Chanchan 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 9th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with dadi cutting the ribbon and inaugurating Purvi’s computer classes’ place. Chanchan’s whole family is there, Purvi is really happy as for first time in life she is doing something she loves. Chanchan gives everyone the good news that purvi already has eight registrations. Purvi is mad at chanchan for leaving on the first day of her classes when chanchan’s brother comes there to make sure chanchan doesn’t back out.

Manav’s sister is scared to ask permission from Umaben to go to the camp. She is caught off guard when she takes the milkshake to Umaben and asks her if she can go to the campus but Umaben denies her. Manav comes there and tells her sister that if someone from the family was going then Umaben will give permission. He convinces her mother to let both of them go. Once Umaben leaves Manav’s sister tells him how he will get bored but he tells her how he is going to take himanshu with them as well.

Chanchan is talking to her dogs and decides to take anarkali with her to the camp. On the other side Manav is trying to convince Himanshu to go with him and tells him to he wants to teach the guy who is behind his sister a lesson. Simple is standing there with blown face when chanchan teases her about Himanshu and tells her not to sacrifice her feelings for himanshu as chanchan has problems with Manav not with Himanshu.

Manav and everyone are waiting for someone to come so that the bus can leave when Manav’s sister lets Rugved know that her brother and his friend is also there. As chanchan comes up the bus with anarkali, manav starts sneezing. Both of them are shocked to see the other one there and they end up getting into an argument denying that they don’t know each other. Manav is complaining how a dog isn’t allowed to travel in bus but the driver tells him how chanchan has purchased a ticket especially for anarkali so she will be going. Manav can’t stop sneezing as anarkali passes by him to go sit in the back.

Umaben’s DIL Sanjana brings her a pillow case she has made when Umaben tells her how she doesn’t like the color. Umaben tells her off as she is trying to praise Umaben’s mastery in calculation.

Chanchan and manav are trying to get down the bus at the same time by pushing each other resulting into a quarrel. Chanchan wants to call Purvi while Manav wants to call her mother but they can’t find network so they go to this other place. Both of them get into yet another argument as they are talking at the same time hence not being able to hear the person on the other side. Purvi tells chanchan how she misses her and that one more studentregistered today by sending her driver with money.

Purvi is telling her students how there is one more person to come when Umaben walks in making purvi go into a shock.

Precap: Umaben tells purvi how she started the classes to grow confidence in women and since its not only for girls she is joining them as well.

Update Credit to: scarlet.moon

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