Prithvi Vallabh 13th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal tortures Prithvi cruelly

Prithvi Vallabh 13th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mrinal recalls Sindhu insulting her, and then Prithvi’s love confession and kiss infront of people. She steams up the knife. Vilas comes and asks what are you doing? She calls her…but Mrinal is lost in thoughts. Vilas thinks to inform Tailap and Guru Aditya. She comes to Tailap and tells him about Mrinal. They run to Mrinal. Mrinal wants to cut her wrist, but Tailap gives her promise and asks her to leave it. He takes knife from her knife and throws it. Mrinal says she hates her beauty and asks him to kill her. Tailap says I am shocked and says this thing don’t suit you. He says this is not your beauty’s mistake, but of Prithvi Vallabh. Mrinal says she will give harsh punishment to prithvi so that his soul gets shaken up. Guru Aditya says this is not the right time to do anything or punish him, says hemraj is still in Manyakheta, and if we do anything then he will make everyone as our enemy and our existence will be over.

Mrinal asks him to inform her after Hemraj goes. Prithvi is treated by hemraj and others. Satyashrah comes to Tailap and asks if he wants to say anything. Tailap says nothing and asks why did you come here? Satyashrah says time is not right now. Tailap asks why did you come? Satyashrah says people are gossiping about Bua, we have to take some decisions. Tailap gets tensed and says he will talk to Akka. He tells him that he is Manyakheta’s future king and asks him to decide between right and wrong. Satyashrah says it won’t be easy if the matter is about our loved ones.

Hemraj tells Guru Aditya that proper treatment shall be given to royal prisoners and asks him to make Mrinal and Tailap know this. He says Gajkesari’s demands will be fulfilled. Hemraj says matter here is serious and hopes that they will not do anything. Vikram tells Tailap why did Mrinal not reacted before? Tailap says she was shocked and couldn’t know what is happening. Vikramjeet asks Tailap to think as a king and says you have responsibility of everyone. He tells that he is thinking what people will think about Mrinal. It is unfortunate that the incident is small, but truth and will go against us. Tailap is upset. Vikramjeet smiles.

Sulochana tells Mrinal that Chol Rajya is about to attack Manyakheya and they got to know about this news yesterday, but Vikramjeet don’t stopped the messenger from reaching you. Bhilamp Raj tells that Chol Raj is proceeding towards them. Tailap says Satyashrah will head the war. Bhilamp Raj says it is a good decision. Mrinal comes and asks why did you not inform me about it. She tells that Chol rajya is very dangerous. Tailap says Bhilamp Raj will manage and asks Mrinal to rest and let them handle everything. Mrinal asks Bhilamp Raj to tell about his plan. Guru Aditya comes there and says he wants to say that Hemraj went from here, but gave us responsibility to fulfill prithvi’s demands and says all prisoners have this right.

Vaid Raj bandages Prithvi’s stomach. Prithvi hopes that a medicine shall be made which ends hatred. Soldiers come there and tie him to pole. Vaid Raj says Prithvi is unwell. Mrinal comes there. Prithvi tells Sulochana that people lies that dream is not fulfilled. He says he closed his eyes seeing Mrinal and sees her after opening eyes. Mrinal beats him with hunter mercilessly. Prithvi tells poetry praising her and his love and asks her to stop saying your hands must be paining. Sulochana gets teary eyes seeing Prithvi’s love for her. Prithvi faints. Mrinal asks Sulochana to tell her when he gains consciousness.

Satyashrah strike lines with his finger. Bilal comes and asks what is this lines. Satyashrah says his revenge will be fulfilled when Mrinal is kicked out of Manyakheta. He says Prithvi has done my work and I shall meet him soon. Vaid Raj comes to Prithvi and tries to make him speak. He recalls Singhdant’s and Mrinal’s words and couldn’t speak Tailap gets marriage proposal for Mrinal. Vikram instigates him and says Mrinal shall take solitary life. Vilas comes to Sulochana and asks about Prithvi. Sulochana don’t want to tell her, but tells on her insistence. Vaid treats Prithvi and says you have lost much blood. Mrinal comes there. Prithvi gets up and tells him poetry. Vaid ji tells Mrinal that Prithvi’s condition is critical. Mrinal says your duty is to treat. She starts beating him with hunter again mercilessly. Vaid Raj and Sulochana couldn’t see his pain. Prithvi tells poetry. Mrinal takes rod and hits on his head. Prithvi gets unconscious and falls down.

Mrinal pierces nails (iron) in his hands and asks if he will not tell poetry. Prithvi tells poetry even in that. She hammers another nail in his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Mona146

    stupid serial overdosed

  2. Oh come on! This is too much! I understand that Mrinal supposes that making him suffer will tear up the love she feels deep under her skin, because this feeling toward him makes her weak. But this is very exaggerated and as it seems it keeps going even the next epi. Oh God we got that! Just enough!!! People will get sick.

    1. I think now it’s going on track of novel somehow where Mrinal make Prithvi a prisoner and torture him and in the end fall in love with him. In, novel story is like this but I think she capture him in war there not like here in serial. Director of serial made their version of story. In novel Mrinal was a widow at young age and always wears white cloths but her beauty was famous.

  3. Vijaya Lakshni Buddhiraju

    It is too much! The show will lose the followers soon. Not interesting in knowing the cruel ways a princess can punish a royal prisoner in spite of the out come. Stupid!! So far the story was going reasonably interesting.

  4. Now I can see why Jakala and Satyashre hates Mrinal. She freekibg deserve it. And Mrinal doesn’t deserve someone like prithvi. She can rott in hell and die alone. Amrusha would be better for prithvi even that idiot Kosha would be better. Not this arrogant, cruel, heartless Mrinal

  5. Why did Prithvi kiss Mrinal? A lot of people around the world will get influenced by this and will assume that if you love someone its okay to kiss them without their permission. I definitely blame Prithvi here.

    Mrinal did take a lot of time in pushing Prithvi. We can draw two conclusions from this. Either she was shocked and disgusted or her hatred melted if only just for a moment. Her stabbing him immediately after that still seems reasonable because she was humiliated in front of everyone. But the ending of the episode and the precap look not only extremely disturbing but also exaggerated.

  6. I feel upset when watching this show.
    Minal is very cruel. She should not have loved from Prithvi. How does he endure the pain?
    I will not follow this show for awhile.

  7. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Just too much punishment and harsment is going on the show! The way Mrinal is treating with prithvi is really very bad. Fedup with Mrinal’s haterated, cruelty and harassment.

  8. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Prithvi always gave due respect to Mrinal and Tailab in Malwa. What prithvi get in return cruelty, torture and harassment! I really hate Mrinal! Mrinal don’t deserves prithvi! Even Mrinal don’t deserves love. Mrinal only deserves selfish Tailab and chakla!

  9. Watched every episode of the serial so far. Just wanted to write somewhere after the weekend episodes. I can not remember I have seen main role get tortured as much as in this serial. It has probably not happened in entire Bollywood history either. This is too harsh and too much. As promo of next episode shows it will get even worse. Serial has entered into the phase where you get sick instead of enjoying it. Because what has happened so far it just can not end up in marriage between Prithvi and Mrinal any more. The only possible end from here on is that Prithvi and Mrinal kill each other in the end.

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