Choti Sardarni 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav takes Aditi back home


Choti Sardarni 21st November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manav says I will separate your name from him. Sarab says okay we will do what you want. Sarab picks a file. Harleen says what is he saying? What is this file? SArab says don’t worry I will save Guddi’s life. Sarab gives file to Manav says here’s the custody paper. Sign it. Manav cries. He says thank you so much. I can never return this favor. Sarab says sign it. Manav signs the papers. Sarab says you have to write father’s name. Manav says I am writing Vikram. Sarab says but Karan’s father is Manav. Manav writes Manav Sharma. Sarab says where is Manav? He says I am Manav. SArab says all your legal papers say you’re Vikram. How will you tell in court you’re Manav? Manav says what difference does it make? He’s my blood, Dewan or Sharma. Sarab says exactly. It doesn’t matter if he lives with us or his name has Gill. Manav says that can never happen. SArab says let’s keep everything smooth. Let him be with his father. You can always come and meet him.

Seema calls Manav and says is Aditi okay? I saw a dream she wasn’t okay. Manav says she’s fine. Relax. Meher says you have to be with Aditi for Seema. How will you answer her?

Scene 2 kulwant comes back to Amrita’s brother. She blackens his face and says this is what happens to people when they take their sister’s money.

Manav holds Aditi’s hand and says you’re the only girl in my life. Let’s go home, mom is worried. Aditi says never talk about leaving me. Harleen says I can’t let you go until he tells about that girl. Sarab says it was past. Harleen asks Meher and Sarab who was that chunri girl? What were you talking about? Meher tell me what happened inside. Sarab says they will handle it. Aditi says to Sarab even if she was past I want to find about that girl. I know you both will help me.

Scene 3
Jeeto says to Amrita munny ji is angrily calling your name. Amrita says mummy ji what are you wearing? She says sometimes to catch thieves you have to look like them. Amrita says what? Kulwant says your chain was snatched right? Let me do magic and bring it back. She shows it. Rana says you caught the thief? Kulwant says ask her who stole her chain. Tell me. Amrita cries. Amrita says please forgive me. Daddy ji is no more, my brother’s business was over. I was trying to help him. Kulwant says Meher’s father is dead as well. Did she steal from anyone? I managed everything for my kids. Kulwant says else have you stolen? She drags her to her room. Amrita comes.

Meher comes to room. Robbie picks his phone he recorded their conversations in. He says I went to take something. Param picks the papers and says bua what us this written custody? Harleen takes the papers.

Precap (Next episode on Monday)-meher says to Sarab. I want Karan to become like you and Param. Manav tells everything to Seema and says pray that I get my son back. She gives him blessings.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Aaj To Sarab ne Kulwant Kaur ko bhi Maat DeDi niche Girne Mein, my wost of abusive language cannot get justice for his act

    1. Mujhe to abhi tak samajh nahi aa raha ki koi maanav ko samajhne ki koshish kyun nahi kar raha. Sarab ne cheapness ke saare level cross kar diye. Majboor ki majboori ka fayda kaise uthate hain koi sarab se pooche..

    2. Don’t worry dear! But I wish no one get so called lover like mehr in real life, after all she is kk daughter, selfishness or politics to sanskaro me mili h.
      Apne mtlb k lie pehle adha sach sarab ko btaya, ab manav ko black male.
      I wish manav to tell entire truth to his mom and aditi and then destroy mehr and kk and sarab life

    3. I agree
      ” Manav says what difference does it make? He’s my blood, Dewan or Sharma. Sarab says exactly. It doesn’t matter if he lives with us or his name has Gill.”

      The logic behind this reasoning was horrible.There is difference between karan being named deewan or sharma and if he is named Gill.
      I dont know if the writers thought that when they had sarab spout the dialogues here it would make him look smart…I wish the writers were more capable..the storyline is a good one..but it lacks some much needed cohesion.

  2. Meher the way tell manav as Mr Dewan like she would forcefully throw away manavs name from the world , such a graceless couple she & her husband.and how can they force manav about aditi, he married her on memory loss condition this marriage can easily be null & void . They blackmailing him on his mums name ! I never saw a disgusting lead couple

    1. Maira Ji, they are not trying to throw the name Manav out of the world. They are trying to explain him why he should not be taking karan away from him. They are not blackmailing. If they took karan home, seema would find out that its not vikram deewan but Manav, and The questions he has to bear from seema and Aditi.
      Narayana Ji. There is no difference in the name of the child. A child is not known for their name. It’s not as if karan’s name is karanjit Singh Gill, then only sarabjit can educate karan. Really glad Manav is back with Aditi. They should try for a child, since they are married as well.

    2. Shrudha ji a name just is not there for some thing to call some one by..It also tells you who your parent is and in our society who your dad it is not just a placeholder.
      The thing is I dont trust meher or sarab at this instance because they did not allow Manav to touch his child in their presence and meher even more because of the callous disregard she has shown towards Manav…Building good will is necessary if you want to create understanding.
      Sarab can tell n number of times that he is Karan’s dad…But he is like Karan’s dad.Karan’s dad will always be manav. So there should be first an acknowledgement of that fact by both Sarab and Meher.
      They have given no reason to Manav to trust them.

  3. Vikram/ Manav has been cast as an inept CBI officer, who tends to lose his cases. Again, he showed his ineptitude today – he was willing to sign ‘custody’ papers without thinking about the consequences as to whether he is signing as Manav or Vikram. It took about 5/6 months of episodes before Harleen eventually found out that Meher was pregnant with someone else’s child. The writers are no doubt dragging out this drama before the truth about Meher and Manav is finally revealed. As with many other matters, there will be many ‘near misses’ before, eventually, the truth is revealed. Manav’s biggest issue is revealing the truth to his mother Seema, which at the moment is too risky. Manav is very unlikely to let go his link with Karan. Eventually, someone will have to join the dotted lines. In the long run, there is no way that Meher and Sarab can successfully carry on hiding the truth.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Yeah atleast according to the precap manav has told some truth to seema..that seems like a sensible move and also if he could tell the entire truth to aditi..this entire matter can get solved with co parenting..slowly and with patience..

  4. Sarab proved that he is a third class politician, the way he twisted the words truly defined him. Sarab thinks that he won the war and got what he wants. He doesn’t understand that his victory is temporary and the very things that he think is Manav’s weaknesses are actually his strengths. Seema is even though not related to Manav is in every way is his mother and Aditi too is an exception as her love for her husband has no bounds. The day Aditi gets to know the truth she will not even want to look at Sarab’s face and Meher, she will be done for. Sarab is in a way helping Manav to fix his life issues and is making him stronger. Now Manav will make sure he has his identity back. Each time Sarab will push Manav he will become more stronger and wiser. Year ago Manav was an orphan and a lover, hence Kulwant could defeat him easily but today the man who stands in front of Sarab is non of that. HE is a Father and has his own family. The episode truly described the quote what ever happens in life happens for good. It was Manav’s luck that he did not get married to Meher. As HE deserved better.

    1. Sarab is not third class, he has no class.

    2. Well said, both husband and wife are made for each other only. I always felt that they should go for joint custody but today I feel that it will be best for the child to stay with Manav as growing up with these type of people would not be the right thing for Karan.

    3. Ginige,
      Kk jaisi naani
      Meher ke bhaiyon jaise mama(naam nahi pata)
      Harleen jaisi fua
      Robbie jaisa fufa
      Sarab aur meher ke jaise rang badlu maa baap, karan ka to ab bhagwan hi maalik hai

    4. I completely agree with you Ginige.

    5. So you want him to prove he is Manav so they can trap him in a case for impersonating a CBI officer and send him to Jail. Manav is more trapped then meher and Sarab. We all know that Meher and Sarab will win at the end.

    6. Manav need to do two things. He needs to hire a legal team and get their advice on how he can sort out his identity issue. As without getting his identity if he trys to get Karan’s custody, Sarab will get him arrested as you have said. Also, he needs to talk to Seema and Aditi. These are the only people who can help and support him to get Karan’s custody. Aditi specifically can testify in court during the trial that Sarab is NOT Karan’s father. This is not going to be an easy battle as he is up against a influential politician who will use all his contacts to end this case.

    7. Manav is dead accordily to everyone the witness is kulwznt and another is suriyaprakash so suriya is dead now only kk if kk wants her daughter to be happy with her family she have to sacrifice ,during the medical checkup meher records show us tbe surname is sarabji .custody is differ from registered custody means protective care or guardianship this can given by sarabji so whats the matter for vikram..meher is the mother who had the most powerful authority of karan ,,,no one knows karan father unless she reveal …..she reveal sarabji is the father

    8. We don’t need to worry about Manav going to jail.I don’t think that Manav will go to jail.Sarabjeet will never let Manav go to jail as he is Aditi’s husband. When Harleen was going to file a case against Vikram, Sarab Veerji saved his sister’s chocolate boy. If Manav will go to jail,then Aditi will become mad again. Who is the one who sent my Vicky to jail? I will kill him or will commit suicide.Sarab Veerji will definitely save his sister’s chocolate boy. By the way, Aditi is a very nice girl. She loves her husband very much. And I like her.

    9. Unfortunately that is true star24 but atleast I am happy that managed is fighting for his relationship with his son

    10. star24, you are right but I don’t care whether Manav will win or not. I am extremely happy bcoz Manav will fight for his rights.

  5. After today episode I hate meher and sarab both.
    Or rahi baat cort me manav ko ye prove karne ki vo manav hai to simple hai vo karan or apna dna match kara sakta hai. Kyoki yaha manav or meher ki story to aditi v janti hai. Or harleen ko bbye pata hai ki karan sarab ka beta nahi hai to koi problem nahi hogi.
    But koi nahi meher or sarab ko manav k saath jitna bura karna hai kr le robby unki sari hekri nikal dega. Sarab or meher duaro ko gyaan batte phirte hai apna ghar to samhala nahi jata. Sabse jyada criminal to inke hi ghar me hai.
    I wish robby vo Sare sach bahar laye jiski lane se sarab or meher itna dar raje hai. Maja aayega….
    After today’s episode sarab proved ki vo ek politician hai jo apne fayede k liye kuch v kr sakta hai kitna v neece gir sakta hai.
    And meher provided ki vo kulwant kore ki beti hi hai matlabi or ghatiya…..

    1. it’s not that simple if he proves he is Manav then he will be trapped in case of impersonating a CBI officer and will end up in jail . Then Sarab and Meher will win case easily.

  6. What a cheap game Sarab played with Manav about thr custody papers. There is no need for them to be deceitful and trick Manav. Manav was so happy when he got the papers and you dashed his hopes like that. I hope it is true that Seema is told everything as well as Aditi and they get the custody of the child. The child would be better off with Manav as far as I can see because Aditi turned out better by jot being in the Gill mansion, she is self-sufficient and don’t have to depend on the Gill family money like Harleen and Robbie.

    1. That was not a trick but away to get manav to think. Manav is one person who likes to do things without thinking about the consequences of his actions. So it is right to make him consider the consequences before acting.

  7. Why the heck manav is taking aditi home, he should have told her full truth. If seema can learn the truth so can aditi. It is unfair to give her false hope.
    Aditi has lost mind to go back after this drama. She should demands answers from vikran otherwise not accept to go back.
    Sarab is happy aditi got her lollipop back and relieved she is getting lied again. As a brother he should have been the first person to be honest with her. But It is fine, as long as meher image is safe aditi can go to hell.
    Meher is living in lalaland, sarab will keep karan so no problem. Her dead father who’s path she says to follow would have been embarrassed seeing her lie and cheat her family. He gave live to protect his people and she is sacrificing her people to save her image.
    I am disappointed with everyone’s behaviour, all these lies and secrets don’t suit their position.
    Actually looking forward to the big dhamaka when truth is exposed the whole world, coz they all deserves it. They had choice to be solve things nicely but choose to be selfish. The only innocent here are harleen, seema, karan and param. Hopefully the kids don’t end up growing as liars and cheaters like their parents.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      For now even aditi is innocent ( since she did all her past actions thinking sarab and harleen wont accept her). I strongly feel that manav should tell everything to aditi..she has right to know her husbands identity and manav should only tell it not mehar or sarab because a third person revealing it will only lead to issues..if manav himself tells and aditi accepts him as well as his child then there is absolutely no issues anywhere coz in both the houses the child will get a mother and fathers guidanace and that way even sarab wont be denied of his rights and neither will manav.though the child will have to face criticisms from the society it will be better if he is facing it with the entire family rather than only and lonely with manav alone..but dont know when manav will tell everything to aditi..if he has told seema then he should definitely tell aditi

    2. Radhika that makes sense but if it was my sister I wouldn’t let make a fool of herself any longer. You are right if manav tells seema a heart patient then there is nothing that stops from telling aditi. What bothers me is lying knowing that things will get worse as time pass.

    3. Radhika Purohit

      You are right jui..but why i prefer that manav tell it to aditi is because that way their relationship will still have a chance..manav deserves happiness with a wife and if aditi can be able to do it then their relationship should get a chance..imagine if instead of mehar telling about her pregnancy to sarab if it was harleen who told it to sarab then sarabs reaction would differ better if the truth is told by manav if we want the relationship to have a chance..any mistake secrets etc between husband and wife its always better if they speak with each other rather than a third person letting out secrets..maybe thats the reason why sarab and mehar are not telling the truth to aditi..but they could ask manav to do it..i mean guide him in that direction..hopefully he himself understands it

    4. Yes that’s very true. According to me in the most perfect world, all of them should sit together and come clear about their involvement. And the 4 of them go behind kulwant for revenge lol. That would be so entertaining and a break for this tense drama.

  8. As I was saying earlier, If he wants to get Karan, he should decide to Live with one identity. Either he stays as Vikram and continue his CBI job or Live as Manav, and start looking for a job as early as now. This Vikram/Manav drama will be so confusing because if He is Vikram, he is Karan’s uncle and Karan’s dad when he is Manav. He wants to give his name to Karan, has he thought that the truth of Karan being a legitimate child will be out in the public. Because how can Sarab’s child have his uncle’s surname, that is the question that will be put across. The best option for him if he wants to acquire Karan’s custody, is to explain to his mom and wife and make them accept him as Manav, then he can live with that Identity.

    1. No matter Manav calls himself Manav Sharma or Vikram Diwan he will always be Karan’s FATHER. He can prove this in a court of law by a simple DNA test. Through the DNA test results he can request the court to change Karan’s birth certificate which will ultimately give him the right to call Karan as his son legally. It does not matter whether he approach the court as Manav or Vikram coz Karan is his son only. The whole Manav is Karan’s father logic does not appy here as court requests for proofs and the proof is the DNA test. Rather than requesting rights from Meher and Sarab, Manav should approach the courts. He needs to inform his mother and Aditi but non of these factors are important in Karan’s custody battle.
      Since Sarabjeet has questioned now Manav will sort out the issue related to his identity.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Yes exactly my point…i just hope todays experience make him think in a direction to fix his identity

  9. Manav actually proved that whatever name is given to Karan, he is still his blood. So why was he even trying to change his name then? Because i he decides to name him Vikram, vikram is not the real father but manav just like gill is not Karan’s real father’s name but Manav. So he just proved that even if karan has another name he will still be his blood. That is why Sarab is asking him What difference will it make. Because even with the name gill, he is still Manav’s blood.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      This name thing is actually a lame excuse when you yourself dont have a proper name and identity to fix..even manav sharma for that matter..the sharma is not some blood related surname that manav has..i feel the appropriate answer that manav should have given was i want my son to call me as papa ( isnt that what a father wants most).and for all those who are blaming sarab..he didnt have much choice either ..manav himself never thought about his own name and identity..atleast sarabs question today made him think in that direction that he should first have a stable identity before claiming his son and dragging him also down into the same confusion..

  10. 1. A holy place-Temple, Ringing Bells, Blowing wind, Lord Krishna, A mother’s blessings- “Vijayi Bhav”and an adamant father. The Precap indicates the beginning of a new War. A father will fight this battle for his son…Goosebumps…..Ek baap ke hak ki ladaayi ka Shri Ganesh hoga…!! Jai Shri Krishna…!!

    2. The bgm song of Manav is Ranjha Ve. People often compares Manav with Ranjha. As Ranjha and Manav both were true lovers. As Ranjha gave his life for Heer, Manav also almost lost his life for Meher. BUT Aditi’s immense love for her husband shows that she is the real “Heer” of Manav and Manav will also soon realize this.Accha hua uski shadi Meher se nahi huyi.

    3. I am eagerly waiting for the love story of Manav and Aditi.

    4.What will be Robbie,the robber’s next move? I am sure that the truth of Manav and Meher will be revealed soon.Thanks to Robbie,the robber.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Roseji meine aaj precap ka video dekha..mujhe lagtha hain Vikram ne iss kahani ko case banake bola hoga..kyonki voh boltha hai ki ” ek baap ko apna beta mil jaaye” hosaktha hai ki Saturday aur sunday do din viewers ke ummed badane ke liyehai yeh hai promo..hum falthu mein hope karenge ki manav sab boldega aditi aur seema ko..

    2. Yes, this promo was just to attract the viewers but still I liked it. Vicky can’t put his Mom’s life in peril,that’s why,he can’t tell entire truth to his Mom.

    3. The promo was over dramatic. I don’t think Manav will tell the entire truth to his mother or Aditi.They are too vulnerable at the moment. Manav needs to prepare them for the impending doom. But I guess for the moment he will start working on his identity.

  11. Everyone is playing with an infant’s (Karan) emotions in their own way and for their own selfish interest. Wait till Karan grows up and decides who he is? Sarab and Meher took a strong stand with the family and with themselves to bring Karan to this world. Karan has a strong bond with Param, Meher and Sarab. Tender loving care is essential for a baby. First-year of a baby’s life lasts forever. A mother should not be taken out of a child’s life unless the mother dies. Bringing Manav back in the show was one big mistake and bringing Manav’s memory back is the biggest mistake. At the end, Choti Sardarni will win the way she won every battle.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Yeah better would have been manav not gaining his memory back..then no pain for him also nor for aditi and this kulwant kaur would have been behind the bars by now..sarab would file case against her and vikram was anyway waiting to put her behind the all the innocent people are suffering and the biggest culprit ,the reason for all this syappa is happily roaming around in jeans and on bike..hitting people and scolding her DIL..if manav tells everything to his mom then my biggest happiness will be that kulwant kaur can get punished coz she can no longer threaten mnav about seema’s health..sorry guys i am bringing kulwant kaur amidst karans problem but felt so angry seeing her living her life as she wants with no tension but only troubling others where as all other people who knowingly didnt do any mistake are crying and are sad..

  12. Shaheera Khan

    who knows if tarkash ji will be sent to change the dan results ,sarab is a politician he must have thought all about it must be well prepared and he was beging infant of manav that he have only 2 kids he and his dung can have as many kids they want , that is absolutely true that this family is a lot worse than kk and co .and we don’t know they might bribe or threaten robi not to revel their truth if manav try to go to old fellows they might do the same with them for thier selfish motive ,i hope harline and adits snach he choti sardarni title .

  13. It does not matter what Manav’s identity is – Manav or Vikram- he is still Karan’s father. Unfortunately Manav fell for a cheap trick from Sarab today as Sarab pointed out he doesn’t know his real identity. Put simply, Vikram used to be Manav but than he legally changed his name to Vikram. The real drama will start as soon as the truth will be known to Harleen. But if Robby comes to know first, he will simply use Pathak to blackmail Sarab. Sarab has finally become a lier who will say anything to protect Mehers ‘reputation’.

    1. it does as if Manav reveals his real identify he will be charged by court for impersonating a CBI officer. which means he will end up in jail if he proves he is Manav. So it is better for him to stay as Vikram and forget about Karan. Cause he is never going to get his custod.

    2. If we follow this logic then even meher can end up in jail for accessory to murder lol. She made him come to the house, witnessed murder and even after being safe didn’t call police. Only audiences knows meher didn’t want manav harmed but court will definitely question her why she kept quite this long. Meher and manav in jail sarab will have karan for himself then😅. It is pointless to play this game none of the characters are actually innocent.

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Higly unlikely..coz meharab can easily prove that very recently they had tried getting kulwant punished and in India the laws are not that stringent that they will imprison someone for informing late..there are enough loop holes to escape..and she can justify her one year silence as the time she required to settle in new home with her husband and to make sure that her husband supports her..similarly if manav before going to the court if he can legally change his name back to manav then in court he can also escape punishment by saying about memory loss..the problem will be if he goes as vikram dewan and then in court if its proven that he is manav..then he will be punished..and he wasnt impersonating a cbi far as suryapratap told vikram died as soon as he returned to India from some foreign it means he had no time to get a job in manav is the one who got the job but with vikrams if manav now itself tries to change his name back to manav sharma claiming return of memory i guess he will be pardoned..

  14. Radhika Purohit

    But what manav fails to understand is even if he proves he is manav and also that he is the biological father of karan then he will not get karan for himself. No court will give custody of a 3 month old child to the father. They will only grant him visiting rights and once child becomes a little more bigger then maybe for weekends..still karan will not be staying with manav forever so other than humiliating mehrab there is absolutely no gain in this court case if he is going for one. This entire issue is such a mess that no one clear ..i really think writers brought manav back without thinking what to do ahead

    1. With a capable legal team Manav can achieve everything he wants, Karan is still very young, but the child is on formula so there is nothing like he is been “br*astfed”. Also, if Manav can convince Aditi, he will have a woman and a doctor too in the house to look after Karan.( plus point Meher’s delivery was done by Aditi). MANAV needs to look into the past one year life of Meher and Sarab and find weak points so he can prove to the court that he can provide his son a better and secure environment (e.g. Meher’s family is full of criminals).
      Further, the custody battle will be between Meher and Manav their life partners are considered as 3rd parties. Hence, Manav can always fight saying that rather than his child growing up in another man’s house he can live in his own father’s house where he belongs (e.g. Point:MEHER is not self-sufficient) Therefore, there are high chances of him getting the custody. Only thing is he needs to prepare himself for the custody battle.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      No dear ginige in the show they may have not shown br*astfeeding maybe because the actress is not comfortable or something like that..but no court is going to take the child from the mother and give it to the father because the doctor who performed delivery is his wife..seriously..then mehars husband is the one who attended all prenatal checkups with mehar and took care of her and the baby and obviously among the step parents here sarab has way more rights on karan than aditi..who knows if aditi knew during the time of karans birth that the real father is her boyfriend she would probably kill that child also..( all of us know how evil she was then)..can understand telling that manav all rights on karan ..but mehar also has rights on karan..and its the law which always decides for the child to be with the mother ( irrespective whether she is self sufficient or she is br*astfeeding) ..does this mean that all unemployed females in the country have no rights over their child..ajeeb insaaf hain yeh .jis maa ne duniya se ladi uss bache ko janm dene ke liye..voh self sufficient nahi hain isiliye bache ko usse door kiya jaaye?? Aur jis insaan baap na hothe huye bhi baap ka saara farz nibhaya unka uss bache pe koi hak nahi hai lekin voh sautheli maa( jo is bache ko apnayegi ya nahi voh bhi nahi patha) usko zyada hak hai iss bache par..aise kaise ginige..aur anothers mans house kya hain?? Manav khud another man ke ghar mein reh raha hain..manav ka ghar vikram deewan ka ghar hain..usne apni mehnat se abhi tak ghar banaya nahi hain aur nahi usse koi pushteni ghar mila hain..tho phir yeh another mans house ka kya validity hai bolne ke liye. Lastly maa sirf br*astfeed karne ke liye nahi hothi hain ginige..haan br*astfeeding bohot important doubt..lekin ek maa ka phars sirf doodh pilana nahi hain agar hotha tho courts yeh faisla bolthe ki 6 months ke baad bache ko baap ko dedo..kyonki exclusive br*astfeeding 6 months ka hotha hain aur 7th month se complementary feeds start kar sakthe hain..ek maa aur bache ke beech aur bhi zimmedariyan aur aur bhi role hothi hain..isiliye har custody case mein untill the child is old enough to say with whom he/ she wants to be with, the custody is given to the mother..voh tho India mein har aurat apne pathi ke ghar mein hi rehthi hain aur indian law ke anusar pathni ko poora hak hain pathi ke har property par..tho sarab ka ghar mehar ka ghar hain koi another mans house nahin

    3. Radhika Purohit

      And also achi parvarish ka finest example hain bache mein sirf gunn hain

    4. Radhika Purohit

      Aur ajeeb point hain …mehar ne deliver ki bache ko..voh important nahi hai..aditi ne delivery conduct ki voh badi baath hai?? Aisa hai ginige ek zamaana tha jab bina doctor ke bache paida hothe the ghar pe ( home delivery..jab ithne saare hospitals nahi the) aaj bhi kahin door gaaon mein hotha hoga..lekin kabhi yeh suna hai bina maa ke sirf doctor maujood thi aur bacha paida ho gaya aasman se tapak kar ?? Nahi mother is important not the doctor who conducted mothets delivery..

    5. Aditi here is not the bio-parent she is considered as a 3rd party. Only a support system for Manav. Aditi is well aware of Karan’s health condition ( he is premature) as she has been a part of the kid’s life as his doctor from the beginning. Therefore, she becomes a plus point for Manav. Similarly Meher has Sarab. But IMO Meher is completely dependent on Sarab for everything. Even if Meher gets the custody of the child Manav will have to pay child support. As once it is proven in the court that Karan is Manav’s kid, Sarab becomes a step dad. Not the primary caregiver. The court will look into both bio-parents background and select the best party who could provide a better home to Karan.

    6. Radhika Purohit

      So according to this rule only employed and earning females have a say in their childs matter..what kind of law is that?? Most of places in India dont have a proper system to ensure that all females are well educated..most places males are the earning members of the family..even educated females sometimes donot pursue a job to take care of the family and because such females are not earning and are dependant on their husbands they have no right over their own kids..i higly doubt that a court will decide based on the point if mother is earning or not..if mother is not earning court will advice the father to pay for expenses related to the child..not take the child and give to the father …also here there is no need for manav to pay anything to mehar..even if she is not working sarab has named a hospital in her name..the income she gets from that will be sufficient enough to raise a kid please dont tell that mehar is dependant on sarab for that also..a wife has equal right to everything the husband possesses especially when husband is also agreeing that ..please dont underestimate all the homemakers that they are dependant on their husbands ..they are called homemaker because they make a home be more specific makan ko ghar banathe hain..har aurat ko apne bache pe hak hai bhale voh employed ho unemployed ho ya apne pathi pe dependant ho..she is the one who went through the pregnancy..she is the one who delivered the amount or job or security can surpass that ..

    7. Radhika Purohit

      Also agar aapko time mile tho ” Good news” movie ke almoat towards the end kareena kapoor ke dialogue jismein ek pregnancy mein har aurat kya kya face karthe hain voh behad khoobsoorthi se describe kiya hain..please usse dekhligiye ek baar agar aapne nahi dekha hai tho..agar dekh liya hai already tho ignore thia comment

    8. Radhika, I did not mean that females or rather the mothers do not have a say in a child’s life. Also, in many normal custody cases court’s favour mother’s side and custody of the child is decided only after the child reach a certain age. But in Karan’s case the whole theory is little different as the circumstances are very different. Here, considering the past story and the fact that Meher has tried to hide that Manav has a child and has not even allowed him to touch his kid, I feel the case will be a special one where both parties have equal chances. But this will all depend on how far Manav can convince the court. Karan’s truth coming out in open may work in favour of Manav as none in Gill family may want Karan once the truth is out.

    9. Radhika Purohit

      Ginige ..My point was that when the mother of the child is alive and healthy it is almost sure that the complete custody of the child will be given to the mother especially when the mothers present husband loves karan dearly..manav will only be given visiting rights nothing more ..and bonus is only the media hype and social croticisms which will follow..nothing more..insted it is more sensible for manav to talk to aditi and settle this outside court with all 4 of them having a mature conversation..i am sure if aditi is included in the loop the conversations will have better outcomes..but this manav doesnt seemed to be inclined in that direction..and some twisted thinking he has to think court will give him the complete custody. Mehrab are worried about court not because they will lose the custody..they are more worried about all the media induced hype the case will have and the aftereffects that will have on karan as wellas param..also on mehar sarab and only advantage of court case woll be gill and deewan khandhaans badnami in society..but then now mostly pathak will spill all the truth to media i think and mehrab may suspect manav because of his dhamki of doing hangama…

    10. We are yet to know what Manav wants to do here onwards. But he will surely not leave his son. Also, it is very unlikely Manav will win the custody case, but it is not impossible.
      This case has no effect on Param but indirectly he will feel it because his both parents will go through a hard time. The only person who will face unnecessary “badnami” is Aditi.

    11. Radhika, well said. Manav will be given visiting rights. Sarab gave him visiting rights but he refused. People were saying on the comments that Manav is not Karan’s uncle to be visiting him only. Even when he goes to court, he is not going to get the full custody but visiting rights. So why should he waste his time, and ruin the gill family reputation while he can simply accept what Sarab said and visit Karan and spend time with when he wants.

  15. At ginige mehar can say to save aditi marriage in her defence. there is a lot that can go against Manav then in his favour . He biggest problem is his identity and Meher and Sarab have legal papers to stake their rights on Karan. When Karan was born they had papers done then. Giving Sarab all rights on Karan. The way Manav has been blackmailing them they can use it against him.

    1. True, many things can go against Manav, but if he can at least correct Karan’s birth certificate through this it will be a win. First of all, as we all agree Manav needs to sort out his own identity.

  16. Ginige, going to court is a good option if custody can’t be solved among themselves. I believe after telling aditi and seems truth, manav would have done his part and i can off course take family court help. As it is whole purpose justice system to resolve conflicts and there is nothing to be embarrassed of as even world leaders and celebrities go in court just like normal people.
    Maybe in case of a newborn baby, father might not get partial custody immediately but at least he will be acknowledged as real father and gets some rights such as getting his name on legal documents and more involvement in his life. With time court can grant more custody time and involvement. This is better than nothing and worth trying.
    It would have been better if custody was shared without drama but it looks inevitable. Better to get it done and settle once for all.

    1. @Jui, You echo my words.

  17. Let me ask all those talking infavour of Manav a question. So, if you are in the shoes of Never and Sarab what will you do in these cases. Will you actually give your infant child to Manav’s figure. What are you all saying. You are all calling Sarab names. So, he should not support his wife and just give out their child out. Is this how you treat women out there. Sarab is a complete gentleman who don’t want to harm anybody or even their reputation. Now between Sarab and Manav who has a more stable family to keep a child. Meher is lucky to get Sarab. Not this twisted fellow. You people should run down memory lane, the Aditi you are now being sorry for is as evil as kulwant. Her own is even worst bcs she wants to kill Param. If not that the nurse had a change of heart and run away. Look at all the things she did to Meher during last stage of pregnancy/delivery. Now a doctor cutting her wrist to hold on to a man and you people are calling it love. God, honestly both Aditi And Vikram needs to be taken to psychiatrist. Sarab should not allow him to come near his house again. He is endangering the life of his family by allowing him. If it were to be where I come from he won’t go near court bcs he didn’t marry Meher. He only took advantage of her and got her pregnant. Foolish man who want to reap where he did not show. Instead of facing Kulwant who wanted to kill him, he went and free her after Sarabjit got her arrested, even bargaining with her. Nobody complained of that instead they are busy putting down a good man

    1. You are right if not fooling act how can you be free with the person who wants to see your end

    2. You are right if not foolish act how can you be free with the person who wants to see your end

    3. “Is this how you treat women out there.” Where and how ?
      “You people should run down memory lane, the Aditi you are now being sorry for is as evil as kulwant. Her own is even worst bcs she wants to kill Param. If not that the nurse had a change of heart and run away.” So you mean Manav has to stay married to such a character?
      “God, honestly both Aditi And Vikram needs to be taken to psychiatrist.” why?
      ” If it were to be where I come from he won’t go near court bcs he didn’t marry Meher. He only took advantage of her and got her pregnant.” You need to go down memory lane if you think this is what happened.You have created your own stories to vilify manav .

  18. But mujhe I really don’t like this manav I mean line selfishness it’s the really

  19. Funmilayo has correctly stated the facts. Manav and Meher loved each other and we’re not married and Meher got pregnant with his child. Though Kulwant stabbed him to death. A d forced Meher to marry Sarab . Meher even tried to escape and tried to tell the police but she was brought back by her brother’s. She even tried to tell Sarab before marriage but could not tell him. After marriage first thing she told Sarab was this only. Here Sarab supported Meher and her unborn illegitimate child. He even made fake passport in her namr and made all arrangements for her stay in Serbia. Though through circumstances she came back and they decided to raise the child together after he is born and Sarab gave his own name to Karan when Meher went to hospital for checkup . He fought with Harleen who blackmailed Meher to abort the child and saved the child on time. Even Meher for Param gave part of her liver which was really dangerous for her during pregnancy.

    When Sarab accepted Mehar with the illegitimate child their marriage is valid. Also Karan is born within 280 days of their marriage , so Sarab is his father (real). If Manav had not come , Sarab would have been considered to be his real father by law. Dead people do not come back in real life. So sarab and Meher are right in their stand.
    When Manav got back his memory and his so called father asked him to be Vikram , he has willingly given up his identity. So why is he asking for Karan’s custody ?
    Also if he drags the matter to court and do character assassination of Meher it will give Karan name of being illegitimate child. Law tries to protect child from bastardcy . So why Manav is trying to play with Karan’s life ?
    Also KK will blame him for making use of her daughter , raping her , showing love to her and made her pregnant , so she killed him.

    1. “He only took advantage of her and got her pregnant.” This is what was stated and conclusion was drawn based on that. This is not true.
      “Sarab is his father (real).” it is a appeal to emotion not truth.
      “Dead people do not come back in real life.” then good thing Manav is not dead..he was thought to be dead or what we call presumed dead.
      “So why is he asking for Karan’s custody ?” He did not know he had a baby at that time.He was not told that.
      “Also KK will blame him for making use of her daughter , raping her , showing love to her and made her pregnant , so she killed him.” KK is not a bastion of truth and would love to see what Meher would do if KK does that.
      “Law tries to protect child from bastardcy . ” huh?

    2. *bastion

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Well said @ A..

  20. Thanks Radhika
    Here Manav’s fan are his great lovers. Can’t listen or stand to other’s point of view. 😂Not aware about real world law.

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