Manmohini 14th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ananya mixes something in Shiv’s turmeric

Manmohini 14th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya comes to her parent’s room. Sunanda opens the door. Ananya asks about Kamal as she wants to talk to him. Sunanda says he is asleep. Kamal comes from behind and tells Sunanda to go and sleep. He poses to be angry and takes Ananya outside to speak to her. Ananya laughs, Kamal also responds with a smile. Ananya tells Kamal that Ketki doesn’t love Shiv. Kamal says its good, there is no fear of heartbreak. She must now fight for her love, as he did. He was Brahman and her mother wasn’t from the caste, but they still married. He assures his support at each step of her struggle. Ananya hugs Kamal. Sunanda watches this. Ananya wishes Good Night to Kamal and goes upstairs. Sunanda thinks she must fix Kamal, and get Ananya on the right path as well; she only belongs to Mann and not Shiv.

Dai Maa prays at home for Shiv. She wish Shiv comes close to Mansi, overcomes his Satan and gets his love of life.

Ananya comes to Shiv’s room. She drags him inside and says she won’t let him marry Ketki. He will have to confess his love before their wedding rounds. She will fight anyone who comes between their loves. Shiv brings a jug full of water and bathes Ananya. Shiv says his mother taught her to bathe an angry man’s head with cool water. He poured this water so that Ananya can decide with a cool mind. Ananya replies the decision has been made, and soon Shiv will express his love with her. She believes Mahadev will make him express this love.

The next morning, Ketki argues the tailor as her dress wasn’t ready. Ketki was shocked to see Ananya preparing for the Haldi and asks how she can be helping with the arrangements of the wedding. She poses to be innocent. Ketki leaves to get her earrings. Ananya mix a powder in the turmeric. Kamal comes to Ananya and tells her not to forget that Ketki and Shiv don’t love each other. Ananya says she has worked really hard for the turmeric and Shiv will have strange sensations after applying it.

Sunanda watches this, and comes to the room. She pulls out a doll and looks into a test tube inside its neck. The tube was empty. Sunanda says her medicine has ended, she must do something else. She comes upstairs to knock at the bath’s door. Mishra ji comes out immediately. Sunanda says Ananya wants to break Ketki’s marriage. She won’t be able to stop Ananya, as she might mind and Kamal was also not ready. Mishra ji says Ananya won’t be able to stop the wedding at any cost. He forcefully shakes Sunanda’s hand, who toss it away and leaves.

Mishra ji comes downstairs and finds Amma ji sorting her jewellry. Radha stood with her. Mishra ji says he and his daughter will take ownership of all these jewels. Mishra ji gets Amma ji’s feet and shows her the chain he had gifted her on his wedding. He wished to keep it with him till his last breath but now he will have to use it on his daughter’s wedding. Radha offers her own bangles to Mishra ji, and her earrings as well. Amma ji scolds them as she is alive and will take care of everything.

At the Haldi ritual, Shiv was seated as the groom. Ananya walks downstairs with the turmeric. Dadi asks why she brought two bowls. Ananya says one is for Ketki, which is mixed with rose water, scent and some herbs. Kamal stood behind Ananya. Ananya says she couldn’t apply the girlish turmeric to Shiv. Kamal whispers what she is upto. Ananya says sometimes pain also brings heart closer, and one need to impart pain on other as well.

Shiv takes his shirt off for the Haldi ritual. Ananya sits around to apply the turmeric on his face, his arms and rest of his body. She asks if its hurtful. Shiv replies nothing hurts with her hands.

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