MATSH: Our Endless Love (Episode 24)

I am sorry everyone. I couldn’t update because of my exams and I was upset with nesha’s marriage. I know it is shakthi’s life. He is happy with Neha but I can’t see him with anyone. But I don’t want to disappoint you all. So here I am writing and I will end this story early. Because I don’t want to discontinue it.
Recap: ishani and ranveer went out for lunch. Rithik is so confused about his feelings for shivanya.

  • Here today’s episode.
    Naina: ishani I won’t let you live. You are going to restaurant right? I will come there.
    Ishani and ranveer were waiting for their lunch to arrive.
    Ishani: ranveer are you free tomorrow?
    Ranveer: why are you asking?
    Ishani: Don’t you remember?
    Ranveer: what?
    Ishani: tomorrow our …
    Before she complete,
    Ranveer: first month anniversary
    Ishani: idiot why are you acting?
    Ranveer: how will I not remember? You made me complete. So I won’t forget anything.
    Ishani smiled.
    Naina gave money to waiter and mixed poison in ishani’s food.
    Suddenly some girl collided with that waiter and the plates fell down.
    That girl was none other than shivanya.
    Shivanya: why did this girl planned to kill his wife? I have to tell them about her.
    Naina went to her car and was waiting for them to come out. Shivanya went near them.
    Shivanya: excuse me. I have to tell something to you both.
    Ranveer: what?
    Shivanya: I saw one girl gave Money to that waiter and mixed poison in your wife food.
    Both were shocked to hear this.
    Shivanya: please you both don’t eat here. And please be careful.
    Ranveer: it should be naina’s work only. One minute ishani I will come.
    Ranveer called rithik and informed him everything happened in restaurant. Shivanya went to washroom. Naina came near ishani and stabbed her by closing her mouth. She fainted. Ranveer and shivanya came to table and shocked to see ishani. They both took her to hospital where shivanya work.
    Ranveer(with tears): I am sorry ishani. I didn’t keep my promise. God please save my Ishani. I can’t live without her.
    Shivanya: her blood group is o negative. It is very rare. Please arrange for blood on time.
    Ranveer tried so much but he couldn’t get anyone with that blood group. Shivanya called rithik. Rithik answered the call.
    Rithik: hello.
    Shivanya: I am shivanya.
    Huge smile came in his face.
    Shivanya: rithik are you there? I need your help.
    Rithik: what help?
    Shivanya: my patient is in serious condition. Her blood group is O negative. It is very rare. Can you arrange it?
    Rithik: my blood group is also O negative. I will give blood.
    Rithik came to hospital and shocked to see ranveer there. Ranveer was shouting at him badly. Shivanya came there and told him that rithik came here to give blood to his wife. Ranveer apologized to him. Rithik gave blood to her.
    Rithik came out.
    Ranveer: I am sorry rithik.
    Rithik: I have to tell sorry to you. I believed Naina and took her out of jail. I will send her to jail.
    Ranveer hugged him and cried hard.
    Rithik: ranveer don’t cry. Nothing will happen to ishani. I will be there for u.
    Ranveer: thank you.
    Rithik: no thanks and sorry between friends.
    shivanya came out and told them that ishani was safe then. Ranveer thanked her.
    Shivanya: don’t thank me. It’s my duty. Thank you rithik.
    Rithik: yesterday I told you naa. No thanks and sorry between friends.
    Shivanya was impressed by his helping nature. Rithik and ranveer called police and gave complaint against her and police arrested her. Rithik brought food for ranveer.
    Rithik: ranveer eat this.
    Ranveer: no I will eat later.
    Rithik: if ishani knows it, she will worry. So eat now.
    Ranveer: okay. Did you eat?
    Rithik: haan you eat.
    Ishani was shifted to normal ward. Ranveer went inside to see her.
    Ranveer: I am sorry ishani.
    Nurse came inside.
    Nurse: sir doctor called you.
    Ranveer: ishani take rest. I will come.
    Ranveer went to doctor’s cabin.
    Doctor: come Mr. Rv. I saw ishani’s reports now.
    Ranveer: is everything fine?
    Doctor: no Mr. RV. She cannot become pregnant. If she, there will be many complications.
    Ranveer was shocked to hear this.
    Doctor: but we can do some treatment but not now in this state. May be six months or a year later. I know RV what you feel. But you have to accept the truth.
    Ranveer: please doctor don’t tell this to ishani.
    Doctor: but..
    Ranveer: please doctor. It’s my kind request.
    Doctor: okay. But we can’t hide this from her so long.
    Ranveer came to see ishani.
    Ishani: what did doctor say? Why are you so dull?
    Ranveer: nothing. She gave me your reports. You will be discharged after a week.
    At 12.00 am, ranveer brought cake to ishani’s ward. Ishani saw him with Happy face. He cut the cake and fed it to her.
    Ranveer: happy first month anniversary. I love you.
    Ishani: me too.
    After a week, ishani was discharged from hospital. Rithik and shivanya became the close friends of ranveer and ishani. Rithik and shivanya started to love each other.
    @ RV mansion,
    Ishani: ranveer you go to office. Rithika bhabhi will take care.
    Rithika: haan ranveer.
    Ranveer: no ishani. I can’t go. I have a fear.
    Ishani: what fear?
    Ranveer: fear of losing you.
    Ishani: ranveer nothing will happen to me. You please concentrate on your business. I want to become your strength not your weakness. So please go to office.
    Ranveer accepted to go. Ranveer was thinking about ishani at office. Shivanya a came to see ranveer.
    Shivanya: ranveer why did you hide this from me?
    Ranveer was shocked. Screen freezes with his shocked face
  1. Hi bhavani, how are u doing? Thanks for updating. I was waiting for it since soo long, really loved the epi. And NO plzzzz don’t end this. I miss ishveer sooo much and this is the only ishveer ff here in this forum. Its my request to u plzzz don’t stop writing this, I will always support u and I m sure there will be many silent reader’s who are waiting for ur update. Update whenever u get time, I’ll be waiting. And about nesha’s wedding ughhh… Well what can I say, it just broke all my dreams and hopes. I have always loved and imagined shadhika and will always do. I’m too much sad, it shouldn’t have happened. Bye take care….waiting for next and plzzzz consider my request, u can’t stop this. We will be waiting

    1. Bhavani

      sorry @love ishveer for making you wait so long. and I will try to update whenever I am free. i will write next for you as soon as possible. and don’t worry I don’t end this now. thank you for commenting.

  2. Hii bhavani, how are u doing? Thanks for updating, I was waiting for it since soo long. Really loved the epi. And no plzzzz don’t end this. I miss ishveer soo much and this Was the only ishveer ff here in this forum. I request u plzzzz don’t stop writing this, I’ll always support u and I’m sure that there are many silent readers waiting for ur update. I’ll be waiting. And about nesha’s wedding ughhh …. Well what can I say, it just broke all my dreams and hopes. I have always loved and imagined shadhika together. This wedding shouldn’t have happened. I’m too much sad. Anyways bye, take care and plzzzz consider my request u can’t stop this ff at least for ishveerians. V will be waiting for ur update.

  3. Yes bhavani please don’t end this ff, I read ur ff whenever u update and also miss ishveer. Plzz give us some romantic moments /scenes of ishveer

    1. Bhavani

      thank you Pooja for your lovely comment. will update tonight or tomorrow.


    Another marvelous update ……missed it alot….this naina should die…..she’s a snake???…waiting for nxt… safe n stay healthy

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