Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update : A man throw necklace in well

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari sitting in utensil lit on fire and chanting. Tillu and Malkhan walks in. Tillu start mocking Tiwari. Malkhan laugh at him. Tiwari also movks him back. Angoori walks in, Tillu and Malkhan greets her Angoori ask do you want to have something. Tillu says first we thought og having breakfast at home but then we realised we are coming here so thought of eating here. Tiwari says we didn’t open any mess and says you don’t have any self respect I have not given you salary from last 6 months but still you vome to my house. Tillu says I keep my slef respect aside and ask Malkhan to speak. Malkhan says you said whoever will give you news of necklace will give him money and says we brought necklace with us. Tillu show necklace. Angoori thank God and says to Tiwari we got necklace because of Ammaji ritual. Malkhan help Tiwari yo vome out of utensil. Angoori ask is everything fine. Tiwari ask for necklace. Tillu says first guve me money then ill give you necklace. Tiwari ask Angoori to bring checkbook. Tillu give necklace to Tiwari and take check from Angoori. Angoori says let me bring something for you to eat.

Angoori cooking and singing. Anu walks to her window and greets her. Angoori ask how are you and are you coming from shopping. Anu says I’m coming from grooming classes, sees necklace and ask what is this. Angoori says this is spinach. Anu says I’m asking about what you arr wearing. Angoori says this is costly and lucky necklace from the time we got this necklace our life is full of happiness. Anu thinks this is the same necklace Vinhu was gifting me how could you be so stupid Anu. Angoori says Vibhuti give me this necklace as gift he is very nice person and you know someone stole tgis necklace then I pray for it and it return back. Anu says you must have pray hard says I have some work so will see you around and leaves.

Malkhan and Tillu sitting near tea stall. Tillu says to Malkhan there are no girls to see in morden colony. Beggar come and says I have nothing to eat please help me. Malkhan says we don’t have anything now but come after few days we will be having money and ask tea stall vendor to make tea for baba. Beggar says thanks to them. Tillu says why did you tell beggar we are getting money, these things are not to be said in open. Malkhan says okay from next time we will do it in our room. Tillu says I was thinking it’s a very special necklace and we will get lucky only when some lady wear it. Malkhan says that’s why Tiwari took that necklace and give us check, what was the name who made necklace. A man walks in and sit beside them and trouble them in finding that name. Tillu scolds him, ask him to go and says his name was Hirabadiye Dhanezebar Khua Khualwa. Beggar sitting them thinks finally I got to know about my great grandmother’s property.

Anu in hall calling Vibhu. Vibhuti walks in ask what happen you look in tension. Anu says I saw that necklace Angoori wearing. Vibhu says I stole that necklace personally, you said you want that necklace. Anu says I don’t know how to react on this. Vibhu says we didn’t steal it I was just taking that back but I don’t understand how did it go out from our house. Anu says did Tiwari steal it. Vibhu says I’m sure he stole it, I don’t like such people who steal from someone’s house. Anu says and you steal it from outside window. Vibhu says let’s not get into it. Anu says yes you are right and I want you to go tonight and bring that necklace back. Vibhu says you are greedy girl. Anu says if you are done then bring coffee for me.

Same night Beggar enter into Tiwari’s room from window. Tiwari and Angoori sleeping. Beggar hear noise says someone is coming and hide under bed. Vibhuti enter the room trouble Tiwari in sleep and look for necklace says were is necklace Tiwari must have ask to keep in cupboard and flirts with Angoori, he try to open cupboard and sneez. Angoori and Tiwari wake up scared and see Vibhu in there room. Tiwari ask what are you doing in our bedroom. Angoori says if you want anything you could have told me. Vibhuti says tea would be great. Angoori about to get up. Tiwari shouts at her and ask where is your necklace. Angoori and Tiwari in shock.

Anu, Vibhu, Tiwari and Angoori in Tiwari’s house. Anu says I’m sorry in behalf of Vibhu. Tiwari says you not need to say sorry, you didn’t steal anything you no need to apologise its Vibhu who steal necklace. Vibhu says I didn’t do anything. Tiwari says when police will take you and beat you then you will tell everything. Vibhu says to Anu he is threatening me. Anu says no need to involve police. Tiwari says why not he steal necklace and me and Angoori see him. Anu says he didn’t know it was my necklace. Angoori says you gave me Anu’s necklace. Vibhuti says I was unable to see Bhabhiji’s pain so I gave her as gift. Tiwari ask wehre it is written will you tell me Vibhutiya. Vibhu ask Anu tell him not to call me this or I’ll lose my calm. Anu says don’t call him this and says when Vibhu gave me this necklace and we got some misunderstanding so he gifted you that necklace but look how kind heart he is he was trying to make you happy. Vibhuti says I love you baby. Anu says now tell where is necklace. Vibhu says I don’t have it. Tiwari says see how he is lying. Tiwari and Vibhuti gets into argument. Tiwari go and hit Vibhu with pillow and take gim to other room. Vibhu and Tiwari come back in bad condition. Tiwari hit Vibhu again. Anu shouts why arr you fighting instead of that try to figure out who took necklace. Angoori says Anu is saying right. Anu says who is this man who took necklace.

Old man near well takes out necklace says sorry to disturb you dadaji, mamy people had eye on this necklace, my wife is already dead that’s why this is of no use for me and won’t let this necklace be if someone else property and throws it in well.

Next day. Tillu and Malkhan near tea stall. Malkhan says what that bank manager didn’t give you money. Tillu says that Tiwari blocked that check, I never saw a cruel person like him and curse Tiwari. Tiwari hear everything walks to them and ask what I did now. Malkhan says you stopped our check, you should change your name. Tiwari slaps him and says that necklace was stolen again why should I give you money, did you steal it. Tillu says we are not that bad that we go into your room and steal necklace. Tiwari sit beside Tillu and slap him says tell me how you know it got stolen from Angooris neck, it’s confirm you both stole it and try to call police. Malkhan and Tillu stops him and says we swear on our girlfriend we didn’t steal. Tiwari says okay and remember not to call me fraud from now on or else I’ll not leave you and walks away.

Vibhuti bring coffee for Anu and says I use to say everyone my wife is amazing intelligent and says from now on all these respect is not available for you, when I gave you necklace you could have taken that and avoided this chaos but your choices made things difficult. Anu says I’m sorry for that. Vibhuti says when Laxmi come to our house we should accept it. Anu says now forget it things are over now. Prem walks to them start crying. Vibhuti ask why are you crying. Prem says my wife left me, she died now how I’ll live my life.

Tiwari says my cousin sister is coming Munmun. Tillu start liking Munmun and says to Angoori I want to get married to Munmun. Tiwari says you don’t have any reputation that you will get married to my sister. He push Tillu. Tillu hit his head into door.

Angoori ask Saxena how much news is legit of Tillu. Saxena says it’s totally legit he is son of business man Chopra

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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