Chandra Nandni 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says Helina how dare you blame me that I was partial with Nandini,don’t forget I’m a king,and it’s my duty to be impartial and my Acharya has taught me that a women should be respected and it’s most important,even if that lady is Nandini,and I shall not tolerate any women being insulted and it’s true bindusara is doing well because of Nandini,and also that Nandini killed durdhara and she will never be forgiven,and she is facing its punishement and she has moved on and if she is in danger I will take care but she doesn’t matter,Helina gets very happy and hugs Chandra and says I’m sorry I misunderstood you,Chandra says you don’t have to you are a maharani but I can never give you the rights a wife has and leaves.

Helina says that doesn’t matter for now,I’m happy you hate Nandini and about feelings one day I shall make sure you have them for me. Gautami gives the actor money,he says do call me next time if you need me,I act very well,Gautami says thank you,the actor leaves,Nandini says see I told you I shouldn’t go he hates me,Gautami says if this was so why would Chandra stand by you,Nandini says Chandra loves Helina and has moved on too,and they are a happy family,and I’m happy for him,Gautami says why do I see tears then,and I don’t see happiness on your face,because even today you love Chandra,and still today somewhere you want you too to be together again,Nandini says no bhabhi ,I can never be with a man, who doesn’t trust me who thinks I killed durdhara.

Chandra disguised walks into a ashram,Chandra says mantri says Chandrika leaves here,I have to meet his husband and clear all his doubts that me and Chandrika have no relation, he sees that actor and follows him and sees he is drinking a lot,Chandra says how can Nandini marry such man,a lady walks to actor and says I’m waiting for you home and you here drinking, did you forget you have a wife and baby, and you here drinking,Chandra says how dare he,and walk to him and says you are cheating on two ladies, first Chandrika and now this lady and slaps him,actor says she isn’t my wife.

Chandra walks away after slapping him and says I have to tell Nandini that her husband is not a good man and remembers the actor says she isn’t my wife and says why did he say that,is Nandini acting, why but I have to go find.

Helina mother reads a letter,Greek mantri says ok so this order shall be passed and Helina mother stamps it,Chanakya sees her do that,Helina mother sees Chanakya and is surprised,Chanakya walks to her, Helina mother says Acharya welcome to Greek Sabha,how come to international section,which you never think of entering ,Chanakya says some sections I enter when it’s very important,and don’t forget it’s a part of Bhaarat land and not International and unlike others ( looks at Greek mantra) and says I don’t interfere with others business and I shall like to read the order,Helina mother says show the head Acharya what he wants to read.

Chanakya reads the order, and says these decisions are to be taken only by maharaj,you are mukhya maharani helinas mother and not eligible to take these decisions and I fear you are misusing the rajmudra give on to you so I shall ask it back, Helina mother asks what,Chanakya says that you have to return this rajmudra. Helina mother says no before that,you called me mukhya maharanis mother,so she gave me this rajmudra to take decisions in absence of her,and so as you see since I have rajmudra I shall take decisions,Greek mantri says and as per rules the one who has rajmudra can only take decisions.chankaya says if this is so by tonight you shall hand it to me by yourself because no one is allowed to go against peace.

The actors wife says look you are so injured,why do you do this,Chandra arrives there,and says tell me the truth.The actor says Chandrika gave me money to act as her husband, this lady is my wife,and he is my baby,Chandra says don’t you know this is crime,his wife says maharaj we are sorry we were in need of money so we did this.

Bindusara crying,Helina says stop him right now,maharani walks in,Helina picks bindusara and says oh baby calm down I’m so worried,maharani says you are great women,you didn’t give him birth still you care for him,Helina says please don’t say this,he is my baby.maharani says sorry if I hurt your feelings. Maharaj says Vaidya why isn’t anything working on baby,vaidya says Maharaj baby is used to Chandrika taking care of him,he needs her now,Maharaj says I shall call her right away.

Chandra thinks Nandini why did you do this ,all this act why,anyways i don’t care.padmanand with women,malayketu walks in,and asks where is that lady,malayketu says I couldn’t get her,Nand says I told you don’t stand in front of me if you fail,you keep failing,malayketu says the lady is no one else but Gautami bhabhi.

Amartya says but as per my information she is at her brother place because Chandragupta asked her to leave magad,padmanand says malayketu don’t give excuses,Gautami tried killing durdhara and her baby why will she save Chandra baby,malayketu says ok then I shall get Gautami here.

Guard says Maharaj has called Chandrika mahal,for baby bindusara,Chandrika says did Maharaj Chandragupta called me,guard says no Maharaj Kaling,Nandini says then tell them I’m sorry but I shall not come mahal,Gautami says bindusara needs you,Nandini says if I go he will get used to me and that’s bad for him,and anyways Chandra doesn’t want me to be with his baby, so I won’t Gautami says as you wish and leaves.

Pre cap : Gautami says Nandini why will you go, how does it matters if bindusara is alive or dead,Nandini says bhabhi not a word against bindusara, I’m his mother too,Gautami says or is it that you still have feelings for Chandra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Can’t wait anymore

  2. Just want to see Chandra nandini reunite sooooooon

  3. Nandini is unmarried, relaxed Chandra but villains are active again, Apama, Nand, Malayketu and even Helena all are ready to create problem for Magadh empire. In this, love story of Chandra and Nandini is lost somewhere. Due to Bindusar, Nandini will reach Magadh this may not only close Chandra Nandini and Bindusar but also safe Magadh.

  4. I hope Helena and her mother get exposed soon

    1. I think that Apama will be blamed 4 DD’s death. Does any1 remember Apama being caught by Chanakya, when she inoculated poison into dd?

      Even I want the secret to be revealed! Pff…I wonder how Chandra and Nandini will reunite.

      Dear Chandra, believe Nandini and move on….we are tired of seeing u guys separated!!!!!!

      1. Jayani

        Me too…

  5. Tats a gud episode!!

  6. Shwethaa

    wowwwwwww chandra came to kno d truth lets increase a mark in possibility of dem to unite…..luv u chandini….helena idiot how is she able to act so well y doesnt she go to hell…..seriously….luv u chandini…..

    1. Ya shweta we also wait for next feature episodes ……

  7. Nice episode … Waiting fr d precap ..

  8. Savithri V Ramani

    Waiting to see that helana and her mother are caught.but again poor nandini will be blamed ordefamed by new is difficult to watch.too much of pain for nandini

    1. Yeah. Something or the other keeps happening wid Nandini.

  9. Nyc episode..i liked when Chandra knows dat she doesn’t get marry with him…but nandhini should go for bindusar’s sake…he needs nandhini..plz reveal d truth of Helena…cant wait for nxt..

  10. When the truth of dhurdhara’s murder ll come out?

    1. iam also waiting for that

  11. Shobha Hulluraiah

    Chandra Nandini is an excellent teleserial taking us to the generation of kings & queens and their unstinted love for each other despite all woes they need to overcome.
    But I am a little concerned & worried that despite Chanakya being so smart & an emperor like Chandra- Helena & her mother each time succeed in fooling around everyone with Nandini made the scapegoat each time.
    Atleast for a change- let us experience the feel & love of Chandra Nandini’s togetherness !!!

  12. Shobha Hulluraiah

    If Durdhara can appear in Nandini’s dream & remind her of her promise to take care of Bindusaar,wish if the same Durdhara could also appear in Chandra’s dream & reveal the secret behind her death.

    1. I wish too..

      1. Exactly, even I was thinking just the same!

    2. Jayani

      Mein bhi wahi chaahthi hun… Shaayadh woh kaamna poorn ho?

  13. satya sarathi sarkar

    ohhh god! atleast chandra know the truth the nandini is unmarried and the baby is not her. N ow I think he will also know that nandini still loves him and she not killed durdhara.

  14. satya sarathi sarkar

    Cannot wait for next episode.I think next episode chandra will request nandini to go with him and take care of bindusar.

    1. So do I. Wish he hears Gautami taunting Nandini and telling her that she still loves Chandra. God…its gonna be so damn nice if that happens…!!!!

      1. I also eager to see rocking chandini

  15. satya sarathi sarkar

    chandra nandini should be of one hour episode.

    1. Jayani

      During rubbish scenes where d villans is safe, dat tym d epi shud b for half hour nd during d fun scenes, it shud b for 1 hour as u said

    2. I believe it should also be broadcasted on Saturdays. It gets really boring otherwise, waiting for 2 days for Monday to come!!

      1. You,re right!

      2. Jayani

        I agree wid u nisha

  16. satya sarathi sarkar

    it is nice to see that nandini said to the guard did Maharaj Chandragupta called me,guard says no Maharaj Kaling,Nandini says then tell them I’m sorry but I shall not come mahal. CHANDRA should come to nandini and beg apology .

  17. Stupid chandra even one sec you didnt think abt nandus character and helenas condition in war (against padmanand )to send nandu out of mahal.u r the only person to protect to her but urself doesnt trust her
    i cannot see her tears It is so painfull to accept punishment without doing anything wrong i want old chandra who put lovable fight with her,protect her,stand for her how he changed to this extent

  18. whether nandu accept chandra after finding real culprit

  19. Iam so happy when archariyar mistreated by helenas mom

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      chanayka should also be punish along with helena and her mom.Chanayka every time created problems in chandra and nandini’s relation.If he not provoked chandra then chandra would not punish nandini.

      1. Ya u r right but chandra knows chankya always against nandu then also he trusted him
        chandra trusted everyone even helena but not his beloved nandu

  20. Good that Nandini refused to go to the Mahal to help Bindusar, so Chandra will come personally to request her. Now that Chandra knows the truth about the fake husband, it will good to see how he confronts Nandini and how she reacts. Waiting for tomorrow!

    1. Sooooo excited for 19 April’s show!!!!

  21. Wow what a nice tv serial I happy with that Chandra now about nandini marriage … we waiting for come Helena real criminal face to Chandra

  22. Nanthini should refuse to go along but the precap shows that she will accept.
    I wish she makes a condition to Chandra that she will join him to Magdha on the condition that he believes in her and find the real culprit behind Dhurdhara’s death as she did not kill her…

    1. Yeah indeed! Nandini should use her brains and put up this condition. Things will for the better then!

  23. how the hell do apama and helena manage to get away with their crimes each time.
    they should be exposed this time
    . I cant believe how helena and her mom have been conspiring since the beginning even before roopa came and still not even chandra or nandini or chanakya have even overheard their evil coversations. sadly helena and her mum seem to have great luck. i want chandra and nandini to reunite as soon as possible and this time it should be forever and helena and her mom to be exposed as soon as possible .i hope chandra and nandini also have children of their own

  24. AparnaPrasad

    I thnk chandra wl not dsclose the truth to nandini abt knwng ds nakli pati nd nakli child.. and nandini wl keep sayng ds lie to chandra without knwng ds.. it wl b fun as to hw chndra wl taunt her makng her lie.. or mayb its jst my imagination… so eager to see der chemistry… ??

    1. I wil be happy if ur imagination comes true
      old chandra always love to play nd fight wth her

    2. Jayani

      I will b very happy coz it wud b fun 2 c ? taunt nandu in a fun way?

    3. Yes, even I think so

  25. i can’t tolerate nandini’s pain. i love Nandini a lot……

  26. satya sarathi sarkar

    After knowing the truth the best punishment for helena would be if chandra again make nandini “maharani” and say “helena, I shall never live with you” and if in front of her chandra and nandini will start romancing.The gealousy will be the best punishment for helena.

    1. Ya rt.romancing in front of her is greastesttttt punishment

  27. Star Plus popular show Chandra Nandini will now show a high voltage drama after Helena asked Nandini to come and stay in Maghadh as Bindusara’s caretaker.

    In the recent episode Chandra realizes that Nandini is innocent and she does nothing to Durdhara.

    Nandini’s caring attitude towards Bindusara comforts Chandra and he feels Nandini as a good mother.

    Helena’s trap proved reverse for herself

    Helena blackmailed Nandini to come back Maghadh as a caretaker for Bindusara so that Chandra and Helena can spend good time.

    In the upcoming episode Nandini entered Kalinga where slowly seeing Nandini’s care towards Bindusara made Chandra forget his evil past.

    It would be exciting to see How Chandra and Nandini will unite again in Maghadh?

    Stay hooked with for more thrilling updates.

    1. Jayani

      I want dis 2 happen asap… Can’t wait for dis…

    2. I don’t want Chandra to forgive and forget. Rather, I want him to find the real culprit!

  28. Chandra & Chanakya brain not capable to find real cluprit? Nandini Plz dont accept to chandra

  29. If nandu accept to go magadh whethr chnkya will allow her

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      your nandini to nandu is very sweet.bcoz nandini truly is very sweet and lovable.I shall then call chandra as Chandu bcoz he is an foolish guy and Chanyka as Chanku bcoz he is an idiot.

      1. Jayani

        ???… Dat’s funny… I lyk d names u gav 2 CHANDU ND CHANKU?

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      your nandini to nandu is very sweet.bcoz nandini truly is very sweet and lovable.I shall then call chandra as Chandu bcoz he is an foolish guy and Chanyka as Chanku bcoz he is an idiot.

      1. Rt,i hate chandra, without deep investigation he blamed nandu ,how he can do it to nandu for whom he abonded everything

    3. satya sarathi sarkar

      This time chanayka have to allow nandini in mahal bcoz of bindusar.Only nandini can take care of bindusar.If chanayka not allow then this time Chandra will not listen chankya’s advice.He will bring back nandini in mahal.Once nandini come to mahal then chandra cannot resist himself from loving nandini and Nandini also disclose who killed durdhara.

      1. Chandra and chankya have no other option except allowing nandu for sake of bindu all credits goes to him ,for him nandu is an angel he smilled for first time seeing nandus anklet
        eventhough chandra think nandu is reason for dd death he cannot forget her if truth exposed nobody can separate nandu from chandra even chankya and our bindu wont allow his angel to go out mahal in future

      2. Jayani

        I agree wid u

  30. The upcoming twist of Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra will decide to take Nandini along with him to Magadh for Bindusar’s sake. Chandra unravels a big truth when he finds out that the man who came to the palace along with Nandini was not her husband but was just doing a drama.

    Chandra also comes to know the shocking truth that the baby with Nandini was in fact not her own child. Chandra is shocked and confuse as he wonders why Nandini did the big drama in front of him of having a husband and a child. On one side, Chandra thinks that Nandini has some hidden motives of lying to him and on the other hand, Nandini thinks to be far away from Chandra and Bindusar to avoid any more troubles. However, Bindusar falls very ill once again and the doctor says that only Nandini’s touch can heal him.

    Nandini is called in the palace in the middle of the night to be with Bindusar but Nandini refuses to go. However, viewers will get to see that Chandra himself will come to meet Nandini and will take her along with him to take care of Bindusar. As soon as Nandini is with Bindusar, Bindusar will stop crying and will be healed of his troubles. Chandra will realize that Nandini is the only one who can keep Bindusar happy and he will decide to take a big decision.

    Chandra will want Nandini to return with him to Magadh to be Bindusar’s nanny. Let’s wait and see whether Nandini agrees to take up this offers made by Chandra. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates of Chandra Nandini.

    1. Jayani

      Thank u sooo much for d asum updates uji di?

  31. Durdhara’ghost wandering but not taking her role seriously just as she came to Nandini why can’t she goes to chandra’dream and set the this role comes to our sweet BINDU to unite his parents episode was good not song and dance type but truth and dare usual RAJAT TOKAS ACTING WAS FANTASTIC AND CHANDRA NANDINI ROCKS LOVE

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      Rajat tokas and Sweta prasad both looking awesome together.Their chemistry is fabulous.I think they should be won all the best jodi awards this year in all telly awards.


      2. she does act in tamil films vany see chandamama

    2. Maybe Durdhara is scared to go near Chandra thinking that Helena might be sleeping right next to him… lool.. poor Durdhara is freaking scared of Helena even after she died..

      1. hahaha…exactly.,fearfull ghost

      2. Vany she already acted in Tamil film with karunas named as SANDHAMAMA…

      3. Jayani

        S… She also acted in a movie called RAA RAA… For more reference, check in wikipedia also…

        Dis is d link…

      4. Oh Nandri.. I didnot know she acted in Tamil films. Has Rajat acted in Tamil films as well???

      5. satya sarathi sarkar

        sweta also acted in one bengali film and recently plays role of bhabhi of barun dhawan in badrinath ki dulahiniya.But I think Nandini is the best role for her as it can turn her career.

      6. Jayani

        Ur welcum akka… But I don’t think dat rajat also acted in tamil films

    3. Jayani

      Wen did dd walk around in d palace a ghost??? I never knew dat… Nd m very sure dat she wusn’t hav gone 2 ?’s room thinking dat d yavni must b in his room… She might hav been d first ghost who is scared of human nd dat 2 a cat?

  32. Chandu-Nandu=Bindu?

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      I think Bindu=Chandu+Nandu

    2. Jayani

      SPD, always think +tv, b +tv & stay +tv?

  33. Nice episode…????

    Loved it!!!!????

    Nicely re-written and showing the history…….?????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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