Bigg Boss 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rubina/Jaan/Eijaz might get eliminated tomorrow

Bigg Boss 21st November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
The episode starts with Ekta saying that I am coming here to bring unrest in the house. These housemates write their own stories but it’s similar to my stories, it has drama, melodrama, tears, anger and love. It has patch-ups and break-ups. Nobody knows what can happen next. I have come here to join my story with Bigg Boss. She says let’s welcome the man of the show Salman Khan.

Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says half of the season has passed and we are enjoying it. The game is on after the interval. Friendship is important in every game but they are not following the earlier examples, they are changing friends every week. They are making selfish friendships for their own gain. Let me show what they think.

In the house:
The housemates have to decide who makes friendships for selfish reasons.
Jasmin says it’s Nikki as she uses people and then changes her friends. She says I think Pavitra makes friends for her gain, I think Kavita makes friendship for convenience. I think Jaan is also on the list.
Abhi says Jaan, Nikki, Rahul and Eijaz make friendships for use.
Pavitra takes Eijaz, Jasmin and Jaan to make friends for the use.
Nikki takes Jaan’s name. She says Kavita has changed her friends as per use too. She takes Eijaz and Pavitra’s name. She says Rahul makes friends for use too.
Kavita says I think Jasmin makes friendship for her personal gain. She was against Eijaz but then Farah praised him so she tried to get to close to him. Pavitra says she conveniently forgot Rubina and Abhi. I Eijaz uses people, Pavitra has stood up for him so much but he makes her cry and leave her in the tasks. She takes Aly’s name as she wants to make a crowd for his use.
Rubina takes Nikki’s name. She takes Rahul’s name as he fought with people but now friends with them. Rahul says Jasmin said sorry to me. Abhi shouts to let her speak. You are a crybaby. She takes Pavitra and Eijaz’s name as they use to love to have a gain in the game.
Eijaz takes Jaan’s name. He takes Nikki’s name. He takes Pavitra’s name as she wants to be the friend of everyone. But she uses people as per plan in the task. She makes friendship as per her convience. He takes Kavita’s name as she was not friends with people and now she is their best friends.
Aly takes Nikki’s name as she spends time with some people and think they are her friends but you then ditch them easily. He takes Kavita’s name as she is a fake person. Kavita says you are fake, you are just behind me. You are a small town useless guy. Aly says we are all from the small town, you can’t taunt them. Kavita says I am from the small town. Aly asks her to sit down. Kavita says he curses all day, he is a goon.
Rahul takes Nikki’s name. He takes Eijaz’s naame as he uses people in the tasks. He takes Pavitra’s name as she uses people. I have heard Rubina saying she doesn’t trust Pavitra but Pavitra always uses Abhi in the tasks. He takes Rubina’s name. Rubina laughs and says come to me.
Jaan takes Eijaz’s name as he changes friends as per the task. He takes Kavita’s name as she used people to become a captain. Kavita says wow, you praised me. He takes Nikki’s name.

The final names are Nikki, Eijaz, Jaan and Pavitra.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says you people have chosen some names. But we think Aly makes friends for use. He takes Pavitra’s name and says you all were right about her. He says Jaan makes friends for use. The last name is Abhi as he uses people too. Rahul and Nikki thank him. Nikki says these people don’t even have reasons to give. Salman says so Aly, Jaan, Abhi and Pavitra use people. He says Aly I want to ask who is your priority? He says Jasmin and Rahul. Salman says then you, Jasmin, Rubina and Abhi are not a group? Kavita says they are. Rahul says I felt that when I gave a decision last night. But I don’t think Aly would do it. Jasmin is Rubina and Abhi’s friend but not Aly. Kavita says all were attacking me but Nikki was standing with me all the time, she didn’t sleep. Nobody threw water on her. Aly says I protected her because she is my friend. Kavita says I was drenched in oil but Jasmin was fine. Abhi clearly showed his friendship with Jasmin. Aly says I tried to make Jasmin the winner. Salman tells Rubina to speak as your fans want to hear from you. He asks her if she thinks she is not Aly’s priority? Rubina says all the time. Salman says so you don’t have a group? Aly says no. Salman says then you are looking most confused, you got a chance in the nomination task and you called Abhi first in your place to nominate someone else. Aly says I was talking to Rubina and she jokingly said that don’t nominate her so I just thought that and called Abhi to save Rubina. I like them but we are not a group, my friendship with Rahul is good. Salman says you get noticed when you are playing the game from the front foot but you are playing the game from the back foot. You are trying to be sly and use others. You shouldn’t try to influence Jasmin’s game. Play from the front. Aly says it was my first week and I have a good equation with Rubina and Abhi, I like them and I have no issues with them. I was playing on the front foot. Salman says then you shouldn’t have told Pavitra and Rahul that you wanted the same results in the end of the nominations. You gave the first chance to Abhi so it means you wanted to save Rubina. Aly says because I have a good equation with them. Salman says then I hope you understood my point. Salman says Jasmin is very clear with her game, she said she doesn’t care about your friendships. Jasmin says my friends are mine. I know he will come back to me always so I don’t care. Salman jokes that I wish I get someone like this. All laugh. Salman says Jasmin is safe from the eliminations. Jasmin says thank you.
Salman says you people have started a new word priority. He jokes that Pavitra becomes very shy in front of him but why not in the house? Pavitra says then they I am being fake and sly. Salman asks what’s her biggest priority in the house? Pavitra says people change in the house every day. I don’t have any priority right now, I did have Rahul, Abhi and Aly as a priority. Rahul says she said it in the nomination task. Salman says we have heard that Pavitra said she doesn’t back away from her words. Pavitra says yes. Salman says you said Rahul was your priority but now you are saying you don’t have any priority now? Pavitra says because they keep changing their friends, they don’t pay back anything in return. Rahul says you said I was your priority but since when?
Salman says Abhi is friends with almost everyone in the house. Rahul is not your friend but he was right when he said you don’t have any opinion so nobody can hate or love you. You keep saying that you want to save Rubina, this way all keep their focus on Rubina and you get saved easily. You want to be nice with everyone so they all think you are harmless and you get saved easily. But all of the focus shifts towards Rubina. They don’t take you as a competition so it’s a very good strategy for you. But then you keep telling others to save Rubina which makes them think to nominate Rubina. You don’t have to beg others to save your wife. You are making Rubina look weak. It’s a good thing that you want to save your wife but there is no need for that as you should trust Rubina’s fans to save her. Abhi says Rubina gets nominated every week. Salman says because she is a strong contender so they are trying to take her out but you are getting saved every week as you don’t pose a competition. Abhi says if I tell others to save Rubina, I just do it at the end of the task. Salman says Rubina tried to make you understand too. You should listen to Rubina as you do in the house. Salman tells Rubina that your fans keep requesting to show you. Salman says Abhi has made friends for his use but you need to master it.
Salman says people will learn how to use friends from one and only Jaan. All laugh. Salman asks Rubina who is a real friend of Jaan? Rubina says not a single person. Salman says who he used as a friend? She says he tried to use me, he has used Kavita, then Abhi, Jasmin, Rahul, Nikki and Aly. Salman says Aly is the most important friend to use from Jaan right now? Aly says I think it’s Eijaz. Salman asks Jaan how you make friends? Jaan says someone I can share things with, someone who can take a stand for me and I can take a stand for them. Jasmin says he just makes friends to get saved from the nominations. Eijaz says Jaan was shouting in the task because of getting saved from the nominations only, he doesn’t understand things but makes friends for time being. Jaan says with you too? Eijaz says I am biased for him. Salman asks Nikki if Jaan makes friends who are captains? She says yes, he does, he became close friends with Eijaz and Aly when they were captains. Salman says you forgot about Nishant. Nikki says oh God. Salman says when you became a confirmed inmate in the first week, he befriended you. Nikki says yes, he always goes towards the strong inmates. Salman says so it means Jaan is a mastermind or it’s just a coincidence? He ended his friendship with Nishant and he was out of the house. Salman asks Jaan if he will become friends with Kavita now? You congratulated her on priority. Jaan says Nishant was my friend even before he became the captain. I sacrificed for him to become the captain. I am friends with Eijaz since the start. I don’t make friends just because they become captains. Salman says you were saying to Eijaz that you needed him and he gave up on the task. What was the need you were talking about? Jaan says my candidate was for Eijaz to save me from the nominations. Salman says he would have saved you but that’s for the next week, you are still nominated this week and he couldn’t save you this week. If you get eliminated this week then Aly is responsible for that. We don’t know if this convenient friendship will cost you or not. Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Aly tells Eijaz that I don’t know how my friendship changed. Eijaz says they are Jasmin’s friends, you call Rahul your best friend but you sent Abhi. Jaan comes there and asks Eijaz if he thinks I use my friends. Eijaz says I kept telling you that day that Aly nominated and I can’t save you. I can’t make you understand more. Jaan says I am just asking you. Eijaz says you are not thinking about yourself, you are playing in a group.

On the Stage:
Salman says I want to know if we can see true friendship in the house? They don’t really care about friends, they just want to win. Salman connects the call to the house. He says I feel bad to tell you all that this is all convenient friendship.
Salman says you all think you can do anything but no one will question you? It’s time for the caller of the week.

The caller of the week:
Salman connects the call to Bhavna. She says I want to ask Rahul if he got his answer to the proposal? Rahul says I am waiting for her answer, she should send something at least. Please message her on Instagram, comment on her every photo. Salman Sir doesn’t help me. Salman says you should wait till you come out. Bhavna says we hope you get your answer soon. Rahul says I hope the answer is yes. Salman says Disha please take your time, as much as you want to take. Rahul says please don’t do it. I am sure she is watching me. Salman says maybe you are here that’s why she might not be watching? Rahul says Rubina and Abhi took her name also, I want to request him to not take her name. Abhi says I never took her name. Rubina says this is really unreasonable. Abhi says I never took Disha’s name. It’s shameful. Rahul says it’s a humble request. Abhi says I will never go on his level. Bhavna says I want to tell Rubina that she is looking very nice in the house but your alliances are changing. You were trusting Eijaz in the task but Abhi asked you to not trust him, why did you move back? Why do you hesitate in making an alliance? Rubina says I listen to Abhi out of respect but my gut was telling me that Eijaz won’t change his words if he made a deal with him. Bhavna says you should focus on your individual game. Salman says they are husband and wife and if Abhi suggests her something and she doesn’t listen to him then people will say that she doesn’t listen to her husband? Bhavna says no, it will look like she is taking her stand and it will make her look strong. She needs to voice-out her opinion. Salman ends the call.
Salman tells Rubina that you listened to Abhi but why? Are you scared of him? Rubina says out of respect, I tell him when I disagree with him. We had a disagreement, I was upset because he doesn’t let me speak. I snapped at him and I feel bad now. She gets emotional and says it’s a difficult spot for me. Salman says you both came here together but you will separately. It depends on you individually, if you were Jasmin I would have said to not cry. Rubina takes a deep breath. Salman says the husband can bring a tissue at least. Abhi says her tears are not falling down. Salman tells Jasmin that you are smiling while she is crying? Jasmin says she is strong. Rubina wipes her eyes. Salman says it’s okay Rubina, we are not asking you to misbehave, you can put across your point of view.

Salman says let’s talk about the nominations. Kavita, Nikki, Jaan, Rubina and Eijaz are nominated. He asks them to guess who two will be saved? Kavita says Nikki and Eijaz. Salman says why not you? Kavita says I get taunts here so much, I am from a small town. Salman lies down and says I am listening. Kavita says I have faced the goons taunting me in my childhood, I get those taunts here now. Salman says that’s a compliment. Kavita says I avoid their taunts like I am made in China. Aly says to ask her what she says in return. Kavita says I use wrong words when I am angry because he is a goon. Salman says yoga is not working for you? Kavita says I am trying. Salman asks her to answer back. Kavita says they attack me in a crowd. Jasmin, Aly, Eijaz and Jaan attack me together. Eijaz says I don’t talk in the crowd. Aly says she says very wrong words. Salman tells Kavita that if they taunt you, you answer back and they get silent so you won. He says Kavita is safe. Kavita thanks her fans and says I was praying to leave from here. I pray for someone else to win otherwise they will go crazy. Salman says Nikki is safe as well. Kavita hugs her.

Salman says Rubina, Jaan, and Eijaz are nominated. I will tell you tomorrow about the elimination. He ends the call.

Salman says Ekta has come into the house for a special reason. She was controlling the house since morning. Let’s see what happened.

In the House:
Ekta says to the inmates from her secret room that you have passed half of the game but stress will be doubled with me, Ekta Kapoor. You all know how much I like stones so I have brought a special stone in the house which one inmate will get to use only one time in the house. I will give the immunity stone to one inmate. It will save you for one week in the house. But you have to show your real face, bravery and your passion to get this stone. I will give you some tasks and you will have to impress me. Your first task is about revenge. You will have to slap foam to another inmate with a prop whom you want to take revenge on. They start the task.

Rahul: He says I want to take revenge on Rubina as she acts like a queen. He applies foam on her face. He says I want to take revenge on Abhi for pushing me. He says I want to take revenge on Nikki because she played for me in the king-queen task but she flipped her side later on.
Jaan: He says I want to take revenge on Eijaz for giving up on the task and he didn’t save me. He applies foam on his face. He says I want to take revenge on Kavita as her words are not acceptable, she called me a follower. He applies foam on her face.
Jasmin: She says I want to take revenge on Kavita as I was fond of her but she said that I was desperate, she applies foam on her face. She applies foam on Eijaz as he called me fake last week. I respect him but I say what’s in my heart.
Abhi: He says I want to take revenge on Rahul as he disrespected my wife, he doesn’t respect women. He calls women nalli (useless). Rahul says it’s your words. Abhi says let me talk. He applies foam on Rahul’s face.
Kavita: She says I want to take revenge on Aly as I said he has a group in the house but he misbehaved with me so much. He eve-teases me like a goon. She applies foam on his face. He says apply fully. She applies on his full face. He pushes her way and says getaway. Jasmin asks Aly to calm down. Aly says let me play my game. Kavita says I want to take Jasmin’s name as her attitude has changed completely since her friend came here. She applies on her face and Jasmin pushes her away. Kavita says this is her patience. Jasmin says this shows your personality.
Rubina: She says I want to take revenge on Aly as he nominated me for friends who couldn’t save Jasmin. Aly says I will take it as it was my mistake. She applies on his face. She says I want to take revenge on Rahul as he insults the husband-wife relationship. She applies foam on his face.
Nikki: She says I want to apply this on Aly, he pulled my hand, threw water on me. We are not friends so you can’t do this then you act sweet with me. She applies foam on his face. She says Rahul calls himself my friend but then asked for my vote to make him the captain, I didn’t like it. She applies foam on his face.
Aly: He says I used to respect Kavita but she is cheap and ill-mannered, she can’t control her tongue. Kavita says I don’t care about you. You are a liar. Aly says she is doing acts that make people hate her, even Jasmin is hating her. He applies foam fully on her face. He says I want to take Pavitra’s name, I am hurt by her words. I asked her if I am her priority but she said she will tell me at the right time. He applies foam lightly on her face.
Pavitra: She takes Aly’s name. She takes Eijaz’s name and says I can’t trust you.
Eijaz: He says I am a snake as per Kavita. Kavita says you are. Eijaz says let me talk, enough. Kavita says I am not scared of you. Nikki says we can talk if we want to. Eijaz says shut up. Nikki says you are a sick person. Aly says they are cheap people. Eijaz applies foam on her face. He applies foam on Nikki’s face, he says I used to love her but she called me sick, it has hurt me. Nikki says you are sick so I will call you that. Eijaz applies foam on Jaan’s face, he says Jasmin said sorry to me via a letter. She always says she respects me but then ridicules me all the time. He applies on her face. He applies on Rahul’s face. He says Pavitra made me look so bad in the task, she broke my heart. He applies on her face lightly. He says Abhi thinks I am cheap because I a from a small street. He applies on his face.

Ekta says I feel Rubina and Rahul were the best in the task as they are true to themselves. I will give them a second task tomorrow.

Salman signs off from the show.

PRECAP – Ekta Kapoor comes on the stage. She asks the inmates to switch their roles. She asks Salman to mimic Pavitra. Salman mimics Pavitra crying for Eijaz. All laugh. Ekta asks Nikki to mimic Jasmin. Eijaz will mimic Abhi. Pavitra will mimic Rubina. Nikki throws a fit like Jasmin. Ekta says if Jasmin cried like this in Naagin, you would still be a naagin.
Salman asks Kavita why others are not her competitor? Kavita says because he taunts like a goon. Jasmin mimics her. Salman tells Jasmin that you were superb, all laugh at her antics. Salman says one will be eliminated.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Rubina safe kiyu nehy hui.uski toh fans sabse zaadhaa hai.

  2. Rubina safe kiyu nehy hui.uski toh fans sabse zaadhaa hai.

  3. Jasmin Rubina and Abhinav are still friends hope they friendship last forever

    1. This is called
      Marriage of convenience

  4. Hard to believe Jasmine,kavita, Nikki getting more votes than Ejaz and Rubina. Jaan for sure got eliminated

    1. I think it’s a random select. Definitely that

  5. Why I don’t know but currently I am not liking rahul. I think rubina has improved herself and I hope she maintains this. But this is too much ejaz and rubina bottom 3 mein joke of the century 😂😂😂😂. Ejaz and rubina are the most popular contestants of bb along with jasmine. Jaan will surely get evicted

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