Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with 9-month leap. Ragini in a new improved avatar talks about 9-month leap and says life can change even in 9 seconds. Sunny come and clashes with her. She asks her to continue her work. Naani comes says flowers have not arrived yet. She says he will bring it as he is likes to serve the family. She tells it is special day of Nishi. Neil is seen coming out of his car holding flowers and rings door bell. Ragini opens door and smiles Their romantic talks start. She then wakes up from her imagination and sees Aman standing. He says she has come way ahead in 9 months, etc. Sunny tells Ragini that she is sad. Ragini says this is her life now. Naani asks her about Neil and she says she does not care where he is.

In America, Neil takes a lady on date to restaurant. She says he agreed for a date after 9 months. He says called her for a reason, calls suhani and tells he wants he to take Suhani’s tuition. She says she thought he wanted to date her. He says he worked hard 9 months for this day. she agrees to teach Suhani and leaves. suhani thanks Neil and says she cannot believe he convinced teacher and asks how did he do. He says he can do anything for his children. They converse and she says he is world’s best dad.

Aman and Ragini reach Jignesh and Nishi’s home along with Dimpy and Karan’s restaurant and they take selfie with them. Aman proposes her to marry him. She says she will but wants Arav to come out of jail first. He murmurs he knew it. She asks what does he mean. He says nothing.

Nishi and Jignesh discuss names about their would be child. Karan suggests one name and Dimpy says he should stop suggesting weird names like him. Nishi starts taunting Jignesh and seems unhappy about her marriage. Ragini sees that and thinks of speaking to

Precap: Ragini asks Nishi to behave with Jignesh and understand him. Nishi asks why did not she understand dad then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pallavi plz don’t mind me saying this coz I luvv you but this is utterly foolish… I mean u were getting a second chance with handsome Neil but u had to let your EGO get ahead of u… plz don’t mimf me I luvv u though.

  2. I still can’t understand, if the “Babu-bhai” shot dead the girl, then why did Arav go to jail?
    Secondly, Neil says that we would fight the case to High court, and Ragni says that where would this end? You would take it to Supreme court? And, prevents Neil from doing anything. The very next moment she accuses Neil for not doing enough.
    This is my first TVV show from Balaji that I’ve been watching; and my reaction is poor scripting with no oversight. I guess Jitu’s kids are making more money than they can handle.

  3. Um I think bcoz he shot that goon and he also threatened to kill ranbor and was gonna suicide idonno its weird … I was like so happy wen dey showed niel bringing flowers and den wen dey showed dat she’s marrying aman I was like aggghhhh really

  4. Why on earth has the kid gone to jail or wherever couldn’t they check that the gangster shot the bullet don’t they check all that the story no longer makes sense it’s clear to every single person that they r just stretching the serial to make some money out of advertisements.

  5. Sunny I’m just as 🙁 as u ar, ova the whole mattr wit Ragini an Neil. AND pls Neil, stop the proposin its neva gonna happen, why ar u being a little puppy tats lost his bone!!!!!! Ragini will always b Neil’s an u knw the relationship so why can’t u find urself a nice woman an settle down ?????? Ther can’t b only a Ragini for u????? She has children an her family u need a single woman to start ur family????? Yes !!!! An that story wit the son goin to jail ???? It was just another excuse to separate Neil an Ragini (stupid))) because tat boy was not guilty !!!!!!!! Wat crap writer!!!!!

  6. How do such incompetent people get the job as a writer for such a high profile serial?

  7. Best serial

  8. Best of Best

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