Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Chiku meets Nupur during the street show

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chiku returning the cycle to the vendor. He says you are really honest. She says I had sworn on my mum. He blesses her. She says I will become good like Nupur wants her Payal to be. Vini says thank God, Chiku left. Kamini says I will take care of her, you just go against me, else I will throw you out too. Nupur comes to Vini and sees her checking the big gifts. She asks her to just value the feelings behind the gift. She sings a lullaby and asks her to sleep. Vini says I can’t sleep if you keep singing. Nupur says sorry and goes. She thinks of Chiku and thinks why do I think of Chiku, I m doing wrong, my focus and love should be just for Payal. Chiku sits with some poor people on the roadside. Some people come there and offer sweets. Chiku says I don’t want, I have the coconut laddoo made by my mum. She smiles.

Its morning, Chiku greets the sun. She says I will do something that my mummy sees me and gets happy. She goes to help the vendor. She asks why are you sad, Kaka, did anything happen. He says no, kid these days don’t come to see my puppet show. She says my mummy says that every morning is new, things will change, we have to try doing our work, I m with you this time. He asks how will you help me. She gets an idea.

Nupur and everyone dine. Nupur says I was thinking to donate few things by Payal’s hands. Vini says no, I don’t want to give any food or clothes. Nupur says Lord has given us a lot, if we share things, we will get happy. Vini says we will go to mall and buy a mobile. Nupur says we will go there, but not buy a mobile, feeding the poor is a good thing, we should always help others. Vini refuses. Milind looks on. Chiku says those who help others, Bappa listens to them soon. Nupur says we will go and donate things to the kids. Vini goes. Nupur asks am I doing anything wrong, she doesn’t get happy, she gets upset. Milind says she came from a bad environment, so she isn’t adjusting here, its our blood, not our upbringing, we should give her some time. She says we have to explain her and teach her things. He says fine, give some time. Chiku dresses in traditional clothes. She dances along the puppet and gets the people to watch her show. Milind, Nupur, Kamini, Aai and Vini are on the way. Nupur says once we donate things, we will go to the mall. Vini gets upset. Kamini thinks we have to get worried because of this sample. She says she is upset, she has no interest in it, you will understand it soon.

Nupur says I don’t agree, we have to be strict when needed, Vini will get happy meeting the kids there. She prays. They stop at the signal. Nupur sees Chiku dancing. She takes Vini with her. She doesn’t identify her in disguise. Nupur says see that boy is dancing so well. Chiku sees her and takes her for dance. Nupur dances with Chiku. Milind smiles watching them.

Aai says I m so satisfied seeing Nupur so happy, she is so happy getting Payal back, she has become old Nupur now, she is dancing with kids, I wish she gets her happiness. Nupur asks Vini to come and dance. Vini shouts I don’t know dance, I don’t want to dance, why did you get me here. She goes back to the car. Kamini thinks Nupur you deserve this. Nupur goes. Chiku thinks why is Vini doing this, Nupur was talking with love, Vini is behaving badly. Nupur asks Vini to listen to her. She doesn’t see Vini and worries. She says did she get kidnapped again, no, this can’t happen. Vini goes to buy icecream. Nupur runs to her. She is about to fall in a pit. Chiku saves Nupur and falls inside the pit. Nupur gets shocked.

Chiku talks to Vini. She says I won’t tell her that I m her Payal, don’t give her any tension. Vini warns her. Chiku says Kamini and Vini might be doing a drama, Nupur shouldn’t fall in any danger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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