Ajooni 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni takes her stand in Rajveer’s house

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Scene 1
Ajooni prays that she gets enough strength like her and she fights against the injustice and fights the wrong. Harpant says are you saying all this to me? She says no mummy Ji I am doing what you said. She says Aman get her ready. Tell her it’s a lot of responsibility to be a Bagga DIL. She says she doesn’t know her worth. Dolly says now you have someone you can scare too. You’re the MIL, make your place.

Ajooni’s dad looks at her photo. He recalls when she used to come from school with good grades. Bindu says they did such a good arrangement and gave such good fits. Meher says Bua Ji, Ajooni’s life is ruined and you care about the gifts? I wish I could break their faces. She says what would that too? It’s the Bagga family, we can’t fight with them. Ajooni’s dad says I couldn’t do anything to protect my daughter.

Rajveer pays all the vendors. Rawinder says since the day this girl came to our house I don’t feel good. Bebe says don’t worry I know how to control women. He says my son should know how to control his wife. The maid says bebe some women are here to meet you. Rajveer smiles. The women congratulate bebe. They meet Ajooni. The women ask which family is she from. Harpant says, Vohra. They say what family is that? Bebe says she’s Bagga now. What does that matter? They ask what did she come with. Harpant says she came with just some degrees. Her dad is a teacher so that’s all he gave. Ajooni says you gave me jewelry and my family gave me education and freedom. The women say she has such a long tongue. They leave. Bebe says Ajooni Rajveer likes you that’s why I am letting this go but now you’ve to be like us. They leave.

Scene 2
Rajveer goes to his room. Harpant says you can’t go to her tonight. he says why? She’s my wife. Bebe says you can’t meet her without the pooja. It’s the ritual. You will do what we say. Ajooni takes off the jewelry. She recalls everything. Ajooni sees the mangalsutra and doesn’t take it off. She sits there and looks at Rajveer’s photo. She recalls Harpant saying once you’re here all your life outside is over. You will live in this house for the rest of your life.

Aman says to Harvinder where are you going? There was a wedding in the house. He shoves her and says go from here. He says to Rajveer are you scared to go to your wife? He says I can’t go to her without the pooja. Harvinder says never share your weakness with your wife. Always keep her scared and intimidated. Then your life would be set. Aman looks at him. She leaves. Rajveer asks the servant to give the gift to Ajooni. He goes to the room. Someone has thrown it out. Rajveer hits the servant and says I told you to be careful. He hits him. He says I told you.. You broke it. Rajveer keeps hitting him. Ajoonu sees it. She says stop it Rajveer. She goes out. Rajveer comes after her. She drinks water. Rajveer says Ajooni.. He says don’t be scared. These are just servants. He broke the gift I got for you. I am doing all this for you. I can do anything for you. She says who are you to punish people? God? You’re an animal. You broke my engagement, then hit Avinash, and made my family suffer. God will punish you one day. She leaves.

Episode endss

Precap-Ajooni says we will all have breakfast together. She says I am not hungry. He picks her up.

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