Chandrakanta (Life OK) 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Virendra Vs Parijaat

Chandrakanta (Life OK) 20th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parijaat traps Veer in a magical trap and says he wanted to become messiah of children, she will take them in front of him and he can try to stop if he can. Virendra frees himself. Soldiers surround him. Parijaat says he is different, let me see how much different he is. She throws spearhead and Virendra breaks it in a single blow. Parijaat says he is intelligent, but this is just the beginning, let me see if he can escape his next attack At Navgarh, Jai Singh angrily tells Padvika that their children did wrong by going to Layapuri to help Bavani. Padvika says she trusts Chandrakantha and Virendra and she is sure god will help them. Parijaat continues attacking Virendra and throws multiple swords. Chandrakantha hiding signals and swords fall on soldiers. Parijaat says it is difficult to defeat her, she has immense powers. She attacks. Chandrakantha signals and lifts Virendra in air. Virendra thinks how can he fly, someone is helping him. Parijaat says he is brave, but will run. He says she will run if she does not free children. She attacks him and he counterattacks her and she falls. He holds her. She bows and says she is defeated for the first time in life and apologizes him. He asks to apologize children and free them. She says she will if he becomes her guest till she wants. He agrees. She asks maids to take her guest to guestroom and thinks she met someone after a long time who defeated her, something will happen.

At Chunargarh, Shivdutt tells Krur, his puppets, and Shyamala that Virenda will not return to Navgar soon, so he will attack Navgarh and capture rani Padvika. Krur says Navgarh’s army is thrice powerful than his army. Shivdutt says he is a coward and if he and his ayyars handle Tej Singh, he will handle Navgarh soldiers. Krur asks how. Shivdutt says those adivasis are very powerful and he will order them to attack Navgarh. Shyamala says it is dangerous. Shivdutt asks her to just think ways to control Tej Singh, he will handle rest.

Padvika asks Tej if he knows anything else about Baawni. He says no. Padvika says she knows something special about him, but does not remember. She then walks suspiciously. Chapala notices her and follows.

Maids drops Virendra to guest room. Virendra thinks someone helped him fly, who it is. He senses someone behind and pulls in front. He smiles and pulling her towards him says he can identify her between 1000s. She nervously says hat is he doing, someone will see. He says he doing what every lover does, she is killing him with her beauty and he cannot control himself. She says let it be, he forgave Parijaat. He says she knows the reason. She says she is joking and asks what next. He says someone is helping him here, if she saw how he flew in air. She says it his powers and says this vase flew just now. He tries and says she is joking. She says it was she who was helping him. Virendra asks how did she powers. She goes into flashback where she plays flute and calls Baawni and says she is worried about Virendra as he went to meet Parijaat. Baawni gives her powers and says she has these powers for one day and she has to whatever she has to in a day. Out of flashback, Virendra says Baawni gave her these powers then. She freezes his legs and jokes to come and touch her. He says someone is coming. She frees him. He runs and hugs him. She says someone is really coming and hides. Soldier comes and says rajkumari Parijaat wants to meet him. He says he will come and asks her to go. Chandrakantha comes out. Virendra says what if someone breaks Parijaat’s heart like she broke many men’s heart. Chandrakantha says only then she will realize value of Baawni’s love.

Parijaat dries her hair after a bath and reminiscing Virendra’s bravery thinks she did not se such a brave man like him. Virendra comes. She asks to come further in. He walks in and sees her drying hair and says he did not know and shyingly walks out. She comes near him and says she has fallen in his love and hugging him from behind and asks not to go. He says she is doing wrong. She hugs him again and says she cannot hear no. He pushes her and asks what he can do. She angrily asks what kind of behavior is this. He apologizes. She asks if he loves someone. He says that does not matter, she should stop her feeling for him right now, leaves. She stands confused. Virendra returns to his guest room. Virendra returns to his guest room. Chandrakantha jealously scolds him that he is getting too friendly with . He jokes that she does not want to touch him, but Parijaat is behind him. She gets angry.

Padvika walks to a secret room Chapala follows her. Padvika opens a trunk and picks a secret book. She turns and gets angry seeing Chapala and asks what is she doing here. Chapala says she is worried about her safety, so she followed hr. Chapala says she is Chandrakantha’s ayyara and friend, so she trusts her. Chapala says this place is very secret, where are they. Padvika says when Virendra was born, teetotaler told that Virendra will get talsmi powers and has to struggle a lot for that, they got this book same time and says she read about Baawni in this book itself.

Krur tells Shyamala that his 2 puppet ayyars Nazim and Ahmed are enough to control Tej. Nazim and Ahmed say it is not that easy. Shivdutt returns and says he can attack Navgarh now and shows Adivasi soldier team who chant maharaj ki jai. He shows magical wand and says they will attack Navgarh tonight. Shyamala asks how did he get wand back. He smirks.

Virendra tells Chandrakantha that Parijaat will propose to marry him and then he will reject her officer. Chandrakantha says she will be heartbroken and will realize how it is to break someone’s heart. Parijaat hears their conversation and fumes.

Precap: Shivdutt with his adivasi soldiers attacks Navgarh and captures rani Padvika. Parijaat proposes to marry Virendra and asks if he knows what is punishment for spies, pointing at Chandrakantha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    Interesting episode..??????
    Only 2 more to go… it wil have incomplete ending????????

    1. What? Why is is it ending???


      Yes it is ending after 2 days.. that is on 27 aug.. as channel is closing and new channel is coming.. secondly colors fake story of chandrakanta gain more popularity due to ekta involvment (i hate that show) and third due to low trp

  2. Very boring!


    2 more episodes… only ?????????

  4. Where is 26th August 2017 written update?


    Why there is no update of 26 august till now?? It was second last episode..

  6. There is no update of last episode as well, people have ended the show before it actually ended

  7. An uncomplete ending…
    Will 2nd season will be aired? ?..?

  8. Very sad news disappointed ending ??

  9. Where is 27th August 2017 written update?

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