Udaariyaan 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Tejo learns Jasmin’s evil truth

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The Episode starts with Fateh saying thee are the worst days of your nine months, no one told you about it, what I know, no one knows. She asks him to say what happened in those nine months. Fateh says my marriage was going to happen with Jasmin, because she kept a condition that if we don’t give her a father for her child, she will undergo an abortion. He tells her everything that happened. He says then I found you, I broke that roka, I loved you and wanted to marry you, Jasmin tried to convince everyone that you will be fine at the mental asylum, I married you because I wanted to be with you, Jasmin got so mad in anger that she left you in the fire. Tejo gets shocked. He nods. He says yes, Jasmin tried to burn you alive. Tejo says no, this can’t happen, you are mistaken, she is my sister, how can she burn me alive. He says she wanted to make you mad by the fear of fire, so that I drop you at the mental asylum and she marries me. She says you said Jasmin tried to save me when I was getting burnt in the fire before. He says it was true, that’s a different thing. He hugs her. She says my own sister wanted to burn me and kill me, if I really got burnt then…. She cries. He asks her to listen to the recording. She gets shocked hearing Jasmin’s confession. Tejo asks how can someone hate own sister so much. She recalls Jasmin and cries.

She says why does she hate me, I have always loved her. He says I know, she is wrong, her thinking is wrong, she is selfish, she gets mad for anything she wants, she can’t see anyone happy. Tejo asks does Jasmin still love you. He says no, even if she does, she knows that I hate her, knowing that she tried to burn you alive, I wanted to send her away from our lives, but you got her back, she was running on the roads by getting scared of me, you got her home, I stayed quiet thinking she will be in front of my eyes, I m tolerating her until the baby is born, it’s the family heir, Amrik’s last sign, I don’t want the baby to get away from this house. Tejo cries and says I always felt that she will change some day, but no… its enough, I won’t let her misuse me, I know she wants to prove me abnormal, then fine, she can do anything, I will do what I want, I won’t forget that she is pregnant, I won’t let the baby get harm, she just wants revenge on me, then fine, the fight is between two sisters, we both will fight, the families and baby won’t get harmed, but this time, I won’t let Jasmin win. Fateh holds her and nods. She hugs him.

Tejo prays. Biji comes and asks where is Fateh, Khushbeer said that you both are going to do something big. Tejo says Fateh and I decided to not tolerate the wrong, we will gave it. Biji says I know, you both will teach a lesson to Aman, have the curd and sugar. She feeds it to Tejo.

Aman is at the café. He stares at the waitress. He talks cheaply. Fateh comes and scolds him. He orders cold coffee. Aman says you have come in style, what’s the matter, you came without Tejo. Fateh says I promised Tejo that I will talk by mouth, not hands. Aman says the entire world talks by mouth. He provokes Fateh. Aman’s hand gets burnt by the coffee mug. Fateh asks him to be careful, when Tejo gets angry, real fire gets lit. Aman says I want to burn in that fire. Jasmin plays a game on her phone. Tejo comes and locks the door. Jasmin asks what happened, why did you lock the door. Tejo lights the matchstick and goes to hold Jasmin’s dupatta. Jasmin asks what are you doing. Jasmin says leave me, what are you doing. Tejo says I m going to ignite fire, shall I do it, like you lit the fire in the godown, don’t shout, I know everything about you, Fateh told me all your truth. Jasmin starts laughing.

She says finally, you can’t think of it, you have relieved me, I got free, I had to do a drama that I care for you. Tejo says even I can breath freely, I m not in any illusion, I m shocked that you have no regrets. Jasmin says I have no regret, I don’t care, I do what I want, you also know this, I was upset knowing you are no more, but I was happy that Fateh and my way got clear, our roka happened, Fateh and family also agreed, but you came back, Fateh changed. Tejo says you thought he wanted to marry you, everyone blackmailed him, you forced them. Jasmin says I know, I don’t want to get Fateh, but an entry in the Virk family. Tejo says relations are earned by love, you can’t do this. Jasmin says you came back to explain your life’s philosophy, I can go to any extent to get what I want. Tejo says I will explain you my philosophy in your language, you want to provoke everyone that I can’t take care of you well, I m sure you told Gurpreet that Tejo is jealous of you, because Tejo can’t get pregnant, you can’t make anyone against me now. Jasmin asks did you come to threaten me, you can’t become a mum which I can become, everyone cares for this baby, they need this baby, just I can give the baby to them, tell me, who do they need the most, you or me. Tejo says you are needed till the baby comes, then I will send you away, you can’t become a good mum, you are using your baby, I won’t regret to snatch the baby from you, this would be right for the baby, start counting the days, I will take care until you take care of this baby, the day I feel you can harm this baby or family, then I will not spare you, trust me, you will see my avatar, and curse your fate and yourself, don’t make any mistake, its my last warning.

Jasmin says I find difficult to sleep at night. Tejo says she needs this pain reliever. The officer checks Fateh’s locker. He gets the drugs and confronts Fateh. Tejo is shocked.

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  1. Lassinvincible

    This is the Tejo we all wanted to see☺️

  2. Well done Tejo! This is Tejo we are waiting for! Finally sherni Tejo came back!🔥😍😘 Now I just hope Tejo will punish Jasmin like she deserves it! I want to see Jasmin in prison!🤩

  3. Forget tejo, fateh grew some balls and played the recording. Bit of an anti climax though, just needs to expose Jasmine to the families

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