Making memories of US by Lasya (Episode 5)

Episode: 5
Episode starts with Naksh waking up Keerthi!
“Keerthi get up!!! It’s your pehli rasoi today!”
Please Naksh let me sleep for five more minutes
Keerthi this is not Goenka villa this is singhania sadan!! You got married… today you have to cook breakfast for your new family… everybody down are hungrily waiting for you!
What? Really? I’m married! Yes!! I’m sorry! Keerthi wakes up all of a sudden!
Hm… god! What a tragedy? Everywhere wife wakes up husband but my wife she forgot that she is married…my god! Why did you give this type of wife to me?
Naksh… slow down ha! I was sleeping and I thought all this was dream!
Only people in goenka’s villa will get such type of dreams…Keerthi this is singhania sadan everything in real! Okay?
Arey wah! Till yesterday! Goenka’s are super cool and after marriage singhania’s are great ha?
Accha sorry leave all these but tell me what are you going to cook for everyone today?
Naksh! Should I say one truth…!
Keerthi….don’t say me that you don’t know cooking!
But I have to say that to you…
That means you don’t know how to cook?
She nods no!
Then on that day when we came to your house to give shagun ma(swarna) said that you cooked all the food!
No…actually! Mamma only made them! Chodo na! now what should I do?
Keerthi… If you know that this rasam will be there then why didn’t you prepare for something before?
Naksh! I did not have time to prepare!
Hm…jaisa bhai waisa behen! You four will always kill we four! Damn it!
And keerthi… look at your husband he owns a multinational hotel! And you ? you don’t know to cook? This is not fair!
Naksh! If my husband doesn’t own a hotel and I don’t know cooking then that will not be fair! If ultimately my husband own a multinational hotel then why should I learn cooking?
Very smart keerthi…now get ready and show your smartness in managing today! Bye!
Naksh you can’t do this! Please help me!
Not today! Someother day bye!! This is your first test in your sasural and I should not interfere in this!
Okay! Bye!

Keerti gets ready and come down!
Arey wah! My daughter in law is looking gorgeous! Ward off the sight!
Akshara! Itna nazar math lagao on my keerthi!
Haha! Thanks ma! Thanks papa!
What will you cook today?
Ma!… yesterday your son maintained confidential right? Today I’ll maintain…. I’ll let you know after I cook!
Haha! Okay!
Naksh signs her….but she ignores!
She get into kitchen and think what to do!
She gets an idea and start to do something!

After 2 hours!
Keerthi, Naira, Gayu and Mishti come near dining table and place all the dishes!
Akshara opens the lid and see it shockingly!
You made it keerti?
Yes ma! I know only that for starter!
No! no! that’s okay! I love Manchuria in fact!
Naksh looks at her shockingly!
Naithik takes the other lid and smells it!
Wow! Yummy…Navrathan kurma!
Bhabima! Takes another lid!
Wow! Kachories! Nice.. you might have sent them to karthik!
Devayaani takes out another lid
Arey wah! Kaddu ka kheer! Looks tasty!
Wow! Keerthi… first day and that too in 2 hours you cooked these many!! We are impressed!
Thanks ma! my pleasure!
Naksh signs keerthi that how she made!
Keerthi signs him that I managed!
Everybody have the food and praise keerthi!
Elders give her nek!

Naksh takes keerthi to a corner!
” keerthi are you sure you only made them? Or you bought them from hotel?
Gayu, Naira and mishti interrupt her and tease them!
You three of you stop pulling our leg now! Btw you three were there when keerthi was cooking right? Tell me did she cook or you helped her or bought them from hotel?
Bhai! Are you crazy? Keerthi bhabi cooked with her own hands she did not even let us cut the vegetables also!
Are you serious?
Yes bhai we are! Okay fine we will leave you enjoy!
Okay bye! (Naksh waves in confusion)
Keerthi… how come?
Naksh…at that time I was just kidding you! I love to see your tension filled face!
Thank god! You killed me today!
When I’m there? You will not get killed!!
I love you keerthi!
I love you too Naksh!
I love you keerthi!
I love you too Naksh!
I love you keerthi!
Uf! I love you too Naksh!
I love you keerthi!
Eh chup! Do you think I’m deaf? I understood and stop now!
Omg! Such a violent reaction!
They both laugh and hug eachother!
And it’s night! Reception time!
Goenka’s come to singhania mansion!
Karthik,koushik and mishkat come in their new cars!
As soon as they enter three of them rush to Naksh room and hug him!
Owowow!!! Slowly… I’ll fall down!
Thanks jiju/Naksh! That was a good surprise!
You liked it?
Yes! We loved it!
So… you rushed here to thank me such wildly!? Is your whole family wild and violent?
Why jiju? Did keerthi di start showing her violence from today itself?
Yes! Today she killed me! And narrates all the story happened!
Jiju! how did didi marry you like person? The person who don’t know whether she know cooking or not? Very bad! Jiju!!!
Please don’t say that koushik! Ill feel very bad! I know about my keerthi very well and I love her a lot!
Haha! We know Naksh! Okay now tell me if suppose keerthi don’t know cooking what would you do?
Mishkat! I used to cook for her daily and feed her with my hands!
Ehem ehem!! Slow down! Naksh!
It’s okay Karthik… I love sharing these all with you!
They smile at him and hug!
All four of them share a happy group hug!
And after that! The reception ceremony goes on successfully!
Goenka’s leave to their goenka villa
And singhania’s have a peaceful sleep!
Naira and gayu leave to their sasural!
Precap: Kaira, kanya and niral cute family moments!

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