Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh explains kartik about kedarnath

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sooravansh moving ahead while his mother soorasahi stops him explaining of first having knowledge before moving to fight with that person & then to move ahead so he stops thinking mother is telling correct & soorasahi advices him to send mayurasahi to fight with him & he sends them.
Mata paravati is eagerly waiting for devsena to come soon & as devsena arrives mata welcomes her with pride while her devsena’s mother is confused why mata paravati is welcoming devsena with so much pride as looks like she is having long time relations with her. Mata paravati is providing food to devsena as her mother is happy with their welcome & mahadev is too happy seeing this.
Kartik & all gods are walking while ganesh is saying about him with appreciations & senapati comes to tell kartik that I have left devsena & her mother safely to Kailash as they were clutched by two evil women’s & i released them so they are all happy hearing this. Ganesh is appreciating mata paravati saying she must have felt like her daughter has arrived. Ganesh & kartik are talking within themselves of how to take seat for Pooja sitting on stone while the evils sent by sooravansh have arrived at the place to find kartik & all as they are searching them where have they gone.
Ganesh is explaining how the evils kiranyash, evil gandhar & other three had attacked kedarnath on indra & all other gods. Dev rishi comes to help devraj indra advising to meditate for prabhu & other gods should support devraj indra. Ganesh explains that mahadev understood devraj indra’s meditation & immerged in form of buffalo for helping indra & all gods. Indra is happy seeing mahadev himself & prays & explains mahadev to kill all those five evils & buffalo in form of mahadev goes to fight & kill all evils in their palace. All evils one by one are trying to attack buffalo but as indra is meditating so one by one all evils are getting killed & thrown in front of indra. Indra is happy seeing the killing of evils & prays mahadev to come in original form & mahadev immerges & indra wishes all devotees should be wiped out from their problems who come here to kedarnath for doing Pooja & mahadev boons him.
Ganesh explains kartik how the name kedarnath was put on that place & also indra explains kartik since that day I always come here to do Pooja for mahadev & that time also I had to face dirty water due to which I prayed mahadev to clear this defect & he gave his explanation for the same too so that all devotees can come comfortably. Ganesh feels happy about how kartik nicely understood the base of kedarnath.

Precap: Ganesh tells kartik still I have to explain you the story of mata & father of kedarnath in which behind was rishi gurmi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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