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Hi everyone, I just want to clear few things before going into the plot. For flashback part, Initially I will start with Vaus’s perspective as he is telling the story but while the story builds up I might change to Krishna and Ameena’s perspective from Sanskar’s and Ragini’s end. Kindly bear the mistakes as I am beginner. There will be many unrealistic things that you might come across from my other writings as it’s totally fictional and I am trying to imagine and write how it would have been just after Independence. It’s just my perspective about that time. Hope you guys will support me as usual and I will try to complete the story asap.

Recap : All Parts here

Vasu started telling them, “I don’t know how he came to know about Krishna and Ameena, he just told me that he want to know about their love story”

RagSan were equally eager to know about Krishna and Ameena. Sanskar questioned him, “How does Ameena look?” this made Ragini uncomfortable she was very furious on Sanky and above she was jealous as Sanky started to think about Ameena, she was afraid that she might lose importance in his life but she doesn’t want to show up her feelings in front of some unknown person so she kept quiet and listened to them carefully.

Vasu laughed and said, “Lucky also asked me the same question”. Now Ragini became too angry and started scolding Lucky in her heart “even you did the same thing Lucky, I thought I was most important to you but I was wrong”, Vasu continued, “But none of us really know how does Ameena looks like”. RagSan were surprised and questioned back, “How come that happen Dadaji when she studied along with you for 3 years”

Vasu reminded them that, “It was 1950 and that too she is Muslim girl, so she always had a veil on her face and so no one really knows how she looked like, but Krishna looked exactly like you, with light beard and moustache”

Sanskar questioned him, “Then how did they fell in love Dadaji without even knowing how she looks like”

Vasu replied, “That’s why everyone says that Love is blind. Only three or four men might have really known how she looked like, and in our class we had only 3 ladies at that time”

Ragini exclaimed, “That’s really strange” Sanskar interrupted and questioned, “Dadaji do you know anything about Ameena’s family?” Ragini’s face was watchable, whenever she hears Ameena’s name from Sanky’s mouth her facial reaction changes and lava of jealousy might explode at any time.

Vasu replied, “All I know is Ameena is an Orphan girl who was adopted by Abdul Shah, and he is a single parent to her, and he died when she was in college and after that Krishna married her, poor girl didn’t had anyone except Krishna who loved her more than the world”

Sanskar was listening to Vasu carefully while Ragini’s all eyes were on just Sanskar and his reaction. Vasu continued, “I remember their first kiss”. RagSan surprised, “In 1950 first kiss in public???”

Vasu smiled, “No beta I will tell you everything have some patience and he continued”

Flashback: 1950

The first day of our Law College, it had got lot of craze as many leaders before independence has studied law, and it continued to our generation. All of us were eager, many people came here from many places as it was the only institute we had at that time. Krishna came from Visakhapatnam and Ameena was from Hyderabad itself. Krishna used to stay along with few of his friends in a room near to Ameena’s place. All the people were against Abdul as he was sending his daughter to co-education but he didn’t cared anyone and made her admission in the Law College. He wanted her daughter to stand on her foot.

As the clock struck 9, everyone started to enter the college premises, there were some group of people who were sitting near a big Banyan tree. Many people were gathered around them, when we were walking towards it we came to know that seniors are ragging juniors. Krishna, myself, Ram and Imran were being ragged when suddenly one of the senior stopped Ameena who was wearing veil. That was our first meet. They asked her to stop and one of the seniors asked her to remove the veil, she rejected it calmly, but they were not ready to accept, so they asked her either to remove the veil or kiss one of the boy among them. Everyone were shocked hearing that.

Sanskar interrupted Vasu and questioned, “How could they ask her to Kiss anyone like that?” Vasu continued, “Yes but she is an intelligent girl, no one could really identify her as there are some other muslim girls in that group along with Ameena, so after thinking for long time she decided that she would kiss, all of us were choked with her decision but seniors were eager, but silently she stepped towards Krishna who was not keen on their talks and planted a kiss on his hand”

Sanskar looked at Ragini who was already looking at him and remembered how Ragini was asked to kiss someone in the group during her first year of Engineering and kissed him in the crowd, he recollected everything and felt something strange.

Ragini questioned, “Did seniors accept it?” Vasu replied her, “Not really, but she told them that they asked her to kiss someone among them and she did it”

Krishna stood like a rock and was not able to move his eyes from her. He don’t know how she looks like but he just stared at her eyes without any expression. Ragini turned and looked at Sanskar who was looking at her in the same way how Vasu was describing about Krishna and Ameena. She waved at him who was deeply immersed in his thoughts about the first kiss Ragini gave him. Vasu continued, “Ameena turned and looked at Krishna who was staring at her and after few minutes she disappeared from our sight” and none of us know in which class she was, as there were many different groups in the University along with Law.

The receptionist came to the guest room and reminded them that the visiting hours are closed for today, so they can come again tomorrow. RagSan has to leave the place and went to their hotel room.

Sanskar was just lost in thoughts and trying to correlate the incidents but he was not succeeding. He saw Ragini who was sad, he went to her and questioned, “Raagu what happened, why are you sad”

Ragini replied, “Why should you be bother about me, leave it.”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Bother!!! Really!!! Raagu can’t you say anything directly on my face if you have to say”

Ragini exclaimed, “What should I say to you Sanky? But why should I say to you, I should get used to stay alone after you leave me right”

Sanskar questioned, “Why should you stay alone and why the hell I would leave you”

Ragini reminded him, “Did you forget Sanky?? Ok then I will remind you everything, we had a stupid agreement that you would leave me and take away Lucky along with you”, she held his collar and questioned him, “How could you separate a son from his mother”

Sanskar held her tightly and questioned her, “Is this question from you Raagu!!! I never wanted to get away from you, it was you who wanted to get rid of me and Lucky. Even now I didn’t had that thoughts in my head, it was you who was again thinking to get separated”

Ragini looked into his eyes which were misted. She exclaimed, “So you are not going to take away my Lucky from me right!!”

Sanskar exclaimed cupping her cheeks, “No Raagu, not at all. Once I had already done that because of which Laksh Veduri has to suffer, I would not let it repeat again” Ragini felt that he is again thinking about Ameena. She wanted to say him that she loves him but Sanskar interrupted her, “Raagu, why can’t we try to be friends like before, why don’t we give chance to our relation, I know it’s not easy for you, but take your time, I can wait for you” saying that he opened the door to go out. He stopped for a while and exclaimed, “Raagu, I Love you and just you, hope you would forgive me soon and give me a chance”, saying that he left the room. Ragini was overwhelmed hearing his confession, she took Lucky in her hands and said, “Now no one can separate me and Sanky, I will tell your papa tomorrow that how much I love him” and she slept along with him.

Sanskar who came back after sometime, saw each of them sleeping peacefully, he slept on the other side. Next morning he woke up and saw only Lucky beside him and Ragini nowhere. He was worried and called her many times but she was not picking the call, after few minutes Ragini came back to room, seeing her, Sanky hugged her and said, “Where did you go away? I was afraid, don’t leave me and Lucky like this again”

She released the hug. Sanskar felt awkward for his behaviour and said sorry to her but she interrupted him and said, “Sanky yesterday night whatever you have said, I thought about it.”

Sanskar was confused and questioned, “About what Raagu?”

Ragini turned to the other side and said, “I want to give a chance to our relation” Sanskar was surprised and questioned her again, “Are you sure Raagu?”

Ragini replied with shy, “Yes Sanky, let’s start everything fresh, let us think that we are newly married couple and it’s an arranged marriage, so that we can get some time to understand about each other and our distance might also decrease. I went to temple to do puja and start a new Life”

Ragini stepped towards Sanky and put the kumkum on his forehead. He was surprised at her behaviour, he is on cloud 9 and looked at her lovingly. She then went to lucky and kept kumkum on his forehead too. Sanky questioned her again, “Raagu, you are not on anyone’s pressure right”

Ragini replied him, “Not at all and I have a small gift for you”. He stared at her questioningly. She went to him and said “this is the first official gift from Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari to Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari”, Sanskar felt tickling when she said that. She approached him, kneeling down she took his hand and kissed it. This made him flash Ameena’s kiss to Krishna. He was confused as he was not able to understand what is happening to him, why is he remembering Ameena when his lady Love is in front of him.

Precap : Vasu informs Sanskar in Ragini’s absence that he met Ameena and she wants to meet you. Is Ragini not Ameena? Would Sanskar tell about Ameena to Ragini?

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    how come it wouldn’t b ragini, she is carbon copy only but not she grown old na so mayb they couldn’t recognise her how she would have looked in young age but my curiosity is how ameena react when she see sanky & especially lucky.. do lucky also seen her before his death oh it’s killing my little brain for ur update… please when u going to give some relief to my little brain dear..

    1. Ashrita.S

      Actually Sanskar doesn’t remember how Ameena looked like. Vasu had never seen Ameena as she always used to had veil. In past parts if you remembered, lucky saw Ragini and Sanskar only, so just wait who this Ameena is and what will be her reaction after knowing about Sanky and Lucky 🙂 If Ragini is not Ameena, who is she, will be revealed in the upcoming parts dr

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    1. Ashrita.S

      Your confusion will be cleared after 2 parts dr, just posted the next part

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    1. Ashrita.S

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