Mere Sai 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhika finds discrepencies in the bill

Mere Sai 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Vinayak telling Shripad to go to the godown to overlook the work of transporting some sacks. Things become auspicious after your touch. Radhika and Shripad smile. She goes inside to give medicine to her FIL.

Radhika tells her FIL that she will bring food for him but he tells her that he feels sleepy after taking this medicine. Bring it afterwards. She says even our neighbor in Bombay had this problem but he was fit and working after taking the medicine. Vinayak is listening to their convo. His father shares that he had to take early retirement from work because of his illness. I don’t know how we would have managed it if wasn’t for Vinayak. He notices Vinayak at the door. Vinayak changes his expressions and speaks to his father about some paperwork. He tells Vinayak to manage it himself. You would know better. Vinayak agrees and leaves. He stops for a second and eyes Radhika curiously before walking away.

Manas tells Sai about the lesson taught in his class yesterday. I memorized everything when I was at home but I forgot it today. Sai smiles. It is because you were trying to mug it up. Try to understand things / concepts and then you will never be able to forget them. Manas asks Sai about Divya Drishti (farsightedness). Saia asks him till where he can see. Manas tells him. Sai shares that every ordinary man can see up to a limit. The one who can look beyond it has Divya Drishti. He can look anywhere any time. Manas says can one have Divya Drishti today too. Sai nods. Everyone can get it by praying to one God – education (Ma Saraswati). It makes one see and understand everything.

Radhika watches her FIL go to sleep. Is this medicine so important? He wont be able to do anything otherwise? She thinks of Sai. Everything in this house is so good yet I feel something is just not right. She looks at the bottle curiously.

Sai is collecting alms in Shirdi when he hears a father crying for help. Sai asks a lady to bring the dhatura flower from her garden. She gives it to Sai. Sai goes to help a kid. His parents are crying for help. Sai asks him what happened to their son. His father shares that the kid was playing in jungle. He might have eaten a wild fruit by mistake. The poison is spreading. Do something please. Sai asks the kid’s mother to bring water in a bowl. We will dip his feet in it. She nods. Sai takes out the flower from his bag. She brings water in a big container and dips the feet of her son in it with her husband’s help. Sai grinds the dhatura using his hands. They get worried as Sai asks them to open their son’s mouth. It is a poisonous flower. Sai says Shradda and Saburi. They comply with his wish. Sai drops the drops of dhatura flower in the kid’s mouth. His body becomes normal again. Deepu’s parents are relieved. He tells Sai he is feeling better now. Deepu’s mother gives him water. Sai asks Deepu to take out his feet. Everyone is shocked to see that the water has turned blue. Deepu’s parents thank Sai for saving their son. Sai blesses them.

Shripad it in the godown. He asks Ankush (a helper) about the cart. Ankush says it will come anytime. Radhika comes there with food for him. He says you could have sent someone. She says how would I have gotten the pleasure of seeing you eat then. He smiles. To be honest, I wanted you to come with food as I have seen many wives bring food for their husbands at work. They sit down to eat. Did you give medicine to Baba? She nods. He says he is very good. It isn’t because he is my Baba but because he is a nice man. He deserves to be looked after. She assures him that she will do her best. Don’t you find it weird that he retired so early because of his illness. Shripad says Bhaiya took over everything. He has even arranged for Baba’s medicine and brings it every time. Radhika gets curious. Shripad shares that the Vaid’s name is Divakar. He does not live in town and sends the medicines through Dada always. She wonders which Vaid isn’t willing to check his own patient. You believe in Sai then why don’t you go to him? Shripad says Dada says that we go to Sai for everything anyways. We are capable of paying money for the medicine so why not. Sai helps people for free. She finds it all fishy.

Radhika offers to do it instead. Ankush hands her the money and receipt. She stands behind the cart to count is and match the balance. It says 90 on the receipt but I have 150 in cash. Is it too much? She checks with the guy who has come to collect the sacks. The guy says Seth ji has counted the money for 50 sacks. She thinks receipt says 30 sacks. How do I tell them that this is wrong and I know how to count?

Sorab ji thanks Keshav for bringing food for him every day. Why though? Keshav says serving you is like looking after Sai. Sorab ji smiles. Shireen is right. This place and people are nice but Yasdeen cannot be treated here. They hear Shireen shouting worriedly for help and run inside to check. Yasdeen is having a seizure again. Keshav assures Sorab ji that Sai will treat her in no time. Sorab ji says He wont be able to do it. I have heard that things and people improve the moment they see Sai. Keshav says it is Sai who will decide when it will be done. Sorab ji asks him what kind of God they have who will take their own time to treat his patient. He asks his wife to pack their bags. Shireen repeats his promise but Sorab ji goes to get a cart. Keshav runs to inform Sai.

Sai stops in hi tracks worriedly and heads in the opposite direction.

Radhika gives receipt and money to Vinayak. She is hesitant about the calculations. Shripad asks her if she has put all the sacks. She nods. She asks Vinayak to check the receipt again. My Baba always checks it twice or thrice. Vinayak says I have done it. You can check if you want. Shripad says it isn’t necessary. Vinayak asks Radhika to go home. Shripad and I will come later. She leaves reluctantly.

Precap: Radhika asks Keshav about Divakar Vaid. Keshav says I haven’t heard this name before. My Baba is the leader of the town yet we haven’t heard of any Vaid by this name. He leaves. Sai smiles in Dwarkamai.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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