Chandrakanta (Colors) 13th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishaka kills Swayam’s soul, Iravathi tries to kill Chandrakanta’s baby

Chandrakanta (Colors) 13th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer prays to Goddess to protect his wife and baby from his mother Iravathi. Iravathi says my Swayam has returned, my powers is back. Swayam appears. She says can Chandrakantha hear her son Swayam has returned.. Veer tells people that everyone is safe here. Bhadramaa tells Chandrakanta that she has to be ready for her aim and asks if she is ready to fight against Iravathi. Chandrakanta tells that she is ready. Veer is about to go, but Chandrakanta stops him and asks him to protect everyone and be there. She tells him that she has understood what Iravathi said that Swayam has returned. Everyone panics. Veer says Maa is not a fool to send him here, as her aim is to kill you before the people, and asks her to tell if she would let him go on a war alone. Chandrakanta asks him to come and asks Tej to take care of everyone. Iravathi tells Swayam that nobody shall know that you are back, says you are my shastra and asks him to be there. Swayam gets crazy. She asks did you forget that I am your mum?

Swayam signs her. She says are you hungry, I will bring your food. Chandrakanta, Veer and Bhadramaa are walking. She feels pain. Veer gives her water. Bhadramaa asks them to walk and says we can’t manage to wait. Gehna argues with Umang. Tej goes and sits with People. Iravathi brings dead pig. Swayam takes it to side and drinks its blood. Urvashi makes pig vanishes and asks Swayam to keep his stomach empty as tonight is his dawat, says Chandrakanta will come to you to become your feed. Chandrakanta couldn’t walk, but Bhadramaa tells them that they can’t stop. They continue walking. After sometime, Bhadramaa tells Chandrakanta that cave came and tells that only she can go there. Veer says how can I let her go alone. Bhadramaa tells her that the cave took 20 years to built and if they go there, then it will bring and then it will take 20years to be build. Chandrakanta asks Veer not to worry. Bhadramaa tells Veer that nothing will happen to Chandrakanta as she is Vishnu Avatar.

Iravathi tells Swayam that once he kills Chandrakanta and drinks her blood. She will get her kingdom back and there they will stay together. Chandrakanta prays in the cave. Bhadramaa tells Veer that Vishnu ji has chosen her for this. Veer is worried. Chandrakanta prays to Vishnu God and a light falls on her. She seeks strength to fight with the devil and end him. She shouts. Bhadramaa and Veer get shocked. Chandrakanta comes out. Veer hugs her. Chandrakanta says she is coming. Everyone is praying to Vishnu. Iravathi is waiting for Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta comes. Iravathi argues with her and says your mother was killed with my hands as she is a fool. Chandrakanta says I have learnt illusion from you. She tells that she knows that Swayam is back. She says my Bhadramaa knows you and writing your death. Iravathi says she is a betrayal and can’t do anything. She says nobody can kill a soul. Iravathi does black magic and creates evil Swayam. Veer prays to God to protect Chandrakanta and their baby.

Chandrakanta tells Iravathi that you couldn’t bring human, so brought soul. She says when a human takes revenge then evil devil gets shaken up. She says Vande Vishnu..and says she has returned to take her revenge. She says you are my enemy and saas too and asks what you will do. A man and Vishaka Mausi come there. Iravathi tells that she will show her and tries to burn them, but nothing happens to them. They attack Swayam’s soul and try to end it. Iravathi asks how can you be so cruel to kill son infront of a mother. Chandrakanta tells that he is a soul. She says even mausi is a soul. She says I brought them so that they can get mukti Iravathi asks Evil God to help her. Mausi ends Swayam. Man says we will not end you, but God will kill you. Vishaka says I got mukti today. Man says God is just one and he will come and give your judgement. Iravathi says nobody can kill me. Veer, Bhadramaa and others pray. The land is shaken up. They talk about the prediction of future. Vishnu tells Iravathi that her death is coming which is coming soon and is standing infront of her.

Iravathi asks if Chandrakanta will kill her. Veer and others hear Vishnu. Vishnu says he will be born soon. Iravathi says who is the one who will kill me. Iravathi asks who is that woman who will give birth to my death. Vishnu says you can’t kill her and says she is Chandrakanta. Iravathi says I will kill her baby. Mausi asks Chandrakanta to leave and save her baby. They stop Iravathi. Chandrakanta is going and tells something to bird. Iravathi comes to her on the magical mat and asks her to run. Chandrakanta asks her to come behind her and says your death is calling you. Veer tells that Chandrakanta called us and says they need a knife which is with Iravathi.

Iravathi uses her powers and kills guards. Chandrakanta asks why she is killing innocent people. Iravathi says this time she will kill Chandrakanta and her heir, and only Iravathi dynasty will be present. Veer, Umang and Tej fight with them. Iravathi asks Chandrakanta to kill her and asks if she is scared. Chandrakanta says Vishnu ji has written your destiny and I will not do anything now. Iravathi says I will kill you. Chandrakanta asks Vishnu ji to protect her. Gehna comes and says I will kill Chandrakanta. Iravathi asks her to be quiet. Gehna says you have snatched Veer from me and is now pregnant with his baby. She says I will snatch baby from her.

Chandrakanta is unconscious. Iravathi keeps hand on her stomach while Veer is caught by her men and flees.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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