Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode begins in Kapoor house: Neha tells Natasha to prepare Ayesha’s wedding dress. She turns down and says she is busy. Meanwhile Sid tells Mamaji that his decision to marry was wrong as how could he spend his whole life with a single girl. Mamaji taunts him that you will be getting an angel in a prison. He says that Ayesha loves him and have money also. Sid says but is it necessary to marry.

Natasha says to take the lehenga on rent as Ayesha’s marriage cant stay for long. Vikram says what are you talking about, it is after all The Ayesha Kapoor wedding and her photos will appear on page 3 and we cant let go of this opportunity.

Nats says I dont need any designer. Neha asks is there any other friend of yours who is a designer. It is like a fish market, everybody talking. Ram comes there and says hello everyone. what is this circus. tell me what is the problem. He asks Ayesha do you want to get married, She replies in yes. then Ram asks sid, he doesn’t say anything, Mamaji says yes. Sid says yes. but shipra says no. I dont want my daughter to marry him.

Ram says what is your problem? your daughter is marrying to khush’s papa. you should be happy. Priya says there are so many problems, first problem is siddhant your brother. Ram is shocked to see her and asks what is she doing here, he left her at home. she replies that she came here for her little sister, her life is ruined. There is nothing much left in her life but whatever left she will try to save it as it is her duty as Ayesha’s elder sister. Ram asks her to talk slowly. Everybody looks on.

Priya says she is not afraid of him and tells him to behave maturely. Ram asks her to sit and talk. She says she will sit whereever she wants. She tells Ayesha that after the marriage, one have to take permission from the husband’s. she says you understand naa Neha. Priya warns Ayesha that he will be like that. Priya says seedhi saadhi girl. Natasha says it is too much. Priya says she is less clever than sid. Ram says dont talk about my brother, i will not tolerate it.

Some persons comes there and says who is Ayesha kapoor. She asks did you come to take my interview. He says yes. then he asks about the luxury cars parked outside Kapoor Mansion. she says it is all her’s. Then they asks about her clothes she wear in the parties, bags etc. she replies everything is hers. she says she wear pure gold ornaments and she just love diamonds. She then asks in which channel her interview is going to be telecast. He says do you think we came from a channel. Other man who is capturing Ayesha’s words says that they are from Income tax department and this camera is for the proves. Ayesha and all the family are shocked.
Ayesha says everything is not her’s and it is kapoor’s. They says how your change your words and says we came here to arrest you. Priya and everybody are standing at one corner hiding their faces.

Ayesha tells Mamaji to explain. He tells I dont know you, I am not even a Kapoor. Ram asks the Income Tax guys to explain what is going on. He says I am Ram Kapoor. He asks who are you? Ayesha says He is Ram Kapoor and .everything is his. IT guy says that now you will tell that Ram Kapoor wear all those stuff. Priya comes to save Ayesha and says she wears all that as she is Ram’s wife and everything is her’s. she says Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor. Priya says we shifted to jaipur some days before and came back just recently. Priya says Ayesha dont even live here, she came to meet me. Ram says they will not understand, bring the power attorney papers. Ayesha says ok.

Ram talks to him seperately. Ayesha comes with the papers and Ram asks her to give those papers to the IT guy. Then Ram asks Ayesha to get a cheque book. Mamaji brings the cheque book. Ram says to make the cheque for 60 lakhs rupees. Sid says it is much. Ram says you dont talk. I give a good business and you lose it. Sid says I was not even here bhai. They were running the business. Ram says it was your brain child. IT guy says that this year dues are cleared and they are under scanner and he is leaving them because of you Mr. Kapoor. Priya asks them to delete the video whatever Ayesha’s said as it is a matter of family prestige. Ayesha thanks Ram. Ram asks her to think about the future, she says she did thought, everything you take care of industries, money, but name will be her’s and Ram will be managing director. Sid says what are you talking. He tells bhai is having so much work. Priya also says the same. Ram says I will manage. I will talk to you after your marriage.

Ayesha says Ram will sort out the mess. Ram says you will work with me so that you learn slowly and one day you can handle the business. They agree and smile. Ram says we will get the paper work done. Ram asks Ayesha to live with your mother as we are under IT dept radar. She agrees. Priya says nobody is telling her anything. Ram says thanks. She says she did everything for her Ayesha and she tries to fight with Ram just to show Sid and Ayesha. She says you brother is on bail and you are marrying him off to my sister to save him. Ram asks Priya to go home. Vikram leaves with Ram. Ayesha goes with Shipra to pack her bags. Neha and Natasha also leaves telling Priya that they are with her.

Priya comes to Khush and asks him what he is doing. he says he is doing maths and it was easy when ram papa used to teach him. She offers to help him. She says whenever you have any problem with your studies then you can ask Ram papa. He says he is angry with ram as ram said that he is not his papa. He says that uncle is not his papa. Khush says he dont even know me. Priya tries to make him understand that uncle is his papa. He says then why he not lived with him. Priya explains that Pihu was away from her papa for 5 years. she says you papa loves you but he was having problem that’s why he was away from you. Priya says ram is your bade papa and Sid is just papa. Khush says but I want Ram papa. Priya says ram is having so much work and he have to take care of office and have to fight with bad people also like a superman. Khush asks did he fly also. Priya laughs and says no. Priya says we are going to nani’s house to pihu. Khush is happy.

Scene Shifts to Kapoor Industries:

Ram comes with Vikram and Sid and meets his employees. Sid is not looking happy at the change of events and Ram back at the office.

Scene Shifts back to Sharma house:

Priya arrives with Khush and Ayesha and shipra followed. Ayesha thinks i never thought i have to came back here. She thinks about the flashback scene with Sudhir. Shipra asks her to say sorry to Sudhir. Natasha asks her to touch papa’s feet and he will forgive you. Ayesha is forced to touch everybody’s feet and thinks what she told to Ram’s maa and dadi. when she bends down to touch Sudhir feet, he goes inside.
Ayesha says she is going to sleep, Nats says it is not kapoor mansion and she have to wait as she have to sleep here in the hall. It is their mansion and they live here by adjusting well with each other.

Ayesha is disgusted and sits in anger. Shipra asks her to talk to her papa and ask for forgiveness. Priya tells her to fold her hands and say sorry to make papa feel that you are sorry. Ayesha says slowly sorry. Priya asks her to say loudly sorry. she says sorry papa. sudhir replies sorry madam, are you talking to me. I dont recognise you. you told me sudhir sharma and say me like that. she says papa listen. Sudhir leaves.

Shipra says he is your papa, show him that you have changed by handling the kitchen. Ayesha is horrified. Everybody is having a good laugh. shipra asks her to bring the vegetables from the market. Priya says her to bargain while purchasing. Dadi says now Ayesha will know about the money.

Priya asks her to take care of everyone and she will tell her after coming back home. shipra says she takes cares of everyone.

Scene Shifts to Ram’s office:

Priya comes there and Ram says why you are here. I asked you to stay at home. he asks her to sit. She says she came to see him. I wanted to see you at your office on your chair. I wanted to see your sparkled face. I wanted to be part of here. Ram says I felt happy to be here, I feel like i belong here. Priya says this is your place and you came here for your family to protect them. Ram says how you know you this much. Priya says because i love you. Ram says I love you more than you. Priya says I can bet you will fail. Ram says I am worried about khush. Priya says she make khush understand and says that Ram papa is like a superman. Ram says you should tell him that I am a superman because I have a superwife. Episode ends on their smiling face while the BALH music is playing in the BG.

Ram asks Priya to sit. Priya says again sit sit. Shipra asks why you call us for a family meet. Priya says talk is big. we wanted to tell the entire family. Natasha and Dadi asks what is that. Ram says me, priya, i mean we are pregnant. Everybody surprised and happy. Priya looks on happily as Ram said we are…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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