Choti Sardarni 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher and Jagga get a text from each other

Choti Sardarni 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yuv video calls Param. Param tells him Jagga and Meher fought. Amrita hears this. Yuvi says this can’t happen.
Meher cries. She recalls what happened. Harleen says to Sarab I told you not to bring Kulwant here. I was insulted in front of my friends. Kulwant and her cheap son. SArab says I know you are hurt. It was wrong. But family is family.

Kulwant comes home with Jagga. Jeeto says mummy ji I am your cane from today. She says shut up. She takes off her glasses and says I can see everything. Ginni says we all prayed for you. Rana says we didn’t even eat. Jagga goes inside in anger. Sarab looks at MEher upset. Meher cries and says Veer ji loved me a lot. I thought he loves me the most. He’s a good human. It was my mistake all this happened. He was my God. Whatever I am is because of him. I shouldn’t have shouted. SArab says it wasn’t your mistake. Those were just circumstances. Sarab says when Jagga thinks with cool mind he will realize everything and come running here to you. Everything would be okay by tomorrow. He hugs Meher.

Scene 2
The next morning. Jagga looks at his phone and says Meher didn’t even text. Kulwant says you didn’t sleep? You were massaging my feet all night. He says I was looking for my heaven. It’ beneath your feet. You are more than God. She says don’t make me cry. In 2 days Meher didn’t say anything to Harleen. Jagga says it’s not Meher’s mistake. She’s innocent. Kulwant says you were a father to her. She misbehaved with you. It was her money speaking. Jagga says she was always worried for me. Kulwant says don’t burn your heart. She makes him sleep.

Meher gets a call. It’s a promotion call. She thought it’s Jagga. Meher gets upset. Sarab says I told you everything would be okay. Meher says he never stayed this mad at me ever.

Yuvi comes home. Yuvi and Amrita come home. Everyone hugs him. They all wish him happy birthday. Jagga says I am sorry to Amrita. He says I should have said it before. I missed you every moment. I am sorry I missed you so much but didn’t call. Forgive me. She hugs him. Amrita says I missed you every moment. He says promise me you will never leave me again. Amrita says I won’t.

Param video calls Yuvi and says time to start formula one. Param comes singing happy birthday Yuvi in front of Meher. Jagga sees Meher on the vid3e. Param says Meher mama, I am coming. Meher and SArab see each other on video. They don’t say anything. Jagga hangs up. Meher comes to her room. Param says why didn’t you talk to Jagga mama? She says he didn’t. Yuvi says to Jagga you should have. You are elder. Param called me bat ball. But I didn’t mind, he is my younger brother. Param says one day Yuvi nudged me still I didn’t fight with him because he’s my big brother. Family is world. Meher leaves. Yvui says time for next plan. They will agree.

Scene 3
Meher packs a gift for Yuvi. Sarab says go there please. It’s Yuvi’s birthday. Sarab says please go for Yuvi. Meher says I won’t go there until Jagga calls me. Please drop Param there for Yuvi’s birthday.

Meher gets a text from Jagga we are planning some surprise for Yuvi. Meet me behind the bus stop. Jagga gets a text from Meher congrats on Yuvi’s birthday. Meet me at the bus stop. We have to plan a surprise for Yuvi. Jagga runs and says I am coming Meher. Everyone prepares for the birthday. Amrita asks Jagga where are you going? He says Meher called me to meet you to plan Yuvi’s birthday. Everyone is shocked.

Sarab says see I told you he will call you. Everything would be okay. He holds Meher’s hand and says I told you everything would change today. Sarab kisses Meher’s face and says please smile once before I leave. Meher says bye. He says then a small kiss? She says bye. He says okay then in the evening I will get smile, kiss, and a hug. Meher looks at him and says no.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher comes to meet Jagga. She says I am sorry. She comes running to him and hugs him. Jagga is stabbed from the back. He falls down. Meher screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Samaila

    This is where Jagga dies, and Meher will be blamed. RIP Jagga and Feeling sorry for Meher.

  2. I must say…the writers really set the stage for the twist. This will be the biggest challenge Meher and Sarab will face. It will be interesting to see how everything unfolds and how accurate all the spoilers are!

  3. It was really sad at the end where the writers showed us the last good memory we will have of Meher and Sarab prior to where things take a turn for the worst. Here’s hoping they reunite post leap quickly!

    1. You have to wait 5 or 10 Years of Leap.It is sad because Harleen could brainwash everyone. IT is like writters dont want this couple together.

  4. They should of killed Kulwant, Harleen or Robbie, these 3 are trouble makers!

    1. So true! How is it that the actual villains get away with murder (figuratively and literally!)? I don’t know why the writers keep picking on Mehrab and testing their relationship in such extreme ways. I’m also partial because their chemistry and humour is what I look forward to the most. I feel like post leap it’s going to be so sad with them apart.

    2. This is how it almost always us with hindi tv serials. Never an end to evil winning that the story is so distorted and eventually viewer becomes frustrated and stop watching. I stopped watching several serials because of this. I dont understand why serials have to dragged on and on.

  5. Is anyone else concerned about the writers dragging the story of Jagga’s murder for too long like they did with Manav/Vikram Diwan? I’m also concerned about how it sounds like there will be too many kids on the show after the leap.

  6. Nilria Muñoz

    This is so stupid…..I’ll stop watching this series 😕 😕

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