Channa Mereya 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sam lies to Adi about her relationship with Goldie

Channa Mereya 13th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adi enters Sam’s room but Ginni is already gone from there. Adi asks Sam why does she look stressed? Sam says it’s nothing. Adi says we are going for shopping. Sam says I am coming back in a bit.

Adi comes to the dining room and finds Ginni’s halwa there. He smells and tastes it. Ginni is leaving and sees him eating it. She thinks he is eating mouthfuls but can’t praise me. She tries to leave but mistakenly drops Goldie and Simran’s wedding picture there. Adi finds the picture and is shocked. He says Sam and Goldie’s wedding photo? He recalls all the incidents and how Ginni asked if he knows any Simran Preet. Sam comes there and says let’s go. Adi says Simran Preet? She says yes and then realizes he took her real name. Adi says you are Simran Preet Kaur right? He drags her into his room. Adi says you researched about my family but you lied about your identity. Should I call your sister-in-law Ginni? Sam closes the door and says I am really sorry. I am Simran Preet but it’s not the full truth. You know Goldie? Adi says he is a good man. Sam says he is a useless man.

Goldie says to himself that I have become responsible now. Ginni comes there and sees him working hard. Goldie comes to her and says I have given you a lot of stress but not anymore, I will take the burden off you. Ginni says someone is coming to meet you soon. Goldie says Simran? Ginni nods and smiles. Goldie hugs her.

Sam tells Adi that I have been running away from my past. I am not ready to tell about my past, I had to lie because I was running away from it. I had to run away from here because my husband Goldie was a gambler and an alcoholic. I tried to take him to Canada but he was useless. I did a lot for Goldie’s family but Goldie sold it all, Ginni used to treat me like a servant. Adi says you put them in debt just to go to Canada? Sam says I went to Canada to support them, I had a joint account with Goldie, I used to send him money but he spent it all on gambling. She shows the transfer receipts to him as proof.

Goldie is working in the dhaba and is waiting for time to pass. Ginni told him that Simran is coming around 6 PM. Goldie keeps looking at the clock. Ginni smiles and says I just pray for Goldie’s happiness, I will do anything for his happiness. She starts cooking for Simran. Goldie says you are cooking her favorite dishes. I am so happy to meet her today. I still remember when I took her to the airport, she made me stop for ice cream before going. I still remember her memories.

Sam tells Adi that even on the day of leaving, I was searching for a drunk Goldie in the streets before going to the airport. I still sent him money from Canada but we never had contact from there. Then I met you and I realized how girls should be treated, you gave me respect as a girl. Otherside Goldie never cared for my feelings. Then I found out that I am pregnant with your baby. Do you think Goldie will accept me with this baby? He never will and it was a toxic relationship so I moved away from it in time. If your mother had done it then she would have been with you today but she couldn’t. Adi says if you are right then why were you silent? Sam says because of you and this baby. I just want to have a peaceful life with you, I don’t want any more drama with Goldie. I have told you everything, now you decide.

Goldie is decorating the dhaba for Simran.

PRECAP – Goldie locks himself in the room. All his family members beg him to open the door. Ginni asks him to open the door. His friend says Goldie found that Simran is marrying Adi. Ginni is stunned and says let’s open the door. They open the door to find Goldie hanging himself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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