Why did you cheat me in love???? Ishqbaaz (Part 5)

Hey everyone I am extremely so soory do posting the next part of my ff so late but I think in UAE it’s quite a bit early as it is gonna be 12. So I need ur gyz suggestion which I will tell at the end of the episode. So here I will stop my bakbak and let’s go straight to the next episode of my ff before that a quick recap
Recap-oberoi fiance came to their oberoi office after their trip to Paris. Kapoor sisters came face to face with AnRiYa. Rumi pointed on sissters characters and got slap from Saumya. Kapoor sisters were super seriously angry and left the office with anger.

Outside the oberoi office the car was waiting for them and they headed towards the car and discussing on what happened today
Tia- how could she do that to me I will not leave her
Svetlana -plz relax Tia don’t make a mess of his Tia and xoncentreate on the plan
(GYZ these sistrs are the real villan of my ff)
Tia-De u are telling me to chill she made me to tell sorry infront of those oberoi industry employees I mean how could she do that and I feel that since those three are back these oberoi brothers can go back to themm
Rumi-nothing id going to happen like that Tia de what u think if couz what we did with them before 2years ago I guess they wouldn’t have forgotten at all
Tia-I guess we need to take the next step of our plan
Svetlanano Tia we shouldn’t do it right now let the time come than we can do it
Rumi-yeah Svetlana de is right Tia de we shouldn’t take our next step of our plan for some days we won’t to anything couz we need to know that these oberois will accept them or not if they entered the OM

At the oberois office
While those sisters were working together and enjoying themselves as they heard a knock
Anika -come in
Obros came inside
Shivaay -we are really sorry on behalf of them as they didn’t know that they all gyz would be coming
Anika-it’s k Mr.Oberoi we understand that this is the way ur employees treat it clients by pointing out on their character am I right
Omkara-it’s not pull that u this Miss.Anika
Anika- a have a name and it is Rathore so plz
Omkara-sorry Miss. Rather but we remember that Mr. Rathore didn’t have any daughters
Gauri-who said 3 are his strength and nobody can’t touch him when his daughtersare there. I am Gauri Singh Rathore second daughter of Mr rathore and to my right is Anika Singh Rathore and to my left is Saumya Singh Rana who is our cousin but we are more than sisters
Rudra-if u don’t mind please call us by our name that would sound better
Saumya-fyn we will call u by ur names itself. So de can we get back to work now
They all started getting back to work
They tried to finish their work ASAP and went to their perspective ways and headed to club stars both of them didn’t knew that they are going to get to see each other

At club stars
Shivaaywas in black jeans pant with black t-shirt and blue denim jeans jacket with bjlack canvad shoes
Omkara was in his casual and rudra too

After few minutes sisters also entered and they were in
Anika was in black off-shoulder dress with black boots.
Gauri was in cresmish dress which was matching to the jacket of omkara and
Saumya was in red dress which allow matches with rudra jacket and these sisters headed towards drink

At drink counter
Anika -5 vodka shots please
Gauri-1 vodka and what about u
SaumyaI’ll have white wine

ShivOmRu was shocked to see them over here and in different avtar and even more shocked about their habits
All three sisters were enjoying wehen they noticed ShivOmRu over here and they headed towards them to ask
Anika-whhat are u all by doing over here
Shivaay-we came to njoy and what are u all doing ovr here
Omkara-and even if dresses are somewhat matching to our clothes
Gauri-disgusting habit u are checking our clothes seriously omkara trurly disgusting
Rudra- O surely didn’t mean thaat and (Anika interupts them)
Anika-we all.have came here to njoy so let’s enjoy
Om-njoy on what
Gauri-we do have our personal lyf and we need to njoy
After saying this the sisters headed towards the dance floor and were seriously njoying themselves and ShivOmRu was trueky mesmerized by their beauty as they have never seen them in this avatar

Some gyz were talking with them and ShivOmRu was being jealous and it was clearly understood by their brothers and they headed to send floor with them and they alll were dancing together

After few hours the sisters left the club as they all were tired and were waiting for the taxi and the obros also came out and saw them waiting and headed towards their car

Om-shivaay let’s drop them
Shivaay-are u serious on like I mean
Om-first of all we have consumed alcohol and we are not supposed to drive and we are gonna make a stay in hotel and for the sake of humanity let’s give them a lift .
Rudra-I agree with I bhaiya
Shivaay -I fyn them

Onros asked for the lift but those sisters Denis it with full tadi and the sisters walked towards the main door

Suddenly a group of his were following the sisters and they have walked forward that they are in main Tia and not even people are there it’s only sisters and those group of guz
Anika for pissed and just yelled at them which made them to lie their anger and come out of the car and started to harass and molest them as their condition was not so strong that they could fight with them (don’t want I mention too detail over here so I gyz just think up by urselv ) those group of gyz heard a car soulnd left them and ran towards their car and flees from theree oberois car arrived over there and as them in weak and unconscious condition
Shivaay -rudra get water go fast
Om-but wht happened to them all three (by the gym rudra arrived with water)
Shivaay-looks Lyn some people have harrased and molested them(sprinkled water on their face)
AnRiYa was feeling very weird and they just wanted to run out from by seeing their faces the obros understood and removed their jackets and put around them
Anika -thanks shivaay of I don’t mind can u please drop id to our hotel
Shivaay-k we will give u a drop
As AnRiYa was not able to walk properly they were given support to walk by oberois and they had a cute eyelock

At the car
There was a complete silence in the car especially sisters wanted to cryout badly as they were feeling very weird……They reached the hotel and omkara suggested them to take a leave for tomorrow and the sisters headed gtowards their room
Om-gyz can we stay in this hotel as a are already over here
Rudra-j fyn
They gave their car keys and headed to the receptionist and for to special room which was taken by AnRiYa

Precap-got to share the room and AnRiYa going to enter the oberoi mansion. Let’s see will everyone allow them to stay over here and oh my maata of few people

*kindly ignore my grammatical errror and hope this is enough and not short .

Need ur suggestions for how to get the AnRiYa in oberoi mansion pleas drive me ideas as the next part will be in Sunday if not better ideas then on Monday so please gob me ideas and need ur help

Just be the way u are

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  4. Actually i cannot understand wat happened after the party can anyone explain

    1. Clivisha12

      Somali u can take it like this way after the party in club stars and enjoying themselves They went to the main road for getting a cab andsince tmsome group of guz harrased and molested them (sleeved torn, marks on theirbody etc) lying in the road with weak and unconscious condition ) take it in almost this way

  5. Maybe u can show like vikram came to india and got to know their past so trying patch them he is staying in oberio mansion along with anriya

    1. Clivisha12

      Sonali vikram doesn’t know about their past much

  6. Awesome one…
    U could show like a meeting was held in OM nd the sisters unwillingly had to come there nd dadi after seeing them compelled them to stay there or something like that..
    Well,waiting for the nxt…update asap!

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