Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 37

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Episode starts with….

“Ridhima, please come out of the washroom. I need to take a shower. I am feeling all stinky and if I don’t shower right now, I might feel dizzy. Come out fast, how much time do you need to take your shower?” Vansh speaks out annoyingly while standing right in front of the closed bathroom door since last 25 minutes.

When he doesn’t get any reply, he growls and turns around. He finds some files on the t-poi and goes towards that. He quickly takes the file and inspects it.

“Oh! ‘Fine Arts’, I think it belongs to Ridhima and she named it such. Guess what is inside this.” He says and decides to check inside.

“Ridhima, I am glancing your file okay.” He says loudly so that Ridhima can hear him. When he gets no response he scoffs and opens the file.

His eyes wide open by seeing the sight in front of him. There were beautiful  arts on the papers inside the file. Most beautifully drawn with elegant colors and meaningful themes. He got surprised to see them and immediately reached out to the next page. Every design is unique and impressive. He himself fell in love with them.

He then sighed thinking that Ridhima made them all because he knew the market value of such arts. It’s in millions. As soon as he completed looking at all the paintings he fished out his phone and dialed someone.

“Mr.Raj! Can you please connect me with Mrs.Sengupta, the leading art designer?” He said rather enthusiastically.

“Yes sir.” He heard the reply and cut the call off.

“Vansh.” He flinches back and dashes something…someone.

“Arghh.” Ridhima shouts as she stumbles backward and is about to fall. Vansh immediately catches her by her waist while the file in his tosses up causing the papers fall.

He looks at her as she closes her eyes in fear of falling. Her shampooed hair, pretty eyes, sharp nose, luscious lips. All the features were glowing making her more angelic.

When he founds her struggling, he immediately makes her stand and moves back. She opens her eyes and looks around in shock.

“What’s wrong with you, Vansh? Why were you shouting that loud? Anyways, what have you done to this file?” She snorts irritatedly while picking the papers together. Vansh also helps her in collecting the papers and bundles them into the file.

“Ridhima, Can I take these arts?” He asks while closing the zip of the file.

“Y-Yeah if you want to then take them.” She says while giving him a confusion look.

“No, I want to buy the copyrights of these arts under your name.” He says while making her sit on the bed.

“Copyrights! but why?” She asks while pulling her wet locks front.

“You know what Ridhima? All these arts of yours worth about some millions. It has a lot of value in the market. With these hundreds of designs of yours we can create an exhibition for you. People will be invited and they will buy them.” Vansh says while gesturing his hands to make his point clear.

“But why will people even buy them?” She says rather surprised.

“Because they are worth it. Anyways, I have talked with my manager and she will design your contract. Once you sign that contract we will start with our exhibition process. It will be very useful in promoting our company too.” He says while holding her hands.

“I am so happy for you, Vansh. If they are that useful for you then I will make few more also.” She says while caressing his cheeks.

“And you will be paid for them too.” He says while holding her other hand. She furrows her eyebrows in confusion.

“As you have given the copyrights of these pictures, you will be getting some advance first. After the conduction of the exhibition you will be received with the 50% share of the money. Please respect my decision of being professional” He says and she smiles.

“You know what Vansh, I don’t want to have that money. I am already in search of my jobs.” She says and gets up from the bed.

“Please Ridhima, it is actually your talent that should be paid. I want to contribute myself with you.” He says while pulling her onto his laps. She gasps at him and strokes his hair.

“Ok-Ok, I will take that money. Now leave me so that I can dry my hair.” She says and tries to get up. He chuckles before leaving her and grabs out his phone.

“Transfer the funds to her account now.” He demands on the phone and cuts the line.

Ridhima’s phone beeps with an notification just in few seconds and he chuckles. She stands in front of the mirror and is drying her hair.

“Ridhima, first come and check your phone. You got some notification.” Vansh says and gets up with some nervousness.

“wait I will just…..Oh my goddd! 50 millions..! Vansh, are you serious? You gave me 50 millions for those arts?” She asks while showing her phone towards him.

“Congratulation Ridhima, even I do’t about the that money. I just asked them to calculate the money according to the market value only. You deserve this Ridhima. I am proud of you.” He says with a huge grin. Tears fill Ridhima’s eyes and she starts to weep.

Shocked, Vansh moves towards her and grabs her into his embrace while she laces her hands around his torso. He rubs his hands on her back to calm her down. After sometime she moves back and wipes her tears away.

“Indeed I am happy Vansh. I feel as if I have created my own identity like I always wanted to. I never thought about the money but the respect is all I wanted. And now, I will be donating this amount to the orphanage where I have lived.” She says and looks at her phone with a smile.

“Which orphanage Ridhima?” He asks with a smile.

“St. Catherine trust.” Ridhima says with a smile at him. She already learnt that Vansh funds that trust as a honor of his father. Vansh gasps on listening her.

He opens his mouth to speak but fails to let the words come out. He is beyond happy to know that the orphanage where Ridhima lived is the one he always had funded.

“R-Ridhima you know about…..He stops when she places her lips on his. They didn’t move an inch and stayed numb. It was to shower all the respect and love she has on him. He drew her more closer to him by placing his arms around her. They pulled back and connected their foreheads together. Tears flow from Vanhs’s eyes drenching his cheeks along with Ridhima’s bare back. She frowns at him and wipes the tears away.

“We were connected since childhood, Vansh. I am here because of you. Destiny do exists and practically in our lives, Vansh. I love you.” She says and lightly pecks his lips.

“I-I… I am going to shower.” He says and tries to go to the washroom but she snatches his collar and holds him tight. He gasps at her action.

“I know you are trying to avoid the confession but remember that your wife is Ridhima. I can do anything. I will make you say those three words too. Coward much haa??” She says while racing her forefinger along his jaw line.

She chuckles and pushes him back and he immediately rushes into the washroom.

“I will definitely make you confess your feelings, Vansh.” She says with a smirk on her face.


“Stop here, I will walk myself.” Meera says and Sampath stops the car. He looks around and finds everything dark.

“I will drop you to your house, Meera.” He says while turning towards her.

“Hah! It’s ok, I will go.” She says and tries to open the door but Sampath removes his seatbelt before leaning towards her and stopping  her from getting down.

“S…Sampath, What…Move.” She says while heaving heavily due to his proximity.

“Sorry, I-I just wanted to…I will leave.” He says while moving back. Meera gasps at him.

He moves back and immediately opens his door. He runs towards her door and opens it. Meera immediately gets down and he closes the door. They both fall in an awkward silence.

‘Please, let me come with you. I want it so badly.’ He thinks while rubbing the back of his neck.

‘Should I call him? Driving at this hour is dangerous? Is it wrong to allow him to stay in my flat’ She thinks while playing with her fingers.

Sighing in discontent he turns back and walks near his car. He opens his door and finally looks at her.



“It is not safe to drive this late. Y-You come with me and c-can stay in my flat.” She says while fidgeting with her fingers.

He stops at his spot being surprised and shocked. He felt lack of confidence to speak. His eyes widen.

“A-Are you okay? It’s fine if you are uncomfortable….

Before she could continue, he closes the car’s door and grabs his keys while locking the car and comes towards her with a huge grin.

“Let’s go.” He chuckles with huge grin.

Meer and shakily and walks ahead.  Sampath looks at her while walking along with her in awe. Meera notices his gaze and locks her hair strands to the back of her ear being nervous.

As they are walking towards a building, Sampath frowned when he notices two people at the gate staring at Meera. Immediately he moves closer to her and intertwines their hands. Meera gets shocked at looks at him and finds him looking forward.

She follows his gaze and gasps when she found two men staring at them. And then she realized that he was all possessive about her. She mentally chuckled at his childish action.

“Don’t worry, they call me ‘Sister’.” She says and his grip around her loosens. He looks at her and then smiles sheepishly while she gives him a frown.

They reach the lift and she presses 9th floor. There was an eerie of silence between them. After some time they get out of the lift and walk towards the corner of the floor.

Meera takes the keys from the flower pot in front of the flat’s door and opens the door. She enters in and waits for him to enter. He follows her and she closes the door.

He looks around the flat and finds it cozy and comfortable. The interiors are very simple and the things are well arranged. Meera always keeps things neatly.

“Sit here, I will bring coffee for us.” She says while heading towards the kitchen.

“I want a black coffee with..

“With two spoons of sugar and less milk. I know it Sampath.” She turns back and scoffs at him being annoyed. He walks to her being amused.

“You remember?” He says with a huge grin.

“What to do? Human brain always remembers the unwanted shit in it.” She grins and enters the kitchen.

His smile drops as he gets sad at her words. He tries to control himself and moves to the balcony. The view around was so scintillating for him. He heaved before pocketing his phone out and scrolling in it.

He calls Shruthi when he founds her missed calls. He leans forward on the railings when the call is connecting with her.

Meera looks around to see where he is and heaves when she finds him in the balcony. She immediately takes the cups out and starts the coffee machine.

‘I shouldn’t have called him as a shit.’ She thinks while patting her head angrily.

She immediately fills the cup with the coffee as wanted and takes the tray with her towards the balcony.

“Hey beautiful.” Sampath chirps as soon as the call connects. Meera stops at her place hearing him.

“Sorry I couldn’t take you calls. I was busy in some work. Are you okay, Shruthi?” He sys and phone and Meera’s grip on the tray tightens on the mention of her name.

“I said I am sorry na Shruthi, I will not repeat this again.” He says on the call. Meera bits her bottom lip to control her emotions. She slowly walks towards him and places the tray on the stool beside him.

He notices her presence and sits on the chair. He takes the coffee cup and tastes it.

“Hmmm.” He moans at the taste of it. Meera smiles inwardly at his reaction.

“It’s okay rey! I will call you later.” He says on the phone. Meera walks towards the railings and leans towards it. Her heart is aching badly hearing him talk with someone who had a crush on him. She wanted to not care about his personal life but she couldn’t because she loved him and probably still loves him.

“Miss you too.” With that he cuts the call and takes another sip of the coffee. She closes her eyes in pain hearing him say those words. He misses Shruthi? What about her then? Did he miss her in these eight years?

“Coffee tastes splendid. It tastes the same.” He says and stands besides her looking at the sight in front of them.

“Some things have changed, Sampath. Terribly changed.” She heaves looking away.

“They might but something’s will always remain the same even if you want them to change.” He says while looking at her.

“Do you really think everything will stay same even if you ruined them?” She asks while turning towards him.

“I never wanted to run them Meera.” He says while looking at the coffee cup in his hand.

“But it is ruined now.” She scoffs angrily at him while pushing the tears back.

“Meera, I know. You are very hurt because of me. I know that you have bared a lot in the past eight years. I know you hate me right now. But Meera, I didn’t do anything intentionally. I was forced because of the situations.” He says while trying to look at her.

“Forced? How dare you say that? You were forced to leave me? Do you know what, all these years I was living like a corpse. I was not having any hope to continue my life. You left me without even informing me. I waited for you….I waited much long that you would come back to me. No, you didn’t. You broke me into pieces that I am tired to collect together. You killed the hopes I had on love. You killed the trust I had on our relationship. The memories you gave me once haunted me. I also tried to kill myself. I hated myself to trust you. I hated you very much. I cursed myself for letting me go weak for you. You owned every inch of my body. You had my everything with you and you left without informing me.” She cried out loudly while holding his collar tightly. He panics on seeing her cry. He knows that he was the one who is making her go through the pain she is having right now.

“I know that it was all because of me that our relation got ruined. But even I had suffered a lot in these years Meera. I know I messed u everything but at last I was the one who got messed up completely. I had left living years back. It was hard for me to even breathe. I missed you very much. But now, I will try my best to get things well. I want you Meera. I can’t live anymore without you. I lo….

“I hate you.” Saying this she moves back from him. He freezes at her words.

“Hate?” He says while looking at her.

“I don’t’ want you.” She says while looking away.

“You still love me.” He says while grabbing her towards him.

“I don’t.” She whispers while closing her eyes.

“Look into my eyes and say.” He says while bringing her close to him.

“I don’t.” She says while opening her eyes and looking into his. Tears flow from her eyes which were in deep pain. She still loves him immensely but she is not ready to accept him after all he did to her.

“I am leaving again. It’s no meaning to live when the person hates you.” He says while caressing her cheeks and she gasps.

He moves back from her with a weak smile. He wipes his tears away and walks out of the balcony.

Meera falls on her knees and starts crying as soon as she hears the front door getting closed. She cries out loudly remembering him and his memories. The way he was hurt due to her. The way he said that he is leaving.

She wipes her tears away when she hears someone calling her.

It’s Sampath.

She lifts the call and moves towards the railings of the balcony. She finds him standing down at the gate in front of his car.

“Meera, pack your bags and we are leaving to Singapore tomorrow.” She heard him speak and gets shocked.

“Singapore?” She shouts in confusion.

“We are having a meeting so you should come along with me. Pack your things for 15 days. I have arranged your stuff for the flights so no need to worry. Tomorrow morning, my driver will pick you up at 8am and we will move.” She heard him say and frowns.

“What made you believe that I will come with you?” She grits out.

“You should, as you are my PA and remember you have signed the contract for one long year. If you want to resign your job, then pay 10 millions to me and leave. If not then pack your things for the trip.” She scowls when she heard him smirk.

“Asshole.” She shouts while looking at him and he chuckles loudly.

“Anything to make you mine.” Saying this he leaves in his car. Meera watches as he watches him leave.

Turning back she looks around the house and starts packing with a heave.


“Wakey…Wakey, Hubby.” Ridhima says while shoving her sleeping husband.

“Five minutes please.” He says while crawling more into the duvet.

“Not anymore Vansh, it’s late now and we should start leaving. Your sisters are hell bent on being on time.” She says while leaning towards him.

“They never get ready this soon for their colleges.” He mutters in his sleep.

“Please Vansh, wake up and get ready.” She says while pulling the duvet back.

“Arghh.” Ridhima shouts when Vansh pulls her towards him and she falls on his chest.

“Leave me, you are stinking.” She says while scrunching her nose.

“Do I?” Vansh says while sniffing his clothes.

“Eww, you are disgusting.” Ridhima shouts at his actions.

He immediately pulls her beneath him and hovers over her. He starts tickling his fingers on her waist.

“Hahaha…Hahahah..Please…l-leave mee.” She shouts in between her laughters.

“Am I disgusting?” He says while tickling her.

“Y-Yeah…..No…no..” She says while trying to move away.

“Give me a kiss.” He says and stops tickling her. Ridhima’s eyes widen at his demand.

“You just woke up and want me to kiss you?” She asks annoyed.

“Give or I will tickle you.” He says while threatening her with his fingers.

“No,  I will give you.” She says and moves towards him. She holds his face and kisses him…..on his cheek.

“Get ready and come fast.” She runs before he could react to her actions.

“Ridhima….”He shouts and chuckles when she shuts the door close.

“I will punish you for this.” HE mutters before going to the shower.


“Shampoo.” Ishani shouts while looking at the paper in his hand and a pen in other.

“Check.” Sanjana shouts while looking into their luggage.





“Sun screen lotion.”


“Ishu di, it’s third time now. Everything is packed well and no need to worry. We can buy it later too.” Siya says while bringing her nags down.

“Actually I was just nervous and there is nothing wrong in checking again” Ishani says while looking at the luggage.

“Okay, I have packed everything now. It’s just us to get ready. Vansh bhai, come down fast….”Sanjana shouts while looking upstairs.

Meera enters the house just then and looks around to find anyone. Ishani and Sanjana look at her and get confused.

“Meeraaa.” Everyone gasp when Ridhima comes to her and hugs her. Meera chuckles at her and hugs her back.

“Oh! So you are Meera! Sampath Bhai told us that you will be joining us. Welcome to the crew.” Sanjana shouts and hugs her too.

“By the way I am Sanjana. You can call me Sanju. I am Sampath’s sister.” She whispers near her ear.

Meera gets happy and hugs her close.

“Nice to meet you Sanju.” She says and moves back.

“Ahem! I am the one and only Ishani, sister of Sampath and Vansh Bhai.” Ishani says and hugs her next.

“Yes! She is the only piece of shit ever exists.” Sanjana mocks Ishani and everyone chuckle.

“Nice to meet you Ishani.” Meera says and moves back.

“I am Siya, youngest of all.” Siya says and hugs her.

“You are the most pampered kid right?” Meera asks and Siya nods in amusement.

“Well, I am very exited now.” Ridhima says and everyone nod.

Meera looks around to find him but doesn’t see.

“Ah! Sampath Bhai already left for the airport. We should hurry now.” Sanjana says and they sigh.

“I am in.” Vansh says while coming down. All the three girls shout in unison before hugging him.

“I think we can leave now.” Vansh says while hugging Ridhima.

“Good morning, sir.” Meera greets Vansh.

“No need to call me as sir, Meera. It’s fine you can call me as Vansh.” He chuckles and she nods.

“Are you all ready?” Ishani shouts and everyone chuckle at her.

And ladies and gentlemen, don’t miss the upcoming episodes. These people are going on a unique trip. You will get to see a roller coaster ride of their fun and emotions. I hope you people are equally waiting for them. Keep loving.

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