Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 9th April 2013 Written Update

Rahul tells that he has realized that aaru loves ehsaas not rahul. So rahul will back out and ehsaas will marry her. Aaru is very happy and expresses it to rahul that she always wanted to marry ehsaas and not rahul and he has given the best wedding gift for her. She is happy that though late, rahul has realized that ehsaas is of prior importance to her. Rahul says that its coze of madhu that he realized this and aaru says that madhu is indeed the reason coze she could meet and marry her ehsaas due to him. Rahul says that madhu will be glad u here this and he calls madhu to make him listen what aaru has to tell him. Aaru tells madhu that she is so happy that finally she is marrying her ehsaas. Madhu is shocked.

Aaru keeps telling that she always wanted to marry ehsaas and not rahul and today after rahul’s confession she is relieved and ready to marry her ehsaas not rahul. Madhu is still shocked and asks aaru if she is sure abt it. Aaru confirms that she is sure and hangs the phone as megz come and tell its time for pheras. Aaru tells rahul to come fast and goes out with megz while rahul self-talks to god that he knows he is doing wrong but there is no way to get madhu and aaru married. He says that the justice will happen when madhu gets his love in aaru and aaru finds her love ehsaas in madhu. He returns to the room and changes to a diff sherwani and hands the blue sherwani and sehra to madhu. Rahul says that now he shouldn’t be having any probs as aaru is willing to marry him.

Madhu has believed it and smiles while he asks why he should change as the sherwani is ok. Rahul says that it’s his best friend and RJ ehsaas’s marriage and how can he wear such simple sherwani. Madhu is abt to change when bharti’s thoughts stop him. He asks dadi and rahul if bharti knows about the developments and if she has agreed for the marriage. Both are shocked and wonder what to say. Dadi tells that bharti luvs him a lot and she will support his decision. However, madhu is reluctant to dress up unless bharti gives her consent. Madhu dials her number but bharti doesn’t hear it ringing thus doesn’t pick up. A tensed dadi and rahul are relieved after bharti hasn’t picked the phone. Dadi snatched the phone promising to call and convince bharti and rahul support her. They finally succeed in sending madhu to dress.

Dadi says that she was scared that bharti would take the phone and this would spoil their whole plans. She says that god has proved that we aren’t doing anything wrong by supporting them. She says that a big storm will hit after the truth is revealed to everyone but everyone will soon realize that whatever happened is for good. Madhu comes back dressed in the sherwani and immediately ask abt bharti. Dadi instantly lies to him that she had called bharti and somehow managed to convince her. She says that she was reluctant but then agreed. Madhu isn’t believing but rahul somehow makes him believe it. Dadi says that every mother wants her child to be happy and bharti is also happy for him. She adds that for the first time she has asked something and if that is also not fulfilled then how can she be a mother? Rahul says that we should waste time and he puts the garland and sehra around madhu and sets to go down.

However, madhu stops and they still ask them if they are doing it right. Rahul and dadi look at each other shocked and rahul asks if he doesn’t believe dadi and him. He assures that everyone is happy with this rishta. Pallo comes to inform that the panidt is asking for the dulha and rahul says that they are coming. Outside, aaru is brought down by her friends, megz and lalit. Everyone are very happy and aaru is made to sit in the mandap and pandit asks for dulha again. Dadi and rahul bring madhu down and they see bharti entering the house. Rahul is shocked to see her and hides while madhu is happy. Dadi says that she has indeed agreed to attend her son’s wedding. Bharti goes inside without seeing them and rahul escapes from there lying to madhu that he is going to talk to bharti in detail about the matter. He hides while dadi take madhu further. Rahul looks at bharti and tells to himself that he knows he is doing wrong but he was marrying to get her love and if she is yet not accepting him then it’s better to bring happiness in madhu’s life. Suddenly the lights go off in the whole house and everyone panic. It’s shown that rahul has removed the fuse.

Pandit says that the muhurat is getting over so they shouldn’t wait for the lights to come. So in order, menka arranges for candles and there is dim light throughout the house. Once this is done, dadi finally brings madhu there and says dulha has come. Madhu observes that aaru is very happy to see him and thinks she know everything. Madhu is made to sit next to aaru and aaru is very excited. Dadi decides to stay beside madhu so that no one notices him. Madhu enquires abt rahul and dadi lies that he has gone to check the fuse. Meanwhile, pallo comes and sits behind madhu and aaru and dadi sends her away from there. Bharti arrives and everyone is glad to see her. She looks around for madhu but doesn’t find him anywhere so takes dadi aside and asks bat him. Dadi somehow tells that madhu might be round and not visible due to the dim light. Bharti is not convinced so goes around to look for him.

Suddenly madhu coughs and brij and pallo rushes to give him water. However, dadi is tensed if anyone sees his face so she leaves bharti and goes to him. Bharti is shown going back while rahul is standing far away and witnessing the event. Pundit announces the gadbandan rasam that ties the Jodi in an unbreakable bond forever and lalit comes and ties the knots. Bharti calls pallo for her phone and goes away dialing madhu number. Rahul is telling that he has only one friend and he is so unlucky that he can’t even attend his wedding properly. Never mind, at least he is happy. Suddenly madhu’s phone rings in his hand and out of shock, he drops it and it falls amid some place from where he cannot easily take it. Bhati walking somewhere and rahul’s attempt to pick it is shown in parallel.

Pheras start and they walk around the agni. Aaru thinks in mind that he has to promise that whatever stupidity or mistake she does then the rest is said by madhu that he will handle it and won’t allow those problems to accept aaru. Rahul is trying to take the phone but his attempts fail. Bharti is worried why madhu is not picking the phone.

Aaru says the last and most imp wish is that he should always and then madhu says that he will always love her more than himself. Pandit tells to fill her maang with sindoor and madhu does the same.

Update Credit to: sio.angel

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