Code Red 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhanbad, Jharkhand
Circuit House:

A kid comes downstairs to get water. Two men are heading towards the house. They have knives in their hands. The kid runs away after seeing two people sitting near the gas. The goons run away as there is a blast. The kid brings his father there. There was someone here. I have told you so many times to leave this house. Let’s not stay here.

Kids and some people living nearby / inspector talk about the news they have heard about circuit house. They have seen a couple there.

Dhanbad is very famous for its crimes. Mafia, government, police and citizens of Dhanbad share a very different bond.

Dhanbad, 2015:
People are enjoying Holika Dehen. Some singers sing a folk song while the others enjoy.

Samar’s House, Vigilance Officer:
Samar is looking for his cigarette box. His wife tells him that Faizal has thrown it away. Samar goes to buy another box from a nearby shop but then returns after a second only.

Samar and his wife wake up after hearing Rukhsana’s scream. She tells him about the old couple trying to pull her down. Faizal too had seen them but they just disappeared.

Samar calls someone to install a CCTV Camera in their house. He narrates the incident too. The guy has not heard about women being involved in any crime here. Samar doesn’t want to take any chance. The guy installing the CCTV Camera drops a brick by mistake. Tasmeen is still not happy with Samar shifting here. Samar explains it to her that not everyone can run away from their work and responsibility. They hear their kids screaming about a ghost. They rush there. Rukhsana again tells them about the couple. We would have died if you had not come here on time. They pulled us towards them.

Samar checks the CCTV footage but there is nothing. Samar scolds the kids for joking. He also tells them to lock themselves in their room. Rukhsana and Faizal decide to leave the house. Papa wont listen to us otherwise. One day that couple will also kill us. The kids begin to go outside scared when something happens.

Its been approx 20 years. No one dies or gets injured but such incidents do happen.

Animesh Singh’s House, Vigilance Officer:
Animesh shifts to Circuit House with his family. He used to look after the quality of government work. His wife used to work as PRO. His kids were unhappy as his dad used to transfer to different places regularly. Their simple life was going to change very soon.

The kids wonder why they cannot stay at one place for forever. we have to change places, schools, make new friends always. Papa too has no time for us. Their mother suggests them to think of this as an adventure. The kids want a normal boring life. They leave. Animesh’s wife shares Akshay’s opinion with him. She understands their point. Animesh points out that his job was like this since the beginning.

Next day:
Animesh decides to send the kids by normal bus today as they are late. The kids walk out angrily. Animesh wants to make his kids strong. He tells his wife to be strong too. Don’t be so emotional.

Animesh’s wife is hanging wind chimes when some guys come to circuit house. They greet Animesh’s wife. They leave a packet (of sweets) and a briefcase for Animesh. The bag contains money. Animesh tells Krati that this is bribe. If this is found in a vigilance officer’s house then my career will be finished. She reasons that she has no idea about Dhanbad, its people or him. You can explain me things to make it easier for me.

Later, Animesh brings food for Krati as she is still upset. He apologizes to her for shouting at her. He feeds her with his own hands. He has cooked it as she had thrown all the food away. She jokes that he should give her a warning next time before cooking something. He eats it and coughs. They both laugh.

Krati kisses their children goodnight. They are still awake though and smile.

Next day, the kids are happy that their mother is going to drop them school today. Someone thinks about us after all. Animesh asks her about her job role. Will you just sit in the AC office? She replies in a teasing manner. He tells her to be careful as she has to think about a dam.

Krati informs Animesh about the problems associated with the dam. Many aadivasi’s used to live in the village where it is being built. They were forcefully thrown out of their own village. We will have to do something. Biggies are associated with the dam. Animesh has no relations with such work but still he agrees to check.

Yadav (contractor) comes to meet Animesh while he is talking on phone. Animesh talks about the families that have been pushed out of their own land. They haven’t been paid any money for the same yet. Yadav advises him not to meddle in these affairs. Take your next posting and leave. Animesh talks about humanity but Yadav calls it a selfish business. I will take care of you. Animesh declines. There are many problems with your material also. I will keep an eye on everything!

Animesh talks to his senior about the dam issue. The contractor hasn’t given the people their due compensation. His senior tells him to stay away from this matter as it is very sensitive. He agrees. He shares the same with Krati. My boss told me not to take any action. I know it is not my responsibility but how can we keep quiet after knowing all this? Krati talks about Mrs. Goswami. She handles the PRO for Public Works. I have heard that the minister listens to all the issues that she receives. Animesh nods. I will try one more time or then we will go as per your plan. Animesh kisses their kids goodnight. Krati notices him from outside. You can say it to them if you love them so much. He says love makes people weak. It creates a fear inside us. She says it actually gives us strength.

Next day, Animesh celebrates Holi with the locals. Yadav too comes to apply colour on him. Animesh had rejected one of his projects. Yadav is hurt by it. this has never happened with me before. They almost get into a fight. Yadav’s goons beat one of the guys who tries to help Animesh.

Animesh is all tired by the time he is home. He looks around for Krati and his kids but finds no one in the house. He panics. He calls everyone but Krati and the kids are nowhere. Krati returns with the kids. He cries hugging his kids. Where were you? She had informed Ram Singh that they had gone to a dam for picnic. He hugs them all and cries his heart out. Krati is concerned. He talks about the possible meeting with Mrs. Goswami and the minister. Let’s do it.

Krati had a word with the PRO of Minister. We just have an hour. We will go tonight. Animesh is not sure if they are doing the right thing or not. We will be upsetting so many people. She reminds him about their responsibility. He accepts it that he is scared not for himself but for his family. She says nothing can happen to us till you are with us. Plus you always say that one should not shy away from their responsibility.

However Animesh was but Krati was still proud of her husband. Their paths were tough but they were together. they had faith that truth wins in the end.

The kids want to go with his dad. You had promised a movie and dinner tonight. You always do this. Animesh tells them to be quiet. Krati agrees to take them with them. We will eat Chinese after our meeting. The kids refuse. We don’t want to go if papa doesn’t want to take us with him.

Animesh meets the minister. He briefs them about the situation. On the other hand, two goons enter Circuit House. They kill the domestic helpers and Animesh’s kids later on. Animesh requests the minister to do something on the matter.

Animesh and Krati return home. They know that their kids will be upset with them for missing the dinner. They enter inside and are shocked to see everyone lying dead. Animesh feels that he did the wrong thing. He recalls Akshay’s complains. My kids never got to know how much I love them. Krati denies. They knew it. Animesh is angry with himself for leaving his kids behind. Why dint I listen to them! They both are crying. Animesh holds out his hand for Krati. They commit suicide.

Present: They couldn’t take it that their kids died because of their stubbornness. They couldn’t save their kids. They don’t want to hurt anyone. They just look after the kids. They have made it a motto of their life to save all the kids. They died for their kids so they couldn’t let any kid die because of them. It is shown that Krati and Animesh were actually saving that kid (from the first scene) from some goons. Secondly, they pulled Rukhsana and Faizal as the bricks were going to fall on them. They were also saving Rukhsana from falling that night from the balcony. The kids (Faizal and Rukhsana) were really scared initially but then Animesh and Krati told them their story. They convinced the kids to stay back in that house.

Next morning, Faizal and Rukhsana confess to their parents that they were only lying. Samar says I was right. The kids smile secretively at each other. They get up to go as they have to leave for school. Tasneem goes out to wave at her kids but notices them waving at some other side.

Krati and Animesh were waiting for a society where no kid is harmed. Their Talash will stay alive through all those kids who will get to meet them in life.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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