Vidrohi 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Baxi convinces Radha

Vidrohi 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalyani coming to Jagabandhu and saying you thought I will forget my sword practice after marriage. Kalyani and Jagabandhu have a sword fight. He smiles seeing her skills. He corners her. She says it doesn’t matter who wins in this practice, if Radha loses, then we both will lose, you should apologize to her, she felt bad, it was your decision to hide the truth. He says I was helpless. She says even I was helpless, we can fight all our lives, but Radha needs you now, you aren’t wrong, I know, but she felt bad.

Jagabandhu goes to Radha. She says you had to hide the matter from me for a reason. He says I love you a lot, I broke down many times seeing you upset, don’t be upset with me, just hold my hand always, talk to me. She smiles and says you didn’t make me face such a thing before, so I felt hurt, I have to try a lot and get upset. He says you look pretty, lets end this annoyance here. He hugs her. Kalyani comes and looks on. Radha says its suhaagans puja, I want Kalyani to do the puja secretly for her husband. He agrees. She sees Kalyani and stops her. She asks Kalyani to keep the fast and do the puja tomorrow. She says I can’t help you, because everyone will be with me, but Baxi will help you. Kalyani says I won’t do this puja, one should do this from heart, I have no love for my husband, it will be a drama if I do this puja. Radha says I can understand what you are going through, you aren’t with your husband, so you don’t love him, love happens slowly when you stay together with him, whenever we do this puja, a suhaagan’s heart goes somewhere, she feels for her husband. He says she said she doesn’t love her husband, I agree, she shouldn’t do the puja. Kalyani says thanks for understanding my feelings, this marriage is just a compromise for me, it has no value in my heart. He says yes.

She says but marriage is done, what’s the problem to keep the fast. Kalyani says I don’t want love and respect from my husband, we can never have any relation, its enough if he fulfills the conditions. Jagabandhu says he will keep the conditions, you already knew that there will be no love in this marriage. She says I have no regret, I won’t keep the fast for him. Radha says you are very angry on him. Kalyani says no, I don’t want anything from him. He says I don’t want to discuss more, we should respect her decision. Radha says fine, Kalyani can feel that she should do the puja. Kalyani says I promise, I won’t feel this, you sleep now. She hugs Radha. Radha says don’t do anything against your wish. Kalyani goes and thinks of Baxi’s words. She gets angry. Its morning, Tilottama hugs Gadadhar and says I will get decked up today, I will pray and give you a child soon. Amba comes. She stares at Gadadhar. She says I got this for your Shringhaar. She keeps the flowers. Tilottama goes to get ready. Amba taunts him. He says I just love you. She says then do the puja with me today, you won’t return to your room today. Kalyani says I will have fruits first, if someone loves their husband, then leaving the food isn’t necessary. She cuts the fruits. She gets up to get salt. The fruits fall down. She says I can’t eat this now. She goes out and sees Jagabandhu. Radha’s mum sees them. Kalyani says I m very hungry, I m going to have food. Jagabandhu asks why are you telling me, go and have it. He goes. Radha’s mum gets angry. She says Kalyani wants his attention, I can’t put Radha’s future in risk, I have to find a way and make Kalyani out.

Radha says I wanted Kalyani to do this puja. Kalyani says don’t worry, I decided to do this puja. Radha asks how did you change your decision, do you also love your husband. Kalyani looks at Jagabandhu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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