Choti Sardarni 14th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Param accepts the baby

Choti Sardarni 14th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says why not? Sarab says but you wanted to play with the baby. Param says if the baby comes Meher mama’s tummy will blast. She will die. Harleen says some kid must have said it. Meher says some fairy would bring the baby. Param says no you fooled me. Your tummy would blast. Harleen says you hid it to surprise me right? I am so happy. Param sleeps outside. Meher says we will go to the show but Param wants to sleep here.

Harleen and Sarab play a show. It’s about a kid. He was alone since no one was there to play with him. Sarab says then one-day mama papa gave him the good news. Meher says everyone celebrated because a baby was coming. Harleen says then everything went well. We studied and played together. It was so much fun. Meher says I had three brothers. She shows him videos of their childhood. Meher says they used to sing me as well. Param comes out of his camp and smiles. Param says its so much fun when you have a sibling. Sarab says so someone is alone in this house. Meher says he keeps crying. Param says I don’t like to be alone. Meher says God, please take your order back. We don’t want a baby. Param says no. Param recalls what the kid in school said. He says his mom died. I don’t want the baby.

Meher runs after Param. She trips. Harleen says are you okay Meher? Bring the ice. Sarab says are you okay? Harleen says Sarab she is pregnant with your baby. How are you so relaxed. Harleen ices her foot. Dolly says what happened to her? Harleen says she sprained her foot. Dolly goes inside. Harleen says Meher, I think we should tell everyone.

Scene 2
The next morning, Meher comes to Param. He is still upset. Meher says are you still upset? Sorry. Param says my first mama also went to God. What if you go too? Meher says your mama will never leave you. Param says my friend’s mom died when the baby came. I don’t want the baby.

Yuvi says I am going to school. Jitto says your mom is making lunchbox for you. Your mom is mad at you. When she comes, hug her and say sorry. Kulwant says you won’t say sorry to anyone. You’re my grandson. Yuvi says wonderful ji wonderful. Amrita comes. Yuvi hugs her and says sorry mama I won’t talk to anyone with disrespect. Kulwant says in heart this Jitto is doing all this.

Param sees the same kid in school with his brother. His brother takes care of him. He stops him and says Murli brother, did your mom die? Did her tummy blast? He says it doesn’t happen. She was not well. Your mummy will be fine. Param comes home and hugs Meher. He says Meher mama your tummy won’t blast. I want a baby. I will love him a lot. Please ask God to bring the baby to us soon. Sarab says thank God. Sarab says we will share the news with everyone. We will arrange a party. Meher says party? Harleen says yes. It’s such big news. Harleen says there would celebrations. Harleen goes inside. Sarab says we have to go somewhere. Get ready.

Harleen comes to Meher’s room to look for the meds. Meher’s reports fall on the floor. Harleen looks at them.

Precap-Salman Khan comes to the party.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    OMG, what an awesome serial. Once again, I did not know I would enjoy this serial with so much enthusiasm. I am waiting for Monday’s episode with bated breath. It’s just wonderful Ji wonderful!!! I just love a beautiful love story and one is brewing between P for Param’s Mommy and Papa…Thank you Colors for this weekend treat, and thanks Atiba for your update.

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