Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Aaliya hinders Abhi and Pragya’s communication

Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Sanju to keep pen away from Rhea’s neck and get down from the car fast. Sanju gets down and runs away. Abhi comes there and stops his car. He hugs Rhea. Aaliya tells Abhi that Sanju kept knife on Rhea’s neck and told that he will not leave her, as her dad is after him. Abhi says it is my mistake to leave him. Aaliya asks him not to ignore his family for Prachi and says they will handle their problem. Abhi says both Rhea and Prachi are daughters to him. He leaves with Rhea. Meera gets concerned seeing Rhea and asks what happened to you. Meera says she has fallen down. Abhi says Meera had medicine of Prachi’s mum. Vikram, Pallavi and beeji come there with Ranbir. Vikram asks if he went early from the café and asks why is he sad? Abhi says let it be…Beeji tells that she likes Prachi and felt like a family union. Pallavi says we had a blast and says now we got another family. Ranbir says I was there to meet her mum and got a pleasant surprise seeing them all. Vikram tells Abhi that you would have come too. Rhea gets upset and goes. They leave. Vikram asks Abhi if he met his wife. Abhi says I couldn’t meet her. He comes to room and thinks Aaliya saved Rhea today from Sanju and thinks he took all his peace.

Sarita behen, Prachi, Pragya and Shahana come home. Sarita behen says they didn’t show attitude and didn’t make us feel that we are middle class and poor. Prachi asks what happened to her. Pragya says nothing. Sarita behen calls Pragya and asks if she didn’t meet him. Pragya says he might be busy and got stuck in work. Sarita behen says when you understand him then why you are upset. Pragya says heart gets sad when she couldn’t meet him. She says she wanted to meet him. Abhi messages purab to send Pragya’s number. Purab is in the bathroom and Aaliya checks the message. She thinks to send wrong number as Pragya’s number and sends her own number which she don’t use. She thinks I will not pick the call and bhai will think Pragya is not picking the call. She sends the number from Purab’s number. She then comes to Abhi’s room and thinks to save Pragya’s number with some other name and block it, so that whenever she calls him, her call couldn’t come and Pragya shall think that he don’t want to talk to her. She picks his phone, opens the phone with the password and saves Pragya’s number as Dadi’s number and blocks it. She says Abhi will not call dadi. She thinks the message is opened so I have to resent it. She resends the number. Abhi comes to his room and checks Purab’s message. He calls on that number which is saved as Pragya’s number and the phone seems to be switched off. He thinks Pragya must have slept. Abhi comes to the window and thinks of Pragya. Allah wariyan plays…..

Pragya also thinks about him standing in the window. Rhea comes to Aaliya and asks what happened? Aaliya says everything is good. Rhea says I didn’t understand. She asks about Purab. Aaliya says he is in washroom. Rhea says she couldn’t sleep as pallavi and daljeet dadi’s words are echoing in her ears. She says kohli and mehra family are one. She says she don’t want Prachi’s family to unite with Kohli. She says I want Maya to disturb ranbir’s life so badly that prachi goes out of his life. She says Maya is asking money. Aaliya says she will give.

Pragya is upset with Abhi and calls Purab asking him to send Abhi’s number. Purab says you don’t want his number. Pragya says she has old number which is not working. Purab gives her number. Pragya calls his number, which rings, but the call gets disconnected. Pragya then messages Abhi that she is missing her. Abhi is sleeping in his room. Aaliya checks the message and deletes it.

Next morning, Rhea and Maya get down from the car. Rhea then asks Maya to sit in the car else someone will doubt. She calls the driver of the truck and asks him to come to her car. The truck driver says ok, comes and sits in the car. Maya asks who is he? Rhea says he is a truck driver and he will try to hit you with his truck, don’t worry if you couldn’t move then he will stop the truck. She asks the driver to be careful. She says she will bring Prachi out with someone and asks her to act seeing her as if she is committing suicide. Maya says if she doesn’t save me. Rhea says Prachi is great and will save you, even if she gets killed. She goes inside the office and asks Ranbir if he is not happy seeing her. Ranbir says it is not like that. Rhea tells him about the college trip. She brushes off the food particle from his jacket. Abhi sees that and asks who is keeping my daughter away. Ranbir says I am not…Abhi asks her to tell Juhi to bring coffee. Ranbir says ok. Abhi talks to Rhea. Rhea messages Maya that she will take Prachi out in sometime.

Prachi asks Maya if she don’t see the truck. Maya asks her to let her die. Prachi slaps her. Rhea and her friend looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Seriously??? I stopped watching cuz u cannot stand thst aliya n her dumbo mini….that’s why i read the written updates but i will stop that too…can’t even do that too….

    1. Verma4

      just save time by reading first and if any progress then watch , but I wouldn’t be holding my breath..

  2. Ooops….meant i cannot stand that

  3. The first disturbing thing that I saw was the mini-aliyah. Actually I didn’t see the mini-aliyah. I saw her lips. That you can make a comment on. Her lips are like a billboard blocking out the rest of her being and the whole world. And that top lip is just ugly. This ‘person’ does a good job of a 37 year old who partied all night and used a lot of make-up to try and disguise the fact that she is a party hound. Why use a 37 year old person to act as a ?20 year old. It doesn’t work. the rest of the production. Aliyah, like a ghost that should have been ritually cleansed out, is still there. This large version of aliyah is the easiest one to look at. Wholly unattractive with her 50 plus year old vibe, you would have hoped the character would have grown up. but no, now she is doing a literally, ‘larger’, non-expressive (her ‘expressing’ makes her look ugly), muu muu wearing, walk. Was she in Hawaii lately, to purchase the muu muu outfit? The producers need to keep the threat of vicious, malevolent, psychopathic elements as a scary threat. Ugly Aliyah was able to accomplish that. But the more than middle aged character, appears more to be an effort at some form of failed comedy. With all the treatments that the Meera character has gone through to reach where she is now, why haven’t they done something about her unusually different sized eyes? Why doesn’t the non-stop yapping ‘Prachi’ lead these old dames away to a rest home? I bet they would like their new home. they could stop wearing the plastic cakes of makeup on their faces. They would look younger without all that crap on their faces.

    1. There is no plot, no story…just a bunch of really old people with far too much make-up on, hair transplants…. my gawd, is this a story or advertising for ugly and old people to start buying surgical and other types of ‘beauty’ treatments. Try some personality transplants on your female actresses. It might even help them find themselves. Notice that ‘Pragya’ doesn’t DESPERATELY NEED a new face or body in order to do her work. Looks like Evil Kapoor’s effort to destroy Sriti Jha has failed. Instead she has just introduced us to a bunch of needy, desperate women who should be put away, garbaged or led away by the puc-puc-puc princess… into an old age home in a galaxy far far away. Again, I point out that the character Aliyah displays many of the same personality traits as Evil Kapoor. Worse, ‘Aliyah’ doesn’t really have a personality. She is simply a container of poison.

    2. Verma4

      the plot is just like when you walk on to a cricket field and tell the fielders to spread out however they like. blo*dy ridiculous. Good reply Abhi . You are right Akituster the cameraman will need a wider lens to capture those hideous lips. Sorry but Aliyah does have a personality but of a female dog. sl*t. had to ship every time Rhea came into picture . did you see how Aliyah looked when she was in Abhi’s room.

  4. Amal

    OMG ??????????????

  5. yet another Aliyah has proved that she is the best when it comes for covering up and our idiot Abhishekh believe it blindly but then he has right to believe as per what he saw what Aliyah wanted him to see

  6. the camera worked hard today, to keep mini-aliyah’s hips off of the screen. what does that tell you? LOL!!
    Mind you, whomever is running the cameras has had a lot of practise in doing the same favours for Aliyah.

  7. y always Aliya has to win everytime…Pragya dnt deserve to b with her family together,…..this series is going out of the blue…i have stop watching the series n nw i have to stop reading the update even…it so damm frustration

  8. Hey Lisa, in case you read this, I did leave a reply to your reply on the 27th. Just love ‘chatting’ with you!! : )

    1. @Akituster
      I just read what you have said and I’m replying to it in this comments section???. I know YOU ARE A GREAT FAN OF ABHIGYA???, especially PRAGYA ???but I still don’t FEEL IT WORTH TO DRAG ABHIGYA’S STORY??? for which I am giving reasons below!!???

    2. @Akituster
      I agree with you with your FACT that CASTING of Pranbir & Riya is the major MISTAKE of the makers in DUSRI PEEDI ???which is ACTUALLY diminishing the HARDWORK which ABHIGYA & PULBUL??? (as in Arjit and Mrunal) put in to give KKB its name and fame!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      But my MAJOR QUESTION is what is really LEFT IN Abhigya’s STORY too?????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      What kind of blo*dy bullshit drama is that!!!???
      This show would have really gone well if Abhigya were really a ETERNAL COUPLE and been together???, understanding each other and not fighting WITH EACH OTHER EVERY TIME!!!???
      It’s just some form of STUDPIDITY which is GLORIFIED with the ABHIGYA!!!???
      It is reasonable that show brought a new generation which is like giving a SHOW a second chance!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      But what really sucks is that with the DUSRI PEEDI is the CHOICE OF CAST which has made things WORSE!!!!????‍♀️
      Ranbir-Prachi-Riya, neither of the 3 are fit for their roles and their ACTING sucks!!!???
      Even WORSER part is their story is just a RE-ENACTION OF ABHIGYA + PULBUL’S STORY?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ where the makers are just trying HARD to BRING BACK THE FAME which Abhigya and Pulbul had given to this show!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      Unfortunately, it is NOT AT ALL WORKING ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️as you can SEE both the OLD AND NEW GENERATION are ANNOYING THE VIEWERS!!!???
      And the NEW GENERATION coz of both THE f**king STORYLINE??? and the blo*dy useless actors!!!???
      The show did make a GOOD DECISION to bring IN A NEW GENERATION if they wanted to extend it’s LIFE???,
      That is why I said it is BETTER for the show to focus on YOUNGER GENERATION?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ rather JUGGLING BETWEEN the TWO with constant hits and misses of Abhigya?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, and just kidnaps, scams and molestations with Pranbir!!!???
      It’s really blo*dy f**king shittily ANNOYING to WATCH IT EVERYDAY!!!???
      So as Sumeira had said, If the makers decide to focus on ARHANA or RISHANA??? , coz right now they are the only good looking ones and good ACTORS??? and bring in a ORIGINAL SCRIPT for them ???or maybe INTRODUCE GOOD CAST into the shoes of SUNNY AND KIARA???, then this show will SURELY PRODUCE GOOD TRPS✌✌✌.
      I really don’t think this constant HITS AND MISSES is going to HELP the show to come BACK ??? to what it used to be coz Abhigya story SHOULD HAVE BEEEN OVER?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ LONG AGO, but the makers are just dragging it UNNECESSARILY!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    3. Thing is Lisa, is that if they had improved the script for abhigya, that story didn’t need to end…in fact that story wasn’t ended. It was simply replaced by trash! So either way, abhigya was not aborted because there wasn’t any story left…of course there could have been. Fans and viewers wanted more abhigya. Their story was trashed because of Shabir’s A. jealous wife. The producers always dragged the story even with abhigya. And in my heart, it wouldn’t matter to me if KKB ended tomorrow. I have no desire to meet the actors and I am not ‘in love’, with any of the leads. I do admire Sriti Jha for her talent and natural grace. I think I was ecstatic over two boy actors, for a few weeks, when I was 12 years old. TV was an interference to my academic/athletic/arts aspirations. From my comments, especially the one’s earlier than the last six months, it would become clear that I am here, more for cultural reasons, than any other… I do enjoy the conversations. And of course I will watch simply to insure I have something to discuss. Notice I focus more on visuals and the political atmosphere. Well, ‘What to do?’, when no reasonable plot exists.
      I do accept and understand your opinion and am very glad to chat with someone who is as opinionated as I am!! ; )

    4. @Akituster
      Yeah I got you Akituster!!! ???And I never said that you are in love!!!??? I know you are a fan of Sriti Jha and adoring someone utmostly cannot be deduced as LOVE always!!!???
      But I never knew Shabbir’s wife was jealsous coz of Sriti, Whew, that’s weird!!! ???Anyways whatever it is, it’s their matter!!!???
      This show would have definitely done well, if they hadn’t made a TRASH out of Abhigya and dragged it too much and maybe just ended it well with Abhigya’s UNION!!!???
      But however we are exclaiming on the DRAWBACKS, all that is JUST FALLING ON DEAF EARS!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      Coz I feel the makers are just hell-bound to keep going with the TRASH!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      And it is indeed a pleasure for me too to read your comments and see how you too are bashing the NONSENSE SHOWN EVERYDAY???,
      but as I said, all that is just falling on deaf ears!!!???

  9. Hullo Verma4. LOL. thanks for the comment…but no room to reply, right after. … and oh yes. It was the way that aliyah looked, that prompted my cold, hard, reality based observations. Sometimes you have to wonder about ‘celebrities’. Do they start believing that they are as important as the role they play? And the fact that in their search for fame and fortune, do they realize that they are opening the door to critique and criticism regarding EVERYTHING about themselves. The one’s we ‘diss’, here in the comments, are receiving publicity, attention. Doesn’t matter if it is negative attention. All that matters is that they receive attention. They must be brave about their reel/real lives. They are judged wherever they are ‘seen’. and most of them work very hard to be ‘seen’ as often as possible. Well, the tuna-fish wasn’t brave. And mini-Aliyah simply exposes too much of herself. She is so desperate, that it is rather sickening.

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