The great wall of Shivaay – ep 10

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Ep 10
Obros were in Shivaay room…
Rudra: I don’t like this Lavitra… She is weird, intimating and scary…
Shivaay: I am thinking the same. But we have to put up with her for Amma.
Rudra: Chachi loves her and wants her to be the part of the family. She is an angry bird… I still remember her slapping Svetlana. That was scary!
Shivaay: she also hurts maa and dadi… I think we have to keep an eye on her…
Both of them looked at Om who was silent…
They looked at her expectedly…

Om thought about all the interaction he had with Lavitra… he came to conclusion that she is bad and not evil…
Om: I think she have her reason. She is not that bad. I think we should give her a chance and know her. You guys are judging her too fast…
ShivRu was shocked at his responds.
Priyanka’s room:
Priyanka decided to put a brave face even though she was scared. Pillows were flying everywhere and there were feathers all over from the torn pillows. But Priyanka was shocked when a pillow smacked her right on her face. She gasped and turned to see her di having evil smile and Prinku threw a pillow on her face. Lavitra ran towards Prinku and attacked her with tickles. Soumya joined in and started to tickle Prinku. Anika being a good friend and a great bhabhi came for the rescue of Prinku and rescued her from the tickle monsters. Lavitra threw a pillow on Anika for that. Anika being Anika did her thing of throwing water at Lavitra. Lavi was shocked for a minute witnessing the similarity of Anika and Swamini maa.
‘Could Anika be really ninu? I really wish this comes true.’ Lavitra was lost in her thoughts and her face was serious.

Anika, Soumya and Prinku were worried that Lavitra was angry. As her mood was unpredictable and she was always weird. Anika thought she ruined her plan of finding about Lavitra and decided to reason for throwing water. She came near Lavi.
Anika: Laivtra… oh…
Anika was shocked when Lavitra started to tickle Anika. Soon SOumya and Prinku joined to tickle her.
Obro’s were passing by Prinku’s room…
Rudra: I am sure these girls can’t have an amazing moments like us bhai.
Shivaay: Definetly! Because we are the best and no one can beat us in having fun…
A melodious laugh of Anika reached their ear and a followed by the giggling of Prinku, Soumya and Lavitra…
Om: I think Anika is having more fun and more than the fun she ever had with anyone…

Brothers shared a look and decided to check on them…
When they opened the door, Obor’s opened their mouth in shock…
The room was messy…
Things were thrown on the floor, sofa, over the wardrobe, dressing table and everywhere and anywhere possible…
The room was filled with the pillow feathers…
And most of all…
Anika was pinned to bed by the trio as Soumya tickling Anika with feather on her neck, Prinku near the nose and Lavitra was tickling her in her feet…
Anika was struggling at the same time laughing…
“Fhat the Wuck!” Shivaay said in utter shock…
Trio got distracted by that and Anika used that opportunity and got escaped!
She hid behind Shivaay…
Lavitra being Lavitra started to chase her.
Anika ran away and Prinku tried to catch Anika…
The girls didn’t bother about the boys’ presence and the boys were stunned by that…

All the girls were laughing and having fun of their life…
Boys left leaving the girls to be themselves and also not want to be in the place where they get no attention…
After few minutes, they cleaned the room. The girls painted their nails, did cat walk after getting dressed up… then Prinku, Soumya and Anika got good oil head massage. At that time Lavitra, slightly smiled and took the hair of Lavitra which fell during the massage. She took it for the DNA test.

Chulbul’s truth is out infront of…
Ranveer calling Prinku

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