Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishi telling Ragini that she always wanted Neil and her to be together, but it was not possible. Nishi says I wants your happiness. Ragini says I am happy the way I am. Agam tells Dimpy and Karan that he wants Dad’s happiness, but he can’t accept Nivedita as his mum. Dimpy says everything is decided by the destiny. Agam cries. Nishi asks Ragini to talk to Aman about it. Ragini gets thinking. Agam says he just wants his mum and no one else. Karan consoles him. Shilpa’s mom receives Suhani’s call and gives the call to Naani. Suhani introduces herself as Suhani. She asks Naani to give the call to Ragini and says she will just take her 5 mins. Naani says, but she is busy. Suhani requests her to please let her speak. Naani says afterwards. Suhani asks why Ragini didn’t wear the saree sent by her. Ragini comes and takes the call. Suhani says it is Suhani, your daughter. Ragini couldn’t hear her as the phone gets switched off. Suhani thinks she couldn’t speak to her again. Ragini tells that the phone is switched off and goes to put the phone on charging. Suhani sends voice message to Ragini.

Baa is talking to Sunny Tai. RK comes and sits with them. Sunny asks did you think about the gift for Neil and Nivedita. RK says he doesn’t know what to do. Sunny suggests to tell the truth to Neil and Ragini. RK says you are right. They see Nivedita going from there and stops. Baa calls Nivedita and asks her to massage her neck. She asks her to stay away from Neil and tells that she is not equal of his standard. Nivedita gets irked.

Ragini is breaking the walnut’s shell. She gets hurt. Naani asks about her wounds on the heart. Ragini says I don’t care if Nachiket moves on in life. Pam said that Neil proposed Nivedita. Naani asks her not to act infront of her. She asks her to cry. Ragini says she is not getting cry. Naani asks her to cry openly. Ragini bursts out and is in tears. She says she is in pain as Nachiket is marrying someone else. She says she can’t see him with someone else. She blames Nishi for it. Naani cries with her. Ragini says she has fallen weak in emotions. She says she will freshen up. Teri Aahatein yahin hain plays…………..

Pam suggests Neil and Nivedita to do holi puja first. Dadi says Nishi and Jignesh will do first. Pam says ok, Neil and Nivedita will do after them. Nishi and Jignesh do the puja. Ragini stares Neil as he does the puja with Nivedita. A song chadarya…………..plays…………She recalls their moments. Panditji asks them to take their place and asks Ragini to distribute the sweets. Aman tells Aarav that he felt his displeasure. Aarav tells that he loves Shilpa and she loves Ranbir. He cries. Aarav says you also loves, but couldn’t confess. Aman says he knows how to hide but. He asks Aarav not to become someone joke. Ragini’s saree catches fire. Neil rushes to her and set off fire. Aman comes there. Neil scolds him for coming late always.

Daadi asks Pam to take the prasad. She asks Pam did you think about Ranbir’s marriage. Pam says my son is very small. Shilpa’s mom says Ranbir is a good boy and can get good girls. Ranbir says he will inform dadi first whenever he marries. Shilpa’s mom gets relieved. Naani gives Saree to Nachiket and tells him that Agam gave saree for Ragini sent by Suhani. She tells that Suhani called Ragini. Neil wonders how did she get her number. Pam comes. Naani leaves. Pam asks what is the matter? Neil tells that Suhani called Ragini and tells about the consequences if Ragini would have heard her. Pam says she will talk to him. Neil says no and goes to talk to Agam. He tells Aarav to go and then asks Agam why did you give Ragini’s number to Suhani. Agam says yes. Neil tells him that Suhani is alone and will miss them if she talks to Ragini. He asks him not to connect them. Agam wonders why Neil and Pam are stopping him.

Neil tells Nivedita that Suhani called Ragini. He says Suhani is connected with his past and says you knew well whatever had happened. He says he doesn’t want any hurdles on the way of Nishi’s marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is the conection of suhani with d past?

  2. may b suhani is the reason for nil and ragini’s divorse….i think suhani is the daughter of nivedita’s sister…….

  3. Suhani is Neil’s and Ragini’s daughter. Suhani was their only child who did not get to meet Ragini. Pam did not want her to.

  4. Oh my word!!! If dat is true den Pam is a shitty evil person to tk a child frm Rags.Pam go get maried n mk ur own kids n stop messing wit other life eisshhh grrrrrrrr

  5. Is der no spoilers for the days current episode?
    We c in SA so late 10/30 wich in India it mst be 2am ????

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