Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 39

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Let The Angry Word Be Answered Only With A Kiss


Rudra’s phone rings as he walks-

Rudra:Yes Mom,I have reached.They are fine.I will inform Anika di and……….He could not finish as he stumbles on something in return,gets a jolt while entering into the room.He shouts-Mummyyyyyyyy…..!

Soumya was standing in front of the door,keeping distance.She turns with a smile.There are roses in her hands.Rudra enters all of a sudden and gets collided with her.Roses from Soumya’s hand get sprang up in the air and she has to grab a forward moving Rudra in her arms.He too holds Soumya for balance.She outbalances Rudra and about to fall by backward but Rudra catches her on time.Roses are getting showered on both of them.They are staring holding each other in their arms.All these happen within a very short of time.Few minutes later-

Rudra:Tum ladki ho?
Soumya:Excuse me?
Rudra:Tum ladki ho yeah aloo ki boori?Itna bhari?Jerking Rudra aside she says-

Soumya:How dare you,how dare you huh?Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror?Gunde kahike?
Rudra:Gunde?Rudra Singh Oberoi ko tumne gunda kaha?Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror?Ghost would get scared watching you.How dare you calling me a gunde?This is serious insult and I won’t tolerate it.
Soumya:Listen Mr.Whatever,first you barged into my room,almost broke my neck,called me aloo ki boori and now you have the audacity to say I have insulted you?You are under super illusion.I am the one who is insulted here.Have you used your brain in something productive other than building up body?

Rudra:Wah,you noticed already?That means my first impression was not that bad.Okay,I am forgiving you for calling me gunde.Let’s forget all those and start afresh.Forwarding his hand Rudra says-Hi,I am Rudra Singh Oberoi.Naam toh suna yeah padha hoga!
Soumya who is seething in anger says-

Soumya:Just get lost!
World War 3 gets started in Sunflower Petals!

Right that moment Shivaay and Anika enter into the room only to find their brother and sister are fighting like two teenagers.They look at each other in disbelief.Next they rush to Rudra and Soumya’s side-

Shivaay:Rudra stop it.What are you doing?She is our guest.
Rudra:Guest?But bhaiya……Shivaay stops him.
Anika:And Choti you,I did not expect such behaviour from you.What’s wrong with you?
Soumya:But di,he……….
Anika:Enough.I don’t want to hear anything.Say sorry to Rudra.
Shivaay:Aur tu mera sakal kya dekh rahi hai?Come on,say sorry to Soumya.

Rudra and Soumya look at each other in suppressed anger then say,much reluctantly-


Anika:Hmmm…Good.Shivaay,this is my lovely little sister as you know already-Soumya.
Shivaay:Very happy to have you here Soumya.Hope you have not faced any problem finding the address.
Soumya:No jiju.I managed.And I was very eager to meet you and finally meet.

There Rudra and Anika get surprised on Soumya and Shivaay’s interaction.Rudra says in his mind-

“Jiju?Is she mad?Zabardasti saali ban gayi?”

Anika:You two already met?
Shivaay:Yes,we have met.And Anika,Soumya was coming here,that is your surprise I was talking about.
Rudra:You forgot me in the happiness of meeting your saali?This is not fair bhaiya.
Anika:Forget Shivaay Rudra.I am happy like anything to have you here.We will do a lot masti.
Rudra:Oh di I mean bhabi,only you care for me.Thank you.

Shivaay:Hope introductions are finished.Let’s meet at dinner tonight.Rest can be talked then.
Rudra:Where I will stay?Aapke saali ne toh is kamre ko kabja kar liya,pehle se.This is my favourite room.
Soumya is about to say something but Anika stops her.

Shivaay:Come with me.I will show you.See you soon Soumya.They leave while Anika remains there with Soumya.

Rudra’s luggage and bags are brought in up-stair and he occupies the south wing.

Around 8:30 pm

Rudra comes to dining table.Soumya is already there,talking on phone.Rudra makes a face watching her.Intentionally he drags a chair to create noise and to disturb Soumya.He sits in front of her across the table.House stuffs are placing dinner dishes on the table.
Soumya finishes talking.She starts observing Rudra in a curious amusement.
On the other side,Rudra brings out his phone and starts stealing glances with Soumya.He says in his mind-

“Ghoor toh aise rahi hai jaise mujhe nigal jayegi.Be careful Rudra!”

Shivaay and Anika come together and they take their seats.Shivaay with Soumya and Anika with Rudra.Dinner gets served and four of them start eating and engage in conversation.At one point Shivaay asks-

Shivaay:How your study going Soumya?
Soumya:Going good jiju.
Rudra:Study?I thought you must be busy eating all day!
Rudra:Common sense bhaiya.
Soumya:For your kind information,yes,I do study.Perhaps it’s you who never get enough time to touch books,being a boy.Their attentions are divided into various things,mostly faltu ke.Common sense,you see?
Rudra:Really?By the way,what you read?Food magazines and recipes?
Soumya says smiling-

Soumya:Nahi,itna bhi bure din nahi chal rahi meri.I am a medical student,3rd year.Study pressure is so much that khana khane ki bhi time nahi milta.Still,I manage.You?
Rudra:MBA,final year.
Soumya:That’s why you sound so weird.
Rudra:What do you mean?

Soumya:I mean those who study business,stay under pressure always and talk nonsense.According to a survey.
Anika:Shivaay too has studied MBA,at Cambridge.He does not talk nonsense.And when does Rudra talk nonsense?You survey is faulty Choti.
Rudra:Exactly bhabi.
Soumya:Jiju is very different and special di.I don’t want to compare him with any aira gaira(looking at Rudra)

Rudra stands up shoving his plate and shouts-How dare you aloo ki boori?
Soumya too stands up and shouts-How dare you gunde?

They again engage in verbal battle and Shivaay,Anika get stuck in it.With much difficulty,they manage to put an end to their mahabharat.

Around 11:00 pm

Anika is brushing her hair sitting in front of the mirror.Shivaay enters into the room from pool balcony.He gets in the bed.From there he keeps watching Anika.She too watches Shivaay from mirror glass.She turns to face Shivaay,sitting on the dressing table tool-

Anika:Kya dekh rahe hai aap?
Shivaay:You are looking very happy today.
Anika:I have reasons to be happy.
Shivaay:May I know those?
Anika puts down the brush,goes near the bed and gets in it.Sitting beside Shivaay she says-

Anika:Why do you want to know?
Shivaay:Just like that.
Anika:Just like that?
Shivaay:If you don’t wish to tell then I won’t force you.Did you like your double surprise?
Anika:I am sorry Shivaay.Choti was rude with Rudra unnecessarily.
Shivaay:Why are you saying sorry?Rudra must have done something that’s why.
Anika:Aapke saali saheba kuch kaam nahi.Bechare meri devar.
Shivaay:They will come around.Don’t worry.

Anika:How was your day at office today?Tell me in detail.Snuggling,Anika gets close to Shivaay,keeping her head on his chest.She keeps on tilting her head to respond Shivaay’s talk,time to time.Soon Anika’s mind drifts into something else.She says in her mind,smiling-

“Very soon I will tell you why I am so happy”

Anika looks up at Shivaay who is talking.

Song Plays
“Ishq De Fanniyar Lad Gaye
Meri Jaan Ke Peeche Pad Gaye
Seedhi Laake Dekho Mere Dil Ki Chaat Pe Chadh Gaye
Sau Sau Awaazein Maare Akhiyan
Maare Akhiyan,Maare Akhiyan
Usey Neeche Chaat Se Utaare Akhiyan
Utaare Akhiyan,Utaare Akhiyan

Sau Sau Awaazein Maare Akhiyan
Ikk Uska Naam Pukaare
Sohne Rang De Ranjheya
Tere Hi Jaise Lagte Hai Saare
Darr Lagta Na Ho Jaaye Yaari
Sohne Rang De Ranjheya….
Poochh Le Tu Chaand Se
Ginti Hoon Taare
Daar Lagta Na Ho Jaye Yaari
Sohne Rang De Ranjheya…Ho…

Usey Pakde Kaun Sapera
Hai Fann Uske Furteele
Woh Teekhi Jeebh Se Gaaye
Toh Lagte Raag Sureele
Sun Sun Raat Guzaare Akhiyan
Ikk Uska Naam Pukaare
Sohne Rang De Ranjheya Ho….”

At one point Shivaay gets no response from Anika.He looks down and finds she has fallen asleep.She is looking happy and content in his arms.Shivaay covers him and Anika in duvet.Gathering Anika in his arms Shivaay kisses her hairs then closes his eyes,holding Anika near his pounding heart.

Precap:Through camera lens,Omkara watches something and gets surprised!

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Hola darlos.. How are you??.. Amazing?? episode.. Loved Rumya’s mulakaat and nokjhonk.. Missing them alot.. Always admired aniru for obvious reasons.. But I some times thought that shivmya would share a great bonding.. Now with this FF I got my shivmya yaar.. Love you so much for this.. Ab anudi kis wajah se khush hai?? Can’t wait to know.. Issliye post the next ASAP.. Till then take care.. Love you?..

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo…very much for your love Sweetheart.
      Even I too wanted to see ShivYa bond but….Anyway,now I have the power to have it the way I like and love.Thank you TU for giving me opportunity.
      Thank you once again Sweetheart.Love you too.

  2. Astmasiddika

    Hey lu
    It was a amazing and hillarious episode ??? seen Rumya’s nokjhok after a long time ? great going lu eagerly waiting for the next Til then TC love u ❤️
    Precap -? may be Gouri ahh ??

    1. Luthfa

      Hi dear,
      Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo…very much for your valuable love.
      Your guess is absolutely correct.It is indeed Gauri.Thank you once again.God bless you.

  3. ShivikaSCNM

    Good one lu….❤️

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you,thank you soooooooooooooooooooo…very much for your love dear.Love you so much.

  4. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear.. .
    Hru nd all there… Again late ?????????. I read last two episodes to dear.. It was super good dear.. Bt can comment there Sry…… Now coming to today’s episode ..
    ????????? this wt I felt like doing dear…. RuMya r back ??????… U know how happy I’m ND enjoying it to the core dear… Thank Uuuuuuu SOOO much dear.. For it… Treat to all RuMya fans ND lovers… ND Ya one more thing dear tht is shivay nd somu bond.. Becoz in ib only om somu bond was seen by shivay nd somu… U even fulfilled it dear.. Thank you soo much for my surprise all tht dear.. Love you ????????.. Tc

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      Hahaha…..Well,I am used to your late-latifness!
      Very,very happy to know that you liked the surprise.And I agree with you completely.Don’t worry,you will get to watch more.Thank you sooooooooooooooo…very much for your love.You too take care.Love you too.

      1. Luthfa

        P.S. I am good dear.Thank you so very much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.God bless you.

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