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Dev (Colors) 20th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Narvekar talking to Meera and telling about Uma’s death, how he had to take the case after becoming sub inspector. Narvekar talks to Uma’s parents. Her dad tells about Uma refusing for the alliance, then she left from home when he insisted her for marriage. Uma left a note that she doesn’t want to marry the guy of her dad’s choice, she has chosen her life partner. Narvekar reads the note and questions them. Narvekar discusses the case with his senior and tells about Uma’s murder.

Meera asks how is Dev related to this case. Narvekar says I would have not told you if Dev was not related, I got involved in this case, enquiry became a routine for us. He asks them about Robin. He sees Uma’s brother Sudhir and asks him did he hear about Robin. Narvekar gets Uma’s lover Robin and asks about the eloping plan. Robin says I have arranged everything I thought she failed to come for marriage as she got caught, I called Sudhir, he knew about us, he asked me to talk to his dad, then Sudhir came to me to find Uma, I felt she is in trouble, then police came. I told the same truth to them, I had a fight with someone and got arrested by police, I was left with a warning, I want police will find culprit. Narvekar sends him and says I think this guy is saying truth. Dev says this guy is saying lie, sorry I read about this case. Narvekar asks how can you say he is lying, how are you. Dev introduces himself and says his body reacted such and showed he is lying. Narvekar asks are you a detective. Dev says you can think so.

Narvekar says you will teach work to police. Dev says you just think if same thing happened with your sister, your mum would have got hurt by that incident. Narvekar gets shocked. Dev is called inside. He goes. Narvekar says I think we have seen him somewhere. The constable says this man has Swami’s death case, he was the bodyguard, he reached there first and laws is doubting him. Narvekar thinks how did Dev know about my mum and sister. He finds out about Robin. He gets proof of Robin’s truth. He meets Sudhir and says you said you don’t know Robin. Sudhir says I knew about them, I was scared, I was angry on Uma as she didn’t say she will be running away, later I worried for her and I went to Robin to ask about her. Narvekar says Dev was true about my life, I wanted to know how he knew about me.

Dev says we are getting threatening every day, tell me what’s happening. Inspector asks her to put complaint in box. Narvekar asks how do you know about me. Dev says I m mad to see what other’s can’t, your name doesn’t have your middle name of your father, I know you have a mum and sister, seeing the rakhi thread on your hand. Narvekar says my dad left me in childhood, my sister died in accident, I stay with my mum, you were right about me, but wrong about Robin, he was saying truth, I have checked everything. Dev says it can’t happen. Narvekar says even you can be wrong. Meera says I m so sorry, why did you not say anything before.

Narvekar says Dev called me home to prove whatever he told about Robin was true. Mahek goes to get green tea. Dev explains Narvekar. Mahek says Dev is never wrong in such things. Someone throws a stone inside the house. Dev and Narvekar get alert and look around. Dev asks Mahek are you fine. Dev says this happens with us after Swami’s death, the culprit has to come. Narvekar says so you keep this gun. Dev says yes, I have license, shall I show. Narvekar asks Mahek not to worry, he will send police protection. He leaves.

Meera asks did you meet Mahek, how was she. Narvekar says she was nice, she married a wrong man whom I also trusted him. Dev proves Robin’s lie. Dev says Robin is the murderer and did all this to prove he is innocent. They come to meet Robin. Dev sees him with a girl and says Narvekar has sent me. Dev angers Robin and argues with him. Narvekar meets Uma’s parents and tells that Robin killed Uma.

Mahek informs Narvekar that Dev angrily left from home and told about Robin. Narvekar comes to Dev and asks him to leave the gun, its a crime, don’t be foolish. Dev aims gun at Robin. Robin takes gun from Dev and confesses crime. He tells everything. Dev tells him that he has left a clue and failed his story. Robin gets angry and says I will fail when you guys will get alive to prove this. Dev says shoot. Narvekar says stop it Dev. Dev angers Robin and shouts shoot. Narvekar shoots Robin in defence. Dev turns to Narvekar.

Narvekar says you should have not provoked Robin, I didn’t shoot anyone. Dev says its not wrong to shoot a murderer, I wanted justice for Uma. Narvekar asks about the clue. Dev says it was not true, I made that story. Narvekar asks are you mad. Dev says what’s wrong, you are law and I made you punish him. Narvekar asks what if he shot you. Dev says gun didn’t had bullet. Narvekar gets angry and says before I shoot you, leave from here. Dev says atleast now you can meet Uma’s parents’ eye. He leaves. Narvekar says he made me a murderer too, he is a murderer, Swami’s culprit got shot by police. Narvekar gets informed about Dev. He rushes and finds Mahek dead. Narvekar says Dev has shot Mahek. Meera says what can be the reason. Narvekar says I will find out, till then be alert, he is clever and dangerous, if he can kill his wife for greed, he can do anything, you decide if you want to be with your son there, I have to share a good news, I got promoted. Meera run.

Meera comes home and packs bag. Dev asks Zohra to let Meera go, peace will get back. Zohra asks Meera where will she go with Avi, she has to find the place first. Meera thanks Zohra.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This is gonna get creamy

  2. PRECAP- Next week will show how ambitious parents often dont realize that school can become dangerous for their children. Meera’s son Avi will alao get kidnapped and this will lead to Dev remembering Mehak’s death and vows to find him back. The second case of next week will show how family members can turn dangerous for the people. It will show a woman who got stabbed twice. Dev solves the case and tells a small girl to identify the killer. The girl moves her hands and points towards the family members (leading to the killer who is not show obviously ?)

  3. Avi will also* get…..
    Mehak’s death and he* vows to find Avi* back,,,,
    Stabbed thrice*

    Sorry for the typos ??

    1. Killer who is not shown* obviously ?

      Sorry for the typos mates!
      Did not recheck before posting

  4. I like this serial very much. I love Dev character. He looks like Shrlock Homes. I think he is not fault his wife death. may be he has a big reason for that. He is not a murder. inspector Amod is a fool policemen. i hate him. why he insult always dev. I hope dev will tell us soon why he kill his wife.

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