Choti Sardarni 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Harleen welcomes Meher home

Choti Sardarni 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher opens her eyes. Yuvi comes out and says Meher bua is alive. Everyone is shocked. Everyone thinks he is lying. Everyone is crying. Sanjana rushes inside. Meher is given oxygen. Param hugs her. Sanjana tells everyone Meher is alive. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Sanjana takes Param to his bed. Sarab reaches the hospital. Everyone claps for him and welcomes him. Param asks to lie next to Meher. Sarab comes in and kisses Param. Sarab kisses Meher’s forehead. He holds Meher’s hand. Meher takes off her mask. Meher says you thought I would leave you this easily? Sarab says I won’t ever let you go anywhere. Sarab says I always respected you. You’re close to God to me now. Your truthfulness, everything is unmatched. Meher caresses Param’s face. Everyone smiles. Sarab says you are the lioness. Kulwant says she’s my daughter afterall. Kulwnt says it’s time to celebrate only now.

Scene 2
Harleen picks the call and says everyone, Param, Meher and Sarab are coming home. She has arranged a celebration function. Harleen says you’re wearing purple? Harleen says it’s Meher’s favorite. Meher has done something that will make me respect her forever. Meher and Param are coming home after a month.

Param, Meher and Sarab go to the temple first. Sarab says Meher careful. Come I will pick you. Meher says it would look odd. Sarab says I was saying to Param. Meher laughs. Param says I will take care of you now. Like on this wet floor, you have to walk carefully. Sarab slips himself. Meher and Param laugh. The janitor says they look smart already. You better take care of yourself. Sarab says I won’t say anything. Meher says you’re speechless. He says I am lion. Meher says cockroach. Sarab runs. Meher laughs. Param says why are you both laughing? Sarab says because God has made our life happy again. Sarab says let’s go. Careful.

Kulwant gives interview to the reporters. They ask if Meher was scared. Meher says she is my daughter. I thought her to risk her life for others. I have asked them to be honest. Bitu and Rana help. Kulwant says I would make the whole Punjab brave like Meher. She says this interview should be on front page. Kulwant says print Meher and my photo together. Kulwant says this will help me with elections.

Scene 3
Meher and Sarab come home. Param says wow everything is decorated. I am coming home after a month. Why is no one welcoming us? Flowers sprinkle on them. A red carpet unrolls. Everyone comes to hugs them. They welcome them home. Harleen comes and makes Meher wear garland. She hugs her. Meher is shocked. Sarab smiles. Meher says thank you di. Harleen hugs Param. Dolly says Harleen has arranged everything. Harleen says Meher is the power of this house. God takes our test. It’s been a month that we were in trouble. We thought life was movnig away from us. I was going away from God. I know how much have I prayed all this month. I am so grateful that God has sent us his strength in our house. It’s Meher. She smiles.

Precap-Harleen passes money on Meher and Param. The transgender says you didn’t pass money on the second child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Looks like Harleen still can’t get over her issues with Meher!

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    It was kind of boring episode for me… Anyway harleen behaviour is still confusing… ANd hope kulwant truth come out fast

  3. I know one day meher’s lover or sarab’s wife will be back .and new drama will start .

    1. if that happens then its time to stop watching

  4. it’s odd but I like kulwant she is manipulative conniving and she do all d wrong things as she want d best for her children I also find her funny without her it will b a bit boring today episode wasn’t on par enjoyed d scene where meher and Sarah were teasing each other.i want d story line of meher kidnap solved and know who’s behind it.hopefully harleen accept meher now and d yuvi and param

  5. I really love this show it’s very entertaining. Maher and Sarah are meant for each other.

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