Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 19

I am back with a new episode. Thanks for a great response.

It’s morning.

Everyone is at the break fast table and Krishna is serving others. Elsa was continuously staring at Saiyyam.

Elsa(thinks): Soon you will be mine and will marry me. (With a evil smile).
Krishna: Els, you haven’t eaten an anything.
Els: I was going to. Saiyyam can you pass me that.
(He was passing her the dish but she intentionally put her hand on his) Krishna saw this and felt uncomfortable. Elsa smiles to see her comfortable.

Everyone did break fast.
In Krishna’s room.
Elsa comes there.

Els: Hey krish. I need your help.
Krishna: Yes, whats the problem.
Els: Its just I wanted to go shopping as I am getting bored.
Krishna: So?
Els: Um.. Can you come with me as I don’t know much about India or it’s streets.
Krishna: Sure, I would love to. Be ready till 4:00 pm.
Els: OK( thinks ) now you will see that what will I do.

She goes. Saiyyam comes after some times. Krishna and Saiyyam collided and both fall on bed.
Song plays in background..

When they collided, their lips meet and they had a peck of lip lock. They were staring in each others eyes. Saiyyam was enjoying the moment but Krishna broke the moment. She felt embarrassed and went away.

Saiyyam (thinks): What god! Krishna had to realize the position at that moment. I was enjoying so much. ???

Krishna was in kitchen. She was making lunch. Elsa called her. She was going to her when she fell down.

Krishna: Ahhh… Screams.
Suhani and bhavna come to her.
Suhani: Come. They tried to make her stand but she couldn’t.
Bhavna: Saiyyam beta! Call the doctor and help us put her in bed.

Elsa comes there.
Els: What happened?
Suhani: She fall down.
Els: Oh..

Krishna is working in kitchen and Elsa comes there silently and intentionally spilled some oil on floor and went outside and called Krishna so she can coe to her and fall
Fb ends. She smiles.

Doctor checks her.
Doc: Nothing to worry, she just sprained her foot. She just needs some rest.
Saiyyam: Thankyou doctor.

Elsa comes to her.
Elsa: Oh.. So we can’t go to shopping. I was looking forward to it. ( sad face)
Krishna: Um.. We can go tomorrow.
Elsa: So I must find something to do. ( sad face)
Krishna (thinks for some time) then says: Saiyyam! Can you take els for shopping. I was going but my foot sprained.
Saiyyam: I am busy.
Krishna: Please Saiyyam please..
Saiyyam: Alright, I will get ready.
Elsa smiles..

They both get ready. And went for shopping.

Elsa was continuously trying to talk to Saiyyam but he was ignoring her.
Elsa(Thinks): why is he ignoring me. I will soon take a big step.

They tho home late as Elsa was trying to stay with him.
Saiyyam goes to his room .

Krishna: Why are you late?
Saiyyam (teasingly): Why? Did you miss me?
Krishna: Its nothing like that.
Saiyyam: Oh! I and Elsa were just chilling. We enjoyed a lot ( trying to make her not easy)
Krishna: Oh.. ( she was getting uncomfortable and angry now) Go and sleep.

They both went to sleep..

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  1. Don’t worry, everyone enjoy your FF
    It’s so nice

  2. AnahitaAnnie

    I am just loving it…princess. This Elsa??. Krish is so innocent…and I am just loving ur ff. Keep going update ASAP.

  3. Nice epi dr.loved d jealousy track.somehow i’m loving dis elsa.she is bringing kriyam closer.???? eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi
    Bye tc?☺?

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm and I have submitted the next part. Hope you love it.???

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