells Chakrapani, Saubhagyawati and Patta about what happened with Tulsidas at Akbar’s palace. The soldier who had taken him from Kashi came back to drop him to Kashi with all due respect. People gathered outside his house as soon as he was back. He calmed them all and said I haven’t done anything. It was all my Lord Ram’s doing. I used Hanuman Chalisa for the first time in Akbar’s palace. Akbar was really lucky. Whoever chants it when they are in some problem will surely get out of their troubles. Two priests touch his feet to seek his blessings. The priest feels grateful that he could meet / see Tulsidas. He notices Pratap in the Haat Bazaar. Patta, Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati get alert. The priest thinks that he must tell Pratap about Tulsidas. He would surely want to meet him. They tell the priest against it as they had lied to Pratap. Chakrapani shouts loudly while explaining his point. Pratap overhears his voice and looks around. Chakrapani explains to his father that Pratap has just started to spend some quality time with Ajabde. They don’t get time otherwise. Saubhagyawati too supports him. Ajabde is very happy here. Pratap is standing opposite to them but Patta notices him. he makes them all hide in time. Pratap thinks that maybe he was just imagining it. He recalls that he had to bring ration for food. Pratap gets confused about the name of the pulses but then tells the shopkeeper to give all the pulses to him (in huge quantities). Chakrapani wonders if Pratap wants to organize some fest for the entire village. Pratap cannot do anything without me. Saubhagyawati and Patta eye him questioningly and then he adds their names too. Shopkeeper agrees to send everything to the house. Should I send the entire stuff at home or do you want me to send something to the temple as well (to Chakrapani’s father)? Pratap is confused. He has gone to Kashi, right? Shopkeeper replies that Mishra ji is back from Kashi. See, his son is standing there. Pratap notices someone hiding in that place and thinks of Chakrapani. He walks up to them and orders Chakrapani to come to home asap with his father. Chakrapani nods but is sure Pratap wont spare him today.

Someone knocks at the door. Ajabde opens the door and immediately covers her head seeing US. She seeks his blessings and then welcomes him inside. She offers him water but he tells her that he never drinks water with empty stomach. He tells her to bring food for him as he is hungry from days. She is more than happy to oblige. Pratap walks inside just when Ajabde serves food to US. Pratap stops in his tracks seeing US.

Precap: DB touches US’s feet, begging him to free Jagmal. He has made a mistake. You can never make a mistake. I will bring Pratap back. He orders her to do so then. DB comes to meet Pratap. I have come to take you back with me. Rana ji will announce death penalty for Jagmal. You are my only hope. Only you can save him now!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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