Bigg Boss 13 14th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kamya and Gaurav Desai ask Rashami to rethink about Arhaan

Bigg Boss 13 14th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says we have to show the mirror to the inmates. Some guests went into the house.

In the house:
Vikas reads the task freeze. They have to freeze when Bigg Boss says so. Bigg Boss freezes everyone. Kamya Punjabi enters the house. She comes to Shefali Zari and says you were playing good. You broke Asim and Sid’s friendship and then you asked Rashami to file a case on Sana, you played a good game. You asked Rashami and Arhaan to leave the house to handle their relation, you manipulate well but you are not a mastermind so do that. Kamya comes to Arhaan and says when Salman was asking you the questions, you said to not ask that on TV but you were talking about Rashami’s bank balance on TV? People know you because of Rashami only. Kamya comes to Rashami and says where is the strong Rashami? You are a fighter, you have been running behind Sid and Arhaan, play your game. Don’t do the mistake again. Kamya tells Madhu that you called Vishal a eunuch, we are fighting for their rights and you are using it as a derogatory term? It was sick. Kamya smiles at Mahira and hugs Sana. She kisses her forehead. She says you people can curse me but think about what I said. She leaves. Bigg Boss asks them to release. Sana laughs and says release. Rashami is sad.

Madhu cries alone and says sorry in the camera. Arhaan tells Rashami that they listen to the small bit, you cleared it with Paras only, I am sorry about it. Rashami says we should keep our things to us only.

Bigg Boss asks them to freeze. Hiten Tejwani enters there. Hiten says Arti was called confused but she is clear. He says Vishal is a blur, he doesn’t understand his loyalty, we want to see a clear person. Hiten tells Sana that you don’t entertain when Paras and Sid were not in the house, you can entertain alone. Hiten asks Bhau that you keep sleeping the whole week and then you become innocent in front of Salman and then you call Sana fake? Hiten tells Vikas that you are not seen, you are mastermind so play like one. He leaves. Bigg Boss says release. Mahira says what was this? Vikas tells Rashami that my relationship with him was the best.

Rashami says I fell, I stood up and walked again. Asim says poetry for her.

Vishal tells Paras that if I had wrong intentions then Mahira would know. Paras says then clear it with her. Vishal says she doesn’t listen to me.

All are frozen. Gaurav Desai enters the house. He hugs Rashami. Rashami cries. Gaurav says don’t be zoned out, Arhaan talked about you being on roads, I know you became bankrupt but Arhaan said it like you didn’t have a family, we are with you. It was hurtful that he said he brought you here, don’t be so spineless, stand for yourself. You are because of yourself only, don’t take any drastic decision here. Rashami says what you want to say it? Gaurav says be practical. He tells sorry to Arhaan and says you might have supported her emotionally but nothing else. He leaves. Bigg Boss asks Rashami and Arhaan to release. Arhaan goes behind Rashami. Arhaan says why are they all behind me? Rashami says clear this out. Arhaan says we have already talked about it. Rashami says call Bagga here. Bigg Boss release everyone. Bagga comes to her and says he talked about it but Arhaan shouldn’t have said on TV. Arhaan says sorry to Rashami and says I didn’t know that this would become so big, it was not an issue.
Sana tells Asim that they have no chemistry. Asim says her brother has said it now.
Rashami tells Arhaan that why would you share such details that are private to us only?

Asim tells Rashami to think about your brother’s words. There is something going on if your brother asked you to think about it.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He shows the mattress and says I am tired so I will do this show while lying. He lies down and says you people are looking like this on TV, who would want to see that? Bhau says I didn’t sleep for 15 days. Salman says Sana tried to wake you up but you created a scene. Bhau says I didn’t sleep this week. Salman says who sleeps the most in the house? Paras says Bhau sleeps most of the time. Bhau says don’t lie, don’t blame for no reason. Salman says I will blame you for a reason. Bhau says sorry but they are lying. Salman says we have seen you sleeping, you can sleep in this episode. Bhau says you can talk about it but not others. Salman says one person will be eliminated today. Salman asks Vikas Gupta if he is missing Shilpa Shinde? He says a lot, she used to keep the house tidy. Salman asks how was the mirror task? Asim says it was good. Salman says to Asim that your voice doesn’t irritate you? Don’t irritate too much. I pity your girlfriend. All laugh. Salman says Bhau was not frozen in the task. Bhau says they didn’t even give me a photo of the family. Salman says you can keep them in your heart. Shefali lost her letter too so why are you crying so much? Bhau says I miss them a lot. Salman asks Shefali Zari that your confidence is lost? Shefali says I have to bring back the power and be not emotional. Salman says why didn’t you become the captain? Shefali says Bhau was feeling bad. Salman says nothing personal was written in the letter. Shefali says I didn’t break Sid and Asim’s friendship. Salman says you can’t break up two friends if they are good friends. Salman asks Vishal. Vishal says she said that I am not solving the issues with Madhu. Salman tells Vishal that you are looking fake. Salman asks Sana why she didn’t play in the footage task because of Madhu and Vishal’s fights. Sana says it was fake as it started without any reason. Sana says I was weak emotionally too as Sid had left. Salman asks Madhu. Madhu says we started the fake fight but then I used a bad word. Salman asks Rashami what her brother said. Arhaan says I was talking about Rashami’s journey, she was lost but I supported her, Rashami didn’t want to accept this show before. Salman says Rashami has got an offer of this show every year so she accepted this year for you only? He asks Rashami. Rashami says I might have thought about Arhaan too. Salman says you have many houses so we all want to be bankrupt. Rashami says that the situation was different. Salman asks Rashami who has her house keys? She says, my house worker. Salman says people are going out and in your house, Arhaan has my house keys only. Salman asks Arhaan if his family was not living in her house? Arhaan says no. Salman asks Rashami what her brother said? Rashami says he said that Arhaan shouldn’t have said all that and I should think a lot about Arhaan and me. Salman says I would ask you to think a lot. Your brother said that Arhaan’s family was living in your house too. Salman says I am thankful that no housemate talked about it but Arhaan started that topic again. Salman asks Vikas if he wants to say something? Vikas says I told Arhaan to not talk about it but he doesn’t listen. Salman asks Vikas what happened in your season? Everyone was talking about your personal life but he handled it well. Salman ends the call.

Rashami asks Arhaan to listen to Salman. Vikas asks him to maturely think. Arhaan wipes his tears. Rashami says you have to be mature about this. Vikas says Salman is telling her because you are not clear with her. Think before you say anything.

On the stage:
Salman connects the video call with Sid who is in the hospital. Salman jokes if he is shouting at the doctors? Sid laughs and says I am missing that. Salman tells him that you are safe from eliminations, we have to see if God has saved you, he was a good heart man, he used to shout a lot but he was good. Sid laughs and says they are treating the back pain. Salman says Sana is upset that no one is giving her attention. Sid laughs. Sid says I haven’t met my family, I had a TV in my room but they took it away as well because I am still part of the show. Salman shows him the messages from his fans. They all say we miss you, we are big fans of you, get well soon. Video ends. Sid thanks everyone and says keep supporting me, I hope to enter the show again. Salman wishes him well and ends the call.

Salman welcomes Guthi on stage. Guthi jokes with him. Salman renacts a song with Guthi. She lies in the bed with him, dil diyan galan plays. Salman runs away from her. She brings a baby and shows it as Salman’s baby. All laugh. Salman takes a selfie with her. Guthi leaves. Salman says I hate dil diyan galan song now. All laugh.

Salman says let’s connect again. He calls the house again. The caller of the week calls. The caller says I want to ask Madhu why she keeps going to Vishal for footage? Madhu says I didn’t talk to him for 3 days, we had some argument but I did a soft corner for him. He says you are not playing with others. Madhu says I will try more. The caller says she is not shown on her own in the house. Salman talks to his daughter and ends the call.

Vikas tells Salman that his jacket is very cool. Salman thanks him. Salman asks the inmates to play a black hearts game. Salman says you have to inject black ink in the heart shape of two inmates, whoever has a more black heart will become the inmates with the blackest heart in the house. He says hearts are of Asim and Vishal. He asks Rashami. Rashami says Vishal’s words are not nice, she puts black ink on his heart shape. Arti says Vishal planned to not fight with me so I will be out of the house. Shefali says Asim didn’t see my loyalty, she feels his heart with the ink. Bagga fills Vishal’s heart as he keeps fighting. Madhu says Vishal have a black heart but Asim doesn’t do good with others so she fills his heart. Arhaan says Vishal said bad words about Rashami and Sid’s video. Vishal says I said sorry about it. Sana fills Asim’s heart and says we were friends but I can’t trust him, he is a flipper. Paras says Asim fought with Sid as he wanted to be the king then he didn’t understand Mahira’s emotions too. Mahira fills Asim’s heart and says his heart is black, he doesn’t care about emotions at all. Bhau fills Asim’s heart and says Asim said bad words to Shefali but he did the same thing to Mahira. Vikas says Asim does everything in the game but Vishal keeps doing it without any reason so I am filling his heart. Salman says Asim has more ink so he has a black heart. Vishal wins the oats.
Salman says I will tell you who is eliminated. Madhu has been eliminated but she will go out tomorrow. He ends the call. Salman says another person will be eliminated tomorrow.
PRECAP- Guthi enters the house. Guthi says people are calling Arti Abdullah as ‘begani shaadi mein Abdullah diwana hota hai’.
Priyank and Hina enter the house. Paras says Asim is zero to me. Hina says people like him a lot outside. Asim says Paras is zero to me.
Salman plays the slap task with Vishal and Arhaan. Salman says there will be another eviction, I am sorry Sana. Sana cries and says I didn’t entertain for 4 days so they are doing this. Salman says this is not a joke, you are out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So love Kamya and Gaurav hopefully Rashmi catches a wakeup call and not act dumb founded with that look she keeps giving

  2. Like i said before…. Shehnaaz is nothing without Sid. Paras is giving her no attention whatsoever but she is always running after him. Her entertainment is only when Sid is around.
    Arhaan and Rashmi’s relationship seems so fake to me now.
    As you may have heard on social media, Bhau is evicted

  3. Again shefali and bhau proved that who r they…I don’t understand how to express my anger through texting…wish Sid a very speedy recovery…I’m not a bad person ND neither Asim is??????????they both look cute while smiling ????????????

    1. Pradeep Varma

      I am not agreeing with Shefali’s point regarding Asim but yes whatever Bhau has told about Asim, that was right. This point was also put up by me on my comment during the said episode.

    2. @ RV
      Apnon be teer maara,
      Beganon ne laash uthaya..
      Jab apna janazaa aaya,
      To doston ne Eid manayi….

    Those who think that the episode was again irritating ND one-sided ???
    Wish guests ne negative logon ko bhi kuch kaha hota…but they were just becoming love gurus

  5. Good morning every one, wish you all a good day too.
    Last night mirror show was really good that they expressed what ever we viewers wanted to say to them openly. It is quite true that Shefali played a big role in breaking Sid n’ Asim brotherly friendship, they were inseperable prior to entry of Shefali and others, but pity they fell apart, Shefali n’ himanshi could have made them reunite but they used Asim to their advantage and so as paras n’ mahira used Sid to their advantage too…
    it would be really great Sid comes back with complete recovery to reunite with Asim and form a deadly combo of Sid, Asim n’ Sana others will follow them if it happens but who knows what the makers plan is…. 🙂
    felt sorry for Asim that he was betrayed by his so called friends Shefali n’ bhau who pretend to be good, but they are too bad to count as friends… hope asim realise what kind of people around him, and he may miss Sid too…
    It is disgusting to see Arhaan how mean and cheap he is to proclaim his deeds on rashmi… i dont know why she is desperate with him, may be he would have helped him a lot, but his actions and secrets does not support his claim… anyway it is their personal choice who are we to comment….
    It looks like Madhu will be out, and Sana will be taken to Secret room, we have to wait n’ watch what is going to happen… catch you all tomorrow…. I am sorry if anyone of you offended with my earlier comments…. let us all have peace n’ fun… 🙂

    1. I an big fan of rashmi for her work but didnt liek her in this show
      Gobar jaisa face bana ke rakhti hai…i hate arhaan
      I just pray rashmi ditch him, i dont want her to end up like pratyusha bannerjee…Arhaan is a fraud
      And wat on earth she liked in him anyway
      No personality, his way of talking,his nature behaviour…nothing is impressive

  6. I miss smiling sid
    He looks so handsome while smiling, sana is nice but they dont make a pair. He looks perfect with rashmi but rashmi brings out animal in him…so she is also nt right for him…
    Love u Sid

  7. Vishal is a genuine guy and highly misunderstood in this bb house.
    He is a true heart guy. He is what he is but much better than paras arti mahira arhaan rashmi bhau

  8. The mirror task was good…loved kamya.
    Shefali – I felt kamya opened all her cards and there is nothing remaining to play… it’s a wake-up call for Asim than a message to Shefali.
    Arhaan and reshmi needed that bit of advice from both kamya and gaurav.
    Madhu- I felt she deserved it…that day itself I thought how can she call him that… secondly she said sorry for camera, but didn’t mean it..coz when Vishal was abused, he said u used that word again.. which means she uses it often…
    Hiten – in his season, hiten was definitely a gentle man, but with no game as such.. so I find it funny to see him advise Vikas and Vishal… anyways, he was here to give them a reality check…he did his job.
    Hope reshmi gets it and hold her engagement thought for a while…
    I liked how Asim came and said if Ur bro is telling u, u need to think on it and then come to a conclusion..
    If reshmi is still backing arhaan, either she is madly in love or that man has done something huge to her…
    Hope Sid gets better soon… honestly I don’t find the jokes of death funny (abt Sid)…but that’s my issue…
    Asim was definitely not black hearted..
    1) he was the one who consoled Sana at the time of paras leaving…at that point of time, they both were fighting like hell…he kept her secret (loving paras) and when asked by himanshi, he said Sana is missing her dad…
    2) He was with Sid on jala hua paratha matter, and at that time they kind of started drifting and paras n mahira was always with Sid.. reshmi arhaan were almost on Asim side by that time..
    3) He pushed Sid away from reshmi and Sid was angry on him for that. Sana was yelling at him for that and he said Sid will get bashed for this on Wkw and I don’t want that to happen…
    As he says u don’t need tasks to prove how much u care or love, Ur usual behaviour shows it…
    Bhau filling ink in Asim shows he still doesn’t get the plot…asim shredded mahira letter coz she’s neither his friend nor his team mate… He yelled at Shefali coz she tore letter of bhau who is really close to her…plus she was already a captain…
    Sana is nothing without Sid… she’s in the plot just cos of Sid ..she tried to get some attention from Paras, but he treats her like doormat…

    1. As he says u don’t need tasks to prove how much u care or love, Ur usual behaviour shows it…when he said these lines…they r actually too gud…in which episode..I want to hear from his mouth…even his defence is sooo gud…these lines prove it…like his one liners, looks, bod, behavior, energy, agression, stand and obviously his voice with cute face??????wish he could say all this infront of salman…I wanted to know what he says about this …maybe ignore it

    2. Im glad im nOt the only one with these opinions

  9. I am sure there won’t be any discussions on how biased paras and Sid were on saving mahira and giving captiancy to Vikas… Iike they conveniently forgot how paras bullied Asim on perfume,rich poor thing in previous wkw ..
    I don’t understand why was Vikas told he is not living up to mastermind tag by Salman and hiten…
    He did the letter task well…what is he supposed to do as a mastermind while cooking n doing households? He uses his brain while task…other tasks were kinda promotion tasks plus he was sanchalak…what should he do as a sanchalak with his brain…
    Or are they asking him to do biased decisions like paras took in train task?

  10. When salman mimics Asim it’s worse than the whole show…how they laugh at this??????????such cringy feeling I get…when he mimics his accent that’s so annoying but he’s the host…u can’t mess with him…belongs to powerful family..can ruin your career or makes your career….????don’t feel like commenting on him too…mahira Said asim’s heart is black as he has never done gud whenever she did…can someone tell me when she did gud with him…he said he’ll repay…even banks give time to repay the loan..but I really wished makers allowed kamya to tell what is happening outside…makers only brought her to take cls of arhaan…and above all she kissed Sana and smiled at mahira ???must have charged good for that…and that fakenaaz shouted like pooo…woooow???#stupiditytoanotherlevel
    Those who r saying she’ll be top 3 ???? without Sid she’s nothing so if she will be top 3 then it’s the perfect example of how to reach at top without difficulty…she and mahira r nothing without Paras???Sid???

  11. Show started with 14 contestants ND today after 70-80 days also their t 13 contestants ??????????aaj pehla eviction hoga iss show ka aisa lg rha hai????????

  12. Rashmi should b careful for her future since her brother has revealed what’s happening in her house. Farhan is using her like he did his ex girlfriend.

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