Divya Drishti 14th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Shekhar and Divya to get married

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Scene 1
Divya says would you be happy if I marry Vicky? Shekhar says that’s what everyone wants. Divya says would you be happy? He says you have made your mind. Divya says I thought.. Shekhar says tell me. He holds Divya’s hand. Divya says leave my hand my husband might not like. She says you got this bridal dress for me right? Wow, it looks good on me. I will say yes. If you have a problem say no right. Shekhar is silent. Divya leaves. The song tu jaane naa plays. Shekhar says no. How can Divya marry him? No. He runs after her. Shekhar sees paw steps. He follows them. They turn into shoe steps. Shekhar says so it was an animal who turned into a human? He follows the steps and comes to Vicky. Vicky says what happened? Vicky says did you see Divya? Shekhar says yes. She is downstairs. He says hard luck. I am lucky and I spoke about this proposal before anyone. Shekhar says she hasn’t said yes yet. He says no girl has ever said no to me. Shekhar says okay go to her then. Shekhar says you prepare for the wedding. Vicky says I will.

Divya comes to Mahima. Mahima says what did you decide Divya? You won’t have to go to the US. You will live here with us. Vicky comes there. Shekhar sees dog fur. Pisachini says what is he doing here. Rakshit holds Drishti’s hand and says let her decide on her own. Divya sees his hand and realizes the third hand was his.
Vicky asks Divya what did you decide? She says okay. Mahima says what do you mean? Divya says yes. Mahima hugs her and says thank you so much. I knew you would say yes. Everyone congratulates Vicky. Divya comes to her room. Drishti hugs her and says you decided right.

Pisachini plays the piano. Vicky says I know what I came here for. Pisachini says you have to do something. Shekhar has some doubts. You have to stop him first.
Drishti says we saw four hands in the cave. Divya says how are we related? Drishti says only a married woman can open the cave. You’re going to be married. Divya looks at the thread Shekhr tied on her hand. Drishti says you will get married with all the rituals this time. She hugs her.

Scene 2
Shekhar comes to Rakshit. Rakshit says why do you look upset? He says no. Rakshit says is it about Divya’s wedding? You guys are good friends only right? Tell me why are you upset? Mahima comes there and says thank you Shekhar for convincing Divya.

Drishti says why do Guru ji want me to come back? What was the fifth shadow that we saw in the dream? She hears a beast. Drishti says what is that noise?
Divya asks Shekhar what do you want to say now? He says I wanted to talk. She says I gave you time to talk and you didn’t. I will talk to Vicky only now. Shekhar leaves.
Drishti says who is this? Lights spark. Drishti says who is it? She sees the beast. It comes towards her. Drishti runs and screams. Drishti runs in the jungle. The beast comes in front of her. Drishti shoves him with her magic. She screams for help. Drishti runs. The beast tries to attack her. Drishti shoves him and says I have powers from Shiv. She runs. The beast runs after her. Se climbs and tree and fights him. Drishti runs. She sees Shekhar on the ground coughing. Drishti says Shekhar what are you doing here? He says I saw a beast here. It ran there. Dirshti says I saw someone too. He goes inside. Drishti doubts him. Vicky is the beast. He gets back to normal and says who will save you next time.

Drishti comes home. She says what that? It was so scared. I should tell Rakshit. Drishti sees a letter. She says what is it? It has Shekhar’s photo and with a wanted from hell on it. Drishti says this is Shekhar. Prisoner 401 a prisoner who fled from hell. Drishti recalls her knew everything about hell. The paper falls from her hand. It falls in the pool. She tries to take it. Rakshit holds her.

Vicky says I did I had to. Pisachini says don’t be smart. Tomorrow night is heavy on you. He says if my face changes on its own, I won’t be able to stop myself. Pisachini says no worries if you become wolf. You will be married before it. Rakshit says do you want to swim? Drishti says nothing. Drishti says I have to show you something. He says I didn’t force Divya. She decided on her own. Drishti says what. He says we have to give a necklace to Divya. Mom wants to give it to her. Drishti says I want to talk about Shekhar. Drishti picks the paper. She says this paper.. Everything is removed. Drishti says he isn’t the real Shekhar. He is someone else. Rakshit says what are you saying? Drishti says let’s open the locker and see if it opens with his eyes. We will have a proof. Rakshit says everyone is asleep. So I should wake everyone up and tell them that my wife doubts Shekhar? Drishti says I am not lying. Rakshit says I dont’ want to talk about it. He goes to his room.

Scene 3
Everyone shows Divya jewelry. Mahima says Drishti you choose for her. Divya isn’t happy. Drishti says let’s take out the family necklace from the locker. Rashi says do you know it only opens when Rakshit and Shekhar open it with their eye scanner together. Ash says the fake Shekhar never wanted us to open because of the same reason. Mahima says let’s open it now.
Drishti comes to Shekhar. He says I want to tell you something. There’s something wrong with Vicky. Drishti says without proof? He says do you have proof? Drishti says yes I do. She takes Shekhar downstairs. Simran says Shekhar move, I am taking Divya and Vicky’s photo. Drishti says let’s open the locker. Shekhar says bhabhi what are you doing? Rakshit says this locker opens only when our eyes scan on it. He scans it. It unlocks in half. Rkashit says Shekhar comes. Pisachini says he will e caught now.
Precap-Drishti says he is fake Shekhar. He is wearing these contact lenses. He isn’t from this world. He came from hell. Drishti says you attacked me last night. Rakshit hits him. Divya says you said Vicky is wrong? You are an animal. The wedding is going on. Vicky turns into a wolf.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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