I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 9

As soon as sanskar woke up from the sleep, saw his Ragini who is getting ready in front of the mirror. ..he admires her unaware of her. ….
Wen Ragini took sindhoor in her hand, sanskar’s feel bad and shouts Ragini..

Rag:scared and went towards him, Wat happen sanskar ?worried
San:dont know what to tell, stammers noth nothing I heard if v shouts on mrng u will feel good
Rag:r u k sanskar? ?
San:vo I have to bath now by saying this he went to rest room
Rag:to herself Wat happened to him,again she took pinch of sindhoor and abt to put it in her hairline, ,she remembers

Rag:is getting ready in front of the mirror ,San came towards her and snatches the sindoor wen she about to put it
Rag:sanku kya hua
San:same question
San:u r always snatching my duties,,
Rag:wat ?i
San:yeah I already told I will only put sindoor in ur hairline ,it’s mine duty by saying he turns
Rag :k dear sry now smiles don’t be angry on me
San:smiles and put a sindoor on her hairline and kissed her forehead
Rag:smiles with teary eyes,
San:immediately wiped her tears ,do u want to repeat my words,,this eyes are
Rag:before he completes Ragini completes it, by saying this eyes are mine so u didn’t have rights to cry
Ragsan smiles widely and hugs each other. .Fb ends

Rag smiles and puts her sindoor ,in mind when r u going to understand me sanskar

Sheksan r talking . ..
San :this is the best day in my life uncle.. ..
Shek:do u know how I missed this word for the past 6 months..
Shek::he teased him by saying Because every week u will say this..
San:dnt know what to tell, so he kept quiet..
San:wrdly uncle Wat happen
Shek :hugs him I missed u beta,i missed u all our talk, our cricket play,our jogging (which u make me strictly to do) our pranks on our both wives, I missed it all but ,, I’m very happy today, i got u back,,
San:he also cries (he itself don’t know y he is crying)
Suj:cries by seeing their bond, composes and says, wat is happening here, sheker ji y r u making my son to be weak

Sheksan:break the hug..s
Shek:he is my son
Suj:no mine
Both started fighting. .
San immediately hugs them and says cool papa and mumma,if u fight like this ,I don’t know Wat I’ll do. ..all three together cries with happy tears. .. .

Rag:who sees this scene from far, feels happy, at least they got her son and he got his parents, im happy today, she says to herself and cries and went to room

@ragsan room
Rag:immediately wipes her tears and turns
San:y r u crying
Rag:me,im not crying
San:dnt lie, I have seen And I know abt u, tel
Rag:feels happy, I know abt u his words ringed in her ears.. .nothing sanskar
San:feels bad, ragini plz ,I can’t see u like this

Rag:cries and immediately hugs him tightly, ,,
San worriedly Ragini Wat happened,, plz share it with me,
Rag:in crying voice I love you sanskar, but I don’t know how to prove it to you,, I can’t able to see that you are going away from me, she cries
San:feels bad,,
Rag: breaks the hug, how I’ll prove you that I’m not pretending my love, how I’ll prove you I’m only yours. …she cries. ..in cracking voice I can’t able to see hatred towards me sanskar. …

San ‘S heart is paining more and more by seeing her like this, he remember how he avoided Ragini since mrng becaz of his stupid mind which always confuse him

San immediately hugs her tightly and patted her back. .both didn’t talk, both lost in each other, after few minutes when sanskar founds no sobbing sound of Ragini breaks the hug. ..

San holds her hand and says Ragini
Rag:who is still closing her eyes, opens it
San:i need time Ragini, hope you understand, ,and I want to clear all the misunderstandings first and then, he stops at middle,as he don’t know Wat to tell furthur

Rag:assures him, i can understand sanskar, thank u for telling me that v only have misunderstanding,she smiles with teary eyes ,,,I will wait for you through out my life. ..and I hope this misunderstanding wil be soon gone between us..

And she went towards the bed and slept at one corner of the bed. .

San feels hurt, ,in mind I’m sry Ragini but I’ll clear this misunderstanding, and I’ll make u happy, ,
He too sleep on other corner of bed.. .

Both ragsan didn’t get sleep.. .
Both were thinking of each other. ..

San slowly opens his eyes and see Ragini who is sleeping ,he goes towards her and took her in his embrace

San:im sry Ragini I know I’m hurting you but I don’t know Wat to do,, I’m cursing myself y I forget my past, my beautiful memories with you, I know Ragini I love you but my stupid mind is,, ,,k leave I’ll clear all this plz wait for ur sanskar, ,, he says and kissed on her forehead and sleeps

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